Title-Surprises and Shocks

Category-Romance, Drama, Angst

Rating-Strong R for language and images

Summary-Josh/Donna, Mandy's influence has far reaching implications

Author-Heidi H.

Surprises and Shocks
By Heidi H

Disclaimers-These are not my characters and I am making no money off of them.

Ratings-Secrets are revealed, NC 17

Spoilers-2 Cathedrals,

Setting-Assuming that Bartlet did have a two term presidency.

Donnatella Moss strode into the classroom. She was finally getting one step
closer to her degree in political science. At least her parents would be proud
that she was using her head. Donna had wanted to go back to school part-time
while she was working for Josh, but the hearings and investigations had put an
end to that. There had been no extra time and all her free time and weekends
had been spent elping Josh or prepping to testify. She'd had to testify a
record ten times, more than any assistant. Now that President Bartlet had
served out his two terms, she was finally able to go back to school. She'd
tried to do it in Madison, but Washington would always be her home, plus it kept
her in touch with her friends and the people who had become her family.

She was looking forward to her class, History 325 or better known to the
students as "The US Presidency". The professor, Dr. Ferris was reported to be a
wonderful and inventive instructor who liked for the students to debate and play
devil's advocate. Donna had a feeling that this would be a terrific class.

"Good morning class. I'm Dr. Ferris. I have some sad news this morning. A
family emergency has forced me into taking the semester off. I, however, am
leaving you in good hands. Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn, and Toby Ziegler of the
Bartlet Administration will be teaching the class this semester. Thank you all
for understanding and you are free to go until Wednesday at this time." Rob
Ferris explained to the room full of understandably disappointed students.

Donna couldn't believe her ears. It would be great to see all her friends
again, but how would she deal with them in a classroom setting. She would be
uncomfortable with addressing her friends as Mr. this or Mr. that.


She slipped into the lecture hall and sat in the back. This was the day that
class would begin.

"Good morning. I am Toby Ziegler. I will be taking over the class for the
next 6 weeks. We have a lot of ground to cover, so please open your notebooks
and be prepared to write lots of notes." Toby told the class.

"Excuse me, Mr. Ziegler, but don't you need to call the role first?" a
student asked from the back of the classroom.

"No. You are all of age to know where you belong." Toby said and started to

She couldn't believe how Toby-esque this was. He got right to the point and
didn't dwell on the no nonsense business of having to take role and make sure
that these college students were in the right place. Donna took her notes for
the class and was putting things away and chatting with a few of her new friends
when it happened.

"Miss Moss, could you stay a moment please." Toby said.

Donna quietly nodded and sat her things back on the desk.

"Oh, oh, oh. The first day of class and he already knows your name." Chris
joked with her.

"What do you think he wants?" Alex asked.

"He probably wants to make her stay and do some homework if you catch my
drift." Erin said with a smile.

"Mr. Ziegler is the instructor of the class, nothing more than that. I'd
better go find out what he wants." Donna said and walked off from the group.

Donna strolled up the aisle to where the lectern was located. Her friends and
the rest of the students had left, so Toby spoke to her freely.

"Hey. What are you doing here? I saw your name on the roster and couldn't
believe it." Toby told her.

"Yeah. I decided to work on my degree here instead of in Madison for a lot of
reasons. How is everyone?" Donna told him.

"CJ is with Harper Publishing and loving her job. Sam and Josh are still
lecturing at campuses around the country. You do know that Josh is teaching
three weeks of this class and Sam is taking six weeks right?" Toby asked her.

"Yeah. I know." Donna said quietly.

"Donna, no one blames you for not going with Josh. He knows that you needed
the time away and to figure out what you were going to do with the rest of your
life." Toby told her.

"I know, but still." Donna trailed off, not sure how to deal with what she
really wanted to say.

"I know what you mean. This is going to be a grueling class. Are you up for
it?" Toby asked.

"Yeah. I need this class to get the degree." Donna told him.

"How many classes do you have left?" Toby asked.

"Since everything from my two years at Madison transferred, just 10 more
classes and an internship." Donna told him.

"You only have two more years. What kind of internship? Any thoughts on what
you're gonna do after you graduate?" Toby asked.

"I have to go and work for a political pundit for a semester. That'll be real
hard to do. No idea what I'm gonna do after graduation, but I have another
class, so I'll see you on Friday." Donna told him.

A few weeks later.......

Donna was showing off her latest A on her history paper. Many people had
already found out her connection to Toby and were saying that she was getting
A's for doing a lot more than just taking notes. Of course it didn't help
matters that Donna was working in the History Department and closely with Toby.
The faculty dismissed the rumors, or at least most of them did. They knew that
Donna Moss was bright and very smart. She didn't have to sleep around to get
her grades. The students found out about her connections and wouldn't leave her
alone. It was fuel for the fire because she was smart and participated in class
and got the grades that the rest of her classmates wanted.

An official letter from the Dean of Students graced her mailbox later that day.
Donna knew exactly what the meeting would be about.

"Miss Moss, please come in and sit down." the Dean of Students said.

"Thank you Dr. Parker." Donna replied.

"I am sure that you understand what this meeting is about." Dr. Parker said,
getting right to the point.

"Yes, I am aware of the rumors about Mr. Ziegler and myself." Donna said.

"I don't want to do this, but the rumors have reached this office. These
kinds of things are very damaging as I am sure that you are aware." Dr. Parker

"I understand and want to say that Mr. Ziegler and I have no other
relationship than that of a student and teacher in the classroom." Donna

"What kind of relationship do you have outside the classroom?" Dr. Parker

"I believe that question is highly inappropriate and in violation of my civil
liberties." Donna responded.

"Miss Moss, please. I do not want to have to exercise my authority and have
you removed from the class and have Mr. Ziegler removed from the faculty." Dr.
Parker told her.

"You can't do that. We haven't done anything wrong. He is just a friend."
Donna protested.

"Yes I can. I don't want to do it, but you are leaving me no choice in the
matter." Dr. Parker said.

"I wasn't going to do this, but Mr. Ziegler and I are not having any kind of
sexual relationship because I won't." Donna said.

"Miss Moss, please don't feel the need to lie for Mr. Ziegler. I will be
speaking with him this afternoon." Dr. Parker told her.

"I am not lying. I won't and can't have an affair with him because I'm
already married." Donna said.

"Excuse me? I have your admissions information right here and there is no
mention of a husband and you aren't wearing a wedding band of any sort." Dr.
Parker choked out, shocked at the revelation that this young woman was married.

"I applied for admission before I was married and my husband and I decided not
to wear rings because we aren't traditional people." Donna explained.

"If you are married, then why are you living on campus?" Dr. Parker asked.

"My husband and I maintain separate residences and lives for personal and
professional reasons." Donna said.

"Are you telling me that you and your husband keep separate lives? Who's your
husband?" Dr. Parker asked.

"Now I believe that question violates my civil liberties and I wouldn't tell
you anyway. Yes, my husband and I choose to maintain separate lives." Donna
said with a smile.

"Miss Moss, thank you for coming in and you will be notified of and if any
decision is made." Dr. Parker stood and opened the door for her.

Donna walked across the campus smiling, knowing that she had gotten the upper
hand in her little meeting. Her cell phone started ringing and she knew it was

"Hey baby." Donna crooned into the phone.

"Do you always answer your phone that way?" her husband asked.

"Only when I know it's you." Donna said.

"How was the meeting?" he asked.

"It went as expected." Donna said.

"Well, don't worry about it." her husband told her.

"When are you coming back?" Donna asked.

"I have to give this thing here and I should be back home tomorrow night." he
told her.

"I take it that's my cue to be at your place with a meal on the table?" Donna
asked with a smile.

"If you have to study, don't worry about it. We can wait until this weekend."
he said with a smirk knowing that his wife wouldn't pass up a chance to be with

"No, I will definitely be there tomorrow." Donna smiled.

"I know that you have a class, so I'll just say bye now. I love you and I
miss you a lot." he told her.

"I love and miss you too. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but I know
all the reasons that it does." Donna said.

"I know it sucks, but soon. Go to class. Bye." he told her.

"Bye." Donna said and shut the phone.

She missed her husband so much. He was always giving talks and lectures when
she really needed him, but there were so many reasons that they had to keep up
the walls and barriers. Donna was sure to turn his head the next night with the
little sexy black teddy that she bought especially for him.

She was putting the finishing touches on the table when she heard his key in the

"I missed you." he said after coming in the door and seeing her.

"I missed you too. I hate living with that witch of a roommate. She won't
leave me alone about my affair with Toby which is apparently all over campus."
Donna said.

"Once people find out that you are married, hopefully they'll drop it." he

"Well, once it's out, I can move out and in here." Donna said.

"Yeah, I would love to come home every night to you." her husband said.

"I know, but you still have about 20 more campus appearances and lectures."
Donna reminded him.

A romantic dinner was accompanied by talking and touching and getting to know
one another again. Donna was in the process of putting away the dinner dishes
when hands came around her waist and held her tightly to her husband. She could
already feel the growing erection against her backside.

"Is that a hint?" Donna said as she began to wiggle in her husband's grip.

"You bet your ass it is. I missed my wife and I can bet that she missed me
unless she really is having an affair with her professor." her husband gripped
her waist tighter.

"Why don't we move this into the bedroom where we'll be more comfortable."
Donna said.

Her husband literally ran down the hall to the bedroom, pulling her along. She
loved when he did his possessive act, which usually happened after they'd been
apart for long periods of time. Donna knew that the black teddy wouldn't get
worn tonight.


She slipped in the door only to find herself being picked up and deposited down
on the bed. Josh loomed over her. He let his weight fall on her as he went to
work on her neck and the buttons of her shirt.

"Slow down. We have all night." Donna panted as his fingers found her

"I...want...you..." Josh panted between tasting her neck.

Donna just went with the feelings. It had been about six weeks since she'd seen
her husband and they were both just so needy for feeling and touching and
tasting the other.

Donna was walking into class with her friends when she spotted him. He was
right there looking all professory.

"Good morning. I am Josh Lyman and will be teaching this class for the next
three weeks. Please open your notebooks, we have a lot to cover." Josh said
and went straight into the lecture.

The class went by quickly and Donna was packing up her things when she was
approached by a messenger from the History Department. He gave her a note that
wanted her to be in Josh's temporary office at 3 pm. She smiled to herself and
found herself at his door.

She knocked on it and opened it after hearing his command to come in.

"Mr. Lyman, you asked to see me?" Donna said, all innocently.

"Yes, Miss Moss. Please come in and shut the door behind you." Josh
commanded from the chair he was sitting in.

"What did you need to see me for Mr. Lyman?" Donna batted her eyes.

"I wanted to see you because your behavior in my classroom needs some work."
Josh said.

"It does, does it?" Donna flashed a smile.

"Yes it does." Josh said standing up.

"And how should we fix that?" Donna asked, knowing where this was going.

"I have many ideas about that." Josh said, pulling her up out of the chair
that she was sitting in.

"I love to hear your ideas Mr. Lyman." Donna smirked.

Josh put his arms around Donna and pulled her into a kiss. Donna opened her
mouth and let his tongue sweep around her. She could feel her body responding
to the kiss and she was fully aroused and Josh knew it too. He reached for the
buttons on her shirt and began to slip his hand in through the open spaces, to
touch her breast and play with the nipple. Donna sucked in a breath when his
hand found the target and began to circle it with his fingers.

"Are you enjoying the lesson on how to fix your behavior?" Josh whispered
into her ear.

"Yes Mr. Lyman." Donna panted back to him.

"Then we should move on." Josh said and withdrew his hand.

Donna whimpered at the loss of contact. Josh smirked at how easy he could make
her aroused. He reached for the buttons on her jeans. He undid them quickly
and slipped a hand in between her jeans and panties, rubbing her. Donna thought
she was going to come undone if he didn't touch her soon. She pushed her hips
at him and looked into his eyes. Josh knew exactly how hot she was for him and
he smirked.

He removed his hand, buttoned her jeans and blouse, and sat back down in his
desk chair and waited for her to speak.

"What..." Donna could only manage to speak.

"I believe that this concludes our lesson for the day. I know that you have
another class in about twenty minutes that you need to attend. Thank you for
coming in." Josh said with a straight face, waiting for Donna to yell at him.

"Thank you Mr. Lyman." Donna smiled and walked out the door. She knew
exactly what Josh was doing and she was thinking of the perfect revenge for him
at home that involved a blindfold, handcuffs, and her winning this little war of

Josh sat in the chair knowing that Donna was most likely going to show him a
thing or two when he got home that night.

Donna slipped out of her class early that afternoon and headed for Josh's
apartment. She wanted to get things set up, so he wouldn't know what hit him.

Josh unlocked the front door with some apprehension. He knew that Donna was
going to make him pay for the little display in his office that afternoon.

"Honey, I'm home." Josh called out.

"I'm in the kitchen." Donna called out.

Josh sat everything down in the hallway and headed into the kitchen. Donna was
just setting dinner on the table.

"Just how mad at me are you for this afternoon?" Josh asked in between bites.

"I'm not mad and don't worry that I did anything to the food." Donna smiled.

"So, you're not pissed?" Josh asked.

"Oh, I'm plenty mad, but not pissed." Donna told him with a sneaky smile.

Dinner was eaten in rare silence since Donna was too in her head about the
evenings plans and Josh was worried about how his lovely wife was going to exact
her revenge.

After watching the news and a political news show, Donna was ready to turn the

"Why don't we go into the bedroom? I'm really tired." Donna stood up.

Josh followed her, admitting that he was tired too and needed some sleep. Being
on the road was very tiring.

After slipping into pajamas and settling in bed, Donna started her revenge. She
rolled close to Josh and started wiggling around him. It didn't take too much
of that before she felt him start to harden.

"What are you doing?" Josh demanded.

"Nothing." Donna smiled sweetly.

Josh figured that this was her revenge to get him all aroused and leave him that
way. Donna knew her little plan was working. Josh rolled her to him and
started kissing and licking her neck. Donna rolled on top of him, grabbed his
wrists, and fastened them with the handcuffs to the bedpost.

"What the hell? Donna, get these off now." Josh shouted and started pulling
his wrists.

"Honey stop that. You're gonna hurt yourself. You need to be in shape for
what I have planned." Donna crooned into his ear while touching his shoulders
and tasting his neck.

"I want them off now." Josh pulled even harder getting more upset by the

Donna saw that this was upsetting Josh and she leaned down to kiss him. She
wanted this to be a pleasant activity for both of them. The kiss was wonderful
to Josh, but he didn't entirely forget about what had happened. This was going
to be embarrassing if he had to tell Donna the truth about why he didn't like
her sex games and she wasn't really going to want to hear about the ex-Mandy.

"Donna, please take them off now." Josh begged her again almost crying and
she immediately noticed the tears.

Donna heard the fear and stress in Josh's voice and knew that this wasn't how
she wanted things to go. She looked directly into his face and took the cue his
eyes were telling her. She reached for the key and undid his wrists. The
minute they were off, Josh bolted off the bed and into the bathroom and she
heard him lock the door. Donna heard the lock on the door and wondered what the
hell was happening. She'd never wanted to hurt Josh in any way and was angry at
herself for this.

She put everything back in her drawer and went to sleep in the guest room
thinking that Josh wouldn't want her with him. Donna was laying in bed when she
heard the door open.

"Donna?" Josh asked quietly, not wanting to wake her if she was already

She debated wether or not to answer him. They both needed to stop and think and
deal with what had just happened. Josh had never done that before.

"Donna?" Josh asked again with some urgency.

"I'm not asleep. What did you need?" Donna asked, not turning to look at

"Why are you sleeping in here?" Josh asked, confused that his wife had left
their bed.

"I thought you wouldn't want to sleep with me tonight." Donna said.

"Hey. Don't ever think that I don't want you." Josh told her sitting down on
the edge of the bed. Donna hadn't turned around to face him.

"Josh, I'm really tired and I have a test in the morning. I'd like to get
some sleep." Donna said.

Josh was confused by the sudden offishness in his wife's voice, but decided to
let it go.

"Good night then." Josh said.

"Night." Donna said.

Josh spent the better part of the night tossing and turning and wondering why
his wife had suddenly turned so cold to him. He wasn't turned off by sex games,
but there were some things that he just couldn't handle with anyone anymore.
Josh knew that he was going to have to explain this thing to Donna. He knew
that she felt tremendously guilty and he didn't want her to have to feel that
way. This was the woman he'd loved since she first walked into his life.

Donna wasn't fairing any better in the other bedroom. She was alternating
between fear that Josh didn't love or want her anymore and the fear that she had
hurt him in some way. She was hurting because she felt like she'd hurt the one
she'd loved for so long.

The next morning..........................

Josh smelled the coffee before he reached the kitchen. Donna was already in
there and he knew that the music would have to be faced.

"Good morning." Josh started off with a pleasant gesture.

"Breakfast is cereal. I don't have the time to take your order." Donna told
him and went back to reading the paper.

Josh knew that this was something that they were going to have to discus.

"Donna, we need to talk about what happened last night." Josh said.

"No, we don't. I got the point last night. I'm staying at the dorm tonight."
Donna said, picked up her bag, and started for the door.

"You're not staying at the dorm tonight. We need to talk, so be here when I
get home." Josh said.

"We may be married, but I don't take orders from you." Donna turned around
and told him, with something flashing in her eyes that closely resembled anger
and some fear.

"I want and need to talk to you, so please be here." Josh said in a pleading

"I'll be here." Donna resignedly said, knowing that she'd never ignore any
request that Josh made of her.

Donna's horrible night before went into a full scale horrible day after. She
gotten bashed down by one of her professors for answering a question with too
many details, yelled at by a project partner for not remembering some notes for
class, and then she had to deal with Josh in class.

"Now, can anyone tell me what the presidency is designed to do in times of
crisis?" Josh asked.

No one raised their hands, but he knew that Donna could easily explain this one.

"Miss Moss, do you know the answer to the question?" Josh asked.

Everyone turned to look at Donna and waited for her to answer.

"No, I don't. I didn't do the assignment." Donna lied.

Josh and everyone else was surprised that she wasn't rushing to answer the
question. Then the comments started coming.

"I know why she can't answer." a kid in the front yelled.

"She was too busy shtupping Professor Ziegler." another man yelled.

"Well, we all know how she got those easy A's" another woman tossed into the

Donna was having a hard time maintaining her composure and that's when Josh
stepped in.

"The three students that just made those comments can pack up their things and
get out. You are no longer in this class." Josh used his death stare until the
three were out of the classroom.

The rest of the class got back to business.

Evening at Josh's place....................................

"Donna, please come in here. We need to talk." Josh called from the living

Donna slowly walked into the living room and sat down in a chair and waited for
Josh to speak.

"About last night......" Josh trailed off.

"You don't have to explain. I went too far and you didn't like it. I learned
my lesson." Donna flatly said.

"Yeah, I do have to explain because this has nothing to do with you. It's
Mandy." Josh said.

"What the hell do you mean it's Mandy? You want a divorce right?" Donna was
close to tears.

"No, I don't want a divorce. The thing with Mandy happened a long time ago."
Josh said.

"Well, what happened with Mandy that has to do with last night?" Donna asked.

"When she and I were involved, we liked to play some games." Josh didn't want
to go into detail about one of the worst and most embarrassing moments of his

"And you guys played with handcuffs." Donna surmised.

"Yeah. One night we were fighting and she brought them out. I wasn't in the
mood, but she was." Josh said and got really quiet.

Donna looked at him and surmised that Mandy had used the cuffs to get what she
wanted and probably wasn't very nice or gentle about things that night.

"How long?" Donna asked.

"All night." Josh just wanted to crawl in a hole.

"Oh god." Donna went over to the couch and put her arm around her husband.

This had to be one of those moments Josh wanted to die. She knew that things
probably got very horrendous that night.

"Don't worry about it." Josh said after a few minutes.

"Of course I'm gonna worry about it. I can't kiss this and make it all
better." Donna said.

"Yeah. That's one of the reasons why I was so against her coming back to work
for us. The memories and all." Josh said.

"And then last night I brought everything back." Donna whispered.

"You couldn't have known." Josh said and stifled a yawn.

"Let's go to bed." Donna said.

"Donna, I don't know if I can...." Josh trailed off, growing redder by the

"I know, but I just want to be close to you." Donna guided him into the

They both went through their bedtime routines and crawled into bed. Donna
snuggled close to Josh and quickly shut her eyes, hoping sleep would come soon.
Josh looked at his beautiful wife and wondered if they'd ever get back to the
place they were before. Only time would tell.

After awhile Donna rolled over and looked at Josh who was still awake.

"So you're not sleeping either." Josh said.

"Yeah." Donna said.

"Look, you can ask if you want." Josh said.

"I don't want to push you..." Donna said.

"We were fighting that night and we both knew it was the beginning of the end.
I said something and made her mad." Josh said.

"I can believe that." Donna laced her fingers with Josh's and waited for him
to continue.

"I wanted to go and she distracted me with kissing and then handcuffed me to
the bed." Josh continued, remembering that awful feeling.

"Just like I did." Donna murmured to herself.

"Then she started to have sex with me. I wasn't in the mood and my body
wouldn't respond to her. She got real rough. It caused me a whole deal of
pain." Josh held Donna's hand tight.

"Oh god." Donna said.

"Yeah. She slapped me around and hit me because she couldn't get it to work."
Josh said.

"What happened then?" Donna asked.

"She lit a cigarette and let it burn in the ashtray and then she left me
there." Josh sobbed.

"Oh my god." Donna stuttered out. She knew about his fear of fire because of
the way his sister died. She couldn't believe that Mandy would be so hateful or

"It was an unbearable night and it got worse when Mandy got back that next
morning. She found me there crying." Josh said fighting another round of

"What did she do?" Donna whispered.

"She let me go, but not before threatening to tell the guys that I had
'problems' with the equipment." Josh all but whispered to her.

"How bad was it that night and all the nights after?" Donna asked.

"It was horrible. I didn't sleep with Mandy again after that and our
professional relationship was cool to each other." Josh said, yawning.

"Honey, just close your eyes and sleep. Hang on to me." Donna said and
started to rub his back.

Josh tried to fight sleep, but Donna rubbing his back and holding his hand
lulled him into a sweet slumber.

Donna knew that things were gonna be different. She couldn't play her games
with Josh, he couldn't handle it and she sure as hell didn't want him flipping
out like he did one Christmas. She wanted to be with him all the time and even
considering dropping out of her classes to be with him.

The next morning..............................................

"Josh, we need to talk." Donna said.

"Listen, I really don't want to talk about this right now." Josh said.

"It's not about that. I was thinking of taking some time off from school."
Donna said in one big breath.

"How much time are we talking?" Josh asked.

"Maybe a semester or two." Donna said.

"Why would you want to do that? You love school." Josh looked at her

"We need to be together. We haven't spent but a couple of weeks together
since we got married." Donna said.

"I never wanted you to give up school for me and my career." Josh said.

"I'm not giving up school for you. I'm doing it for me. I want to be with my
husband." Donna said.

"If you really want this, do it." Josh said, giving his blessing.

"I'm gonna officially withdrawal on Monday." Donna explained.

"Well, we hit the road on Wednesday. There's a speaking engagement at
Princeton." Josh said.

"I know it's at Princeton and I also know that Sam will be there too." Donna
added with a smile.

"My miss little know it all." Josh smiled.

"Don't ever forget it." Donna said with her own smile.

"I love you." Josh rarely said it first, but Donna loved to hear it come from

"And I love you too." Donna smiled and gave him a passionate kiss.




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