The motorcade pulled up outside the hospital entrance. Two Secret Service agents got out of the limo followed closely by Leo McGarry and President Bartlet. As they entered the hospital. Donnie went up to the nurse at the front desk. "Excuse me, where can we fine Mrs. Bartlet?"

The nurse looked up and said "You can go up the third floor waiting room. Someone will come and update you on her condition. I believe Ms. Mays is all ready waiting there."

"Thank you." He replied.

He motioned to the detail and began to escort the President upstairs.

The President was in deep conversation with his chief of Staff as they walked upstairs. "How could this happen?"

"The service did their job, Sir" Leo said calmly.

"Then how come she was shot and in surgery now?"

Sir she was shot in the leg. The service deflected the bullet."

"That is not good enough, Leo." The President said as they entered the third floor waiting room.

"Lilli have you heard anything?" Leo asked his visibly shaken counterpart.

"No. They have been in about three hours now." She replied to Leo and then turned to the president. "Sir I am so sorry."

"It's not your fault Lilli" The President said calmly. "It's ironic though that this happen only two hours after I signed new gun legislation into law.

Lilli got up out of her chair and began to pace the room. She turned around to face The President and Chief of Staff, who both had looks of concern of their faces. "Sir the service got the guy and Michelle, the head of Abbey's detail said that the guy shot because he didn't like the new law.

"Lilli, Ron already gave us the report. This is not your fault there is nothing you can do right now. Will you please sit down and relax." Leo said pointed to the chair she had been sitting in. Lilli gave into her old boss and sat down.

Minutes later the doctor entered the room, "Mr. President."


"She will be fine sir. The bullet did do a lot of damage but I see know reason why in time she can't make a full recovery. You can sit with her until she wakes up it you would like."

"Thank you, I would like too."


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Shadows Of Doubt - 9



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