Who I Was, Who I Am

Romance/Drama/Angst/Song Fic

Various Senior Staffers remember who they were and who they have become

Rated PG 13


Who I Was, Who I Am

By Heidi H.
May 2001

Disclaimers-These are not my characters and I am making no money off of them.
Mark Wills lyrics belong to him and Mercury Records.

Ratings-General, several characters

My first and only? song fic

Feedback-is so appreciated. I hope that everyone likes this.

Spoilers-Shibboleth, Take This Sabbath Day, 17 People

"I'm a little boy with glasses. The one they call a geek."


They always picked on me because I was the geeky little boy with glasses that
was smart. I was the teacher's pet all through school and no one ever let me
live it down. I was beaten up all of the time in high school by a guy who had
the nerve to track me down all of these years later. Do they really think that
I have forgiven and forgotten what they did. They made my life a living hell
until I was old enough to go away to school.

"And I know how it feels to cry myself to sleep"


I was always the one that no one liked or wanted to have anything to do with.
The girls hated me because I was smarter than them. The boys hated me because I
was taller and could kick their butts. Everyone just steered clear of me.
School was hard without any friends or dates, but I have the best revenge. I
work with the smartest people in the world and I am on tv almost everyday. I
have some of the most honest and reliable friends now and they respect me for
who I am. Not bad for a girl who used to cry herself to sleep when she had no

"I'm that kid on every playground who always chosen last."


Growing up Jewish wasn't easy and it was hard to make and keep friends when you
sat out the voluntary school prayer. Leo wanted to know why it was such a big
deal for me to want his sister to get a recess appointment. I never answered
him. I remember going to out for gym and recess and no one wanting the little
Jewish boy on their team. I remember being saddened and embarrassed when the
teacher said that you were on a particular team. I remember hearing the "oh
mans" and "you gotta be kidding mes". I don't ever want another child to have
to go through that again.

"Don't laugh at me"


I have made a lot of mistakes in my past. Dropping out of school to support Dr.
Freeride and then going back to him. Josh didn't laugh at me when I told him
the truth as to why I came back. He just accepted it and let the matter drop,
except for the flowers in April, but that is finally settled too. I have a
chance to redeem myself and make a life that I want and I vow that no man is
ever going to stop me from doing that again.



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