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The evening at the Newseum had gone off remarkably well. C.J. Cregg was inwardly enjoying the moment.  Later, when she went for pizza with Josh and Sam there would be few complaints.  Maybe they could talk Toby and Leo into going with them.  That's when the gunshots rang out and all thoughts fled from C.J.'s grasp. Next the air was knocked from her lungs and she was facing the concrete.

"Stay down Ms. Cregg," said the secret service agent that was pinning her down.  C.J. knew she knew who he was, but at the moment she didn't know him from Adam.  She always thought that it was a tacky cliché but when the gunfire stopped, at first the silence was deafening.  

"Stay down Ms. Cregg," the agent reiterated as he eased his weight off her. C.J. watched him and saw the shadow cross his face. 

"I've got Flaming"

"I'm fine," she said, he nodded. C.J. looked around to make sure that everybody else was in the same condition. From her position on the ground she couldn't see Toby or Josh, but she could see Leo. He looked fine, worried, but fine.

Leo McGarry had been tackled to the ground by two secret service agents and had the wind knocked out of him. He had seen the President shoved into the limo. Zoey was put in a few seconds later and the limo sped away. He knew instinctively that his friend of 40 years was physically all right. Now about the staff. He looked up and saw C.J. looking at him.

"C.J.?" he asked not knowing if she had heard him.

She had, "I'm not hurt. You?"

Leo shook his head. Staying low he ignored the scowl on a secret service agent's face and made his way to C.J. Leo would have stood but he didn't really want to be tackled again. Leo placed one hand on CJ's shoulder as he looked around for the rest of his staff. 

"Oh Sam," he said quietly. C.J. turned her head. Sam Seaborn, Deputy Communications Director lay on the ground, a secret service agent applying pressure to a bullet wound in the man's right shoulder while another stood guard as they waited for an ambulance. Leo and C.J. looked around, from their low position they couldn't see Toby or Josh. 

Toby Ziegler was currently very unimpressed by people. But that tended to happen when one was trampled. His aches were forgotten as he looked around. He heard somebody report that 'Shakespeare was okay'. A few feet away was a human gate. Toby got a few glimpses and his heart sank. Josh was lying on the ground, pale ,eyes closed, blood pooling under him.

"Oh no, Josh," Toby breathed as he pushed himself into a sitting position. He looked around some more. Leo suddenly appeared. 

Leo was done waiting and stood cautiously. He saw Toby sitting by the fence and a lot of agents gathered nearby. In the distance he heard the sound of approaching sirens.

'Ambulances' Leo thought.

Toby stood when he saw Leo and quickly made his way to the White House Chief of Staff.

"Toby, you okay?" Leo asked running his eyes over Toby. He looked more rumpled then usual but otherwise okay.

"For a guy that's just been trampled I'm fine. You?"

"I'm okay"

Toby rocked up on his toes, "Do you know about the President and Zoey?"

"I saw the President get in the limo, he looked fine.  Zoey was in a few seconds later. She also looked fine," Leo paused, "Toby, Sam's been hit."

Sadness entered Toby's eyes and warred with the worry that already sat there, "So was Josh."

Both of them looked at the flock of agents that surrounded Joshua Lyman. They stayed silent as the ambulances pulled up.

"C.J.'s okay," Leo said as she walked up to the men.

"Has anybody seen Josh?" She asked. Leo and Toby turned sad eyes on her. 

"Oh no"

Leo gestured to somebody. Toby and C.J. turned to see Charlie walking towards them.

"You okay Charlie?" C.J. asked.

"Yeah," the young man was clearly shaken, nobody could blame him.

The ambulance with Josh Lyman loaded inside sped off, followed by the one carrying Sam Seaborn.

Leo looked at what was left of his staff. "Come on," he said in a tired voice, "We need to get back to the White House."

Jed Bartlet was unusually silent in the limo back to the White House. He clutched his equally silent daughter Zoey to him while Secret Service Agents Ron and Gina watched their charges and listened to the reports coming in from the scene of the shooting.

Ron felt a small weight roll from his back when the report came that Irish was fine. So were Flamingo and Shakespeare. Princeton and Harvard fell into a different category. Ron knew that  the President was very fond of his staff. In fact to him they were family. Ron almost smiled. The senior staff played and bickered like family.

Worry for his staff was beginning to filter into Jed's brain, past the worry for his daughter whom he was holing tight..

"Ron, what about my staff?" Jed asked.

"Mr. McGarry, Mr. Ziegler, Ms. Cregg and Mr. Young are fine. It's been reported that Mr. Lyman and Mr. Seaborn have been shot."

Jed averted his gaze from Ron. His staff were friends. Now two of them were hurt. Zoey's eyes pooled again. She liked all of her father's staff. Josh was special. He took time for her during the campaign. Always there with a ready smile and a sturdy shoulder when her father's quest for the White House got to be too much for her. The spark of happiness that lit when she heard that Charlie was okay dimmed a little. The reaction did not go unnoticed by Gina.

At the White House Abigail Bartlet took off her reading glasses and sighed. She was tired, and the memo she was reading was mind numbingly boring. She was beginning to regret not going to the town meeting with Jed and Zoey.

There was a tap at her door, it opened a crack.

"Mrs. Bartlet?"

"Come in Lilli," Abbey smiled.

"I asked to be the one to tell you this Ma'am," Lilli began, her face dark. 

Abbey's smile faltered 'Jed, Zoey'

"There was an incident at the Newseum," Lilli began.

"An incident? What sort of incident?" Abbey stressed the last word of her question.

"An assassination attempt on the President," Abbey paled, if she had been standing her knees would have buckled.

"Jed?", she asked in a weak voice.

"It's been confirmed that the President and Zoey are all right. They are in the limo and on the way back to the White House."

Abbey released a breath she didn't realize that she had been holding. A need sprang up in the First Lady. The normally calm woman had an over powering need to be where her husband was. She stood.

"Ma'am where are you going?", Lilli asked.

"The Oval Office. I need to be there when Jed and Zoey return. Say something to Mrs. Landingham.", Abbey went past Lilli. On her way to the Oval Office Abbey noticed that the "incident" was on every television.

Including the one that held Carol, Cathy, Ginger, Margaret, Bonnie and Donna captive. They had
been indulging in gossip around Donna's desk when news of the incident came on over the news. The six women were stunned, and worried. Margaret looked in the direction that would take her to Leo's office.

"I should get back to my desk," Margaret said haltingly, then started toward her desk. Bonnie, Ginger, and Cathy went back to their stations. Carol gave Donna a sad smile as she sat at her desk. Margaret ended up stopping and checking on Nancy and Mrs. Landingham. They had heard that the President and Zoey were unharmed. They hadn't heard anything on the senior staff.

"Hello Margaret," said a soft female voice. Margaret turned to see Leo's daughter, Mallory in his office.

"I forgot Dad had the thing tonight. I was coming by to see if he wanted to go out to a late dinner. I heard on the news just as I got here," Leo's fiery daughter was subdued she was wringing her hands.

Margaret hugged her, "He'll be okay Mallory." She remembered the beginning romance between Leo's daughter and the Deputy Communications Director. "Both of them will be fine."

Mallory smiled back, "I'm sure you're right."

Margaret went back to her desk. Mallory sat on the couch in her father's office. She had turned off the television, she could take only so much of news coverage. She wanted her Daddy.

John Hoynes was ready to go home. It had been a long day. There was a knock at his door.

"Mr. Vice President." it was one of his Secret Service Agents, Brian Jamenson.

"Yes Brian?"

"Sir a while ago there was an association attempt on the President."

The Vice President sat up straight in his chair, "What?"

"An assassination attempt on the President as he was leaving the town meeting at the Newseum."

Hoynes sank back in his chair as the information sank in. While he would never chair the Jed Bartlet Fan Club he did respect the President. Furthermore like himself Jed was a husband and father. Zoey, Hoynes' son Jason was about two years younger than Zoey. To lose one so young....he shook his head as if to clear it.

"Um, thank you Brian," Hoynes said, "The President?"

"Both President Bartlet and Zoey were unharmed"

Hoynes sighed, "Any civilians hurt, or agents?"

"The reports are still unclear sir."

"Inform me when the President arrives back please,"

"Yes sir, Mr. Vice President."

Brian left Hoynes alone with his thoughts. He picked up the phone and dialed the numbers he knew by heart. After two rings somebody answered.


"Hey Sweetheart," John greeted his wife.



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