part II/?
By: Heather


AUTHORS NOTES: Okay first things first and first is a huge, huge, huge apology to everybody reading this that it took so long to post. I had a ghost in the machine since about last Thursday and it would not let me navigate the Internet or access my e-mail, I hate technology. Thereís also been a personal loss in my family, I also have a full time job and work at night and sleep during the day so that has made a dent in writing time. I could go on with excuses for pages, Iím done with school, but I wonít I will just apologize. Okay a little warning, this is not going to be finished by tomorrow night when we get to see the premiere. So the rest of this story when it is finished is going to be moot. But it will be finished using my story line, Iím not going to take anything from the premiere. Again a big old apology to everybody out there waiting for this, the next part shouldnít take so long to post but donít hold me to that.(g) As usual all mistakes are all mine. Um I think you should be properly bored and ready to kill at the length of these on with the story. Oh I like feedback and see disclaimer in part I.



Abbey sat on one of the couches in the Oval Office. She had been prepared to tough talk her way in so she could were for Jed and Zoey, but Mrs. Landingham just smiled wisely and let the First Lady into the Presidentís office. Despite all the other Presidents that worked in the Oval Office before, when Abbey looked around she saw Jed. Her thoughts were disrupted when the man in question came through the door holding their daughter close. Ron and Gina followed him. The need to go to Jed was over-ridden by the need to protect her child. The worst was over. Abbey gathered Zoey in her arms and felt Jedís arms encircled them both. 

"Gina, can you take the First Lady and Zoey to the residence?" The President asked in a rough voice.

"Iím staying with you," Abbey announced.


"Until the staff arrives," Abbey angled her head so that she could look Jed in the eye.

He sighed; nodding the First Family sat on a couch, content to just have the physical contact of each other.


By the time the uninjured members of the Presidentís staff arrived at the White House Leo had himself convinced that he was ready for the rest of the night. Calls would be coming in. Congressmen and Ambassadors needed to be soothed. Much of Leoís time would be spent with that task. He would call Mandy in; she would be able to help. C.J.. had a press briefing. Toby would have to do the speech solo, keeping in mind that the President would be adding his own comments. He shook his head and looked out the car window into the night.


The First Family looked up when the Presidentís staff entered the Oval Office. The President sighed in relief at seeing those who were all right. Abbey threw protocol out the window as she hugged Leo, C.J., Toby, and Charlie in turn. Zoey then went to Charlie; they embraced each other tightly.


"Weíll leave you to work," Abbey said after a moment,

"Keep us up to date on those who have been injured."

"Of course," Jed kissed his wife and daughter.

The President and staff sat on the couches with heavy hearts. Charlie stood behind the couches.

"Charlie, sit down," the President ordered.

"Yes, Sir," Charlie said sitting.

Leo laid out his plan, the President nodded, his friend knew the best use of the staff. He silently
made a few corrections, no need to bother Leo with them.

"So we have somebody at the hospital?" The President asked.

"Yes sir, Mike-" Toby paused he couldnít remember the younger manís name,

"Heís an agent on Zoeyís detail. He was instructed to be the White House Liaison"

"Donna will probably want to go to the hospital when she hears about Josh. We could have her call in when she gets news," C.J. said looking up from her hands.

Leo nodded, "Good have her come and talk to me."

C.J. nodded.

"Good. Well I suppose we should get back to work," the President said dismissing his staff. Leo held back.

"Sir, maybe you should go to the residence. See Abbey and Zoey," Leo suggested worried about his friend.

Jed shook his head, "Not yet Leo. Iíve got to do something and feel useful. Otherwise Iíll just pace and drive Abbey crazy."

"Okay Sir. Well Iíll be next door in case you need anything." 

Jed smiled, "Same goes Leo." 


The two old friends locked gazes; each assuring himself that the other was safe and whole. A smile graced Leoís face before he turned and left. 


"Leo!" Margaret exclaimed jumping from her chair. 


He smiled at his assistant and returned the hug that she bestowed upon him. "Iím all right Margaret," he said without his usual gruffness, "Call Mandy; I need her to come into the office." he headed into his office.

"Leo, is everybody all right?"

"No," came the soft answer.

"Who isnít"?

"Josh and Sam"

Margaret turned and swallowed the lump in her throat. 

"Dad!" Mallory said and launched herself at Leo.

"Mallory," Leo murmured more then a little surprised to find his daughter in his office. He felt her tighten her hold on him. 


"Iím okay baby, Iím okay," he murmured against her hair. 


The dam broke and Malloryís tears fell from her eyes.

"I was so worried that something had happened to you. That you had been killed," she got out through her tears.


Leo made comforting noises and led her to the couch, where they sat. He never once let go of his daughter.


"Shh baby, Iím here"

Margaret stuck her head in and waited for Leo to notice her.

"Mandy wasnít at home and isnít answering her cell phone," Margaret said softly.

Leo sighed; he would have to deal with that later, "Okay."

"I didnít even care when I heard that the President was unharmed"

Leo smiled a little, "Itís all right Mal. Nobody will hold it against you."


Donna was the first in the area to spot C.J. and gave the tall woman a warm smile. In the back of her mind she wondered where Josh was. C.J. came to a stop at Donnaís desk.


"Leo wants to see you Donna," C.J. told the younger woman.

Donnaís heart lodged itself in her throat. This couldnít be good. 

"Whereís Josh?"

"Thatís what Leo wants to talk to you about," C.J. said as gently as she could. 

Donna stood, "Iíd better go then." She headed for Leoís office wiping away a stray tear. 

C.J. watched Donna leave, she herself fighting the tears that had been fighting to surface since this whole mess began. With a strong exhaled breath she fought back the tears again and headed for her office.


"C.J?" A voice interrupted her wonderings. She turned and was embraced by the speaker.

"Hey Carol," C.J. greeted and the women broke apart, "Come on, we have work to do."

Toby stared blankly out the window. He hadnít done a very good job with Cathy. Bonnie and Ginger expressed concern for Sam and relief that Toby was all right. He looked at the blank piece of paper in front of him before turning to the television. C.J. was going to give a statement to the press now.


C.J. stood behind her podium and searched quickly for the composure that she needed.

"Good evening. This evening while departing a town meeting at the Newseum in Rosslyn, Virginia shots were fired at the President. The Secret Service quickly placed the President and his daughter Zoey in the limo and they were brought back to the White House. Both President Bartlet and Zoey were unharmed in the shooting. Deputy Chief of Staff Joshua Lyman and Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn were wounded in the shooting. Also wounded were three
Secret Service Agents and two civilians. Their names are being held until their families are notified. All wounded have been taken to Georgetown Memorial. We have no word yet on their conditions. The motive behind the attack is being looked into. Thatís all, thank you."

C.J. walked off ignoring the reporters shouting her name.

"You did good C.J.," Mandy said softly. She had been headed towards Leoís office when C.J. went up and stopped to listen.


"Thanks. What are you doing here?", C.J. asked.

"I heard what happened on the news. Broke the speed limit and other traffic laws getting here. I thought I should come in and see if there was anything I could do." Mandy bit her bottom lip and her brown eyes studied her shoes for a moment before looking back up at C.J. 

"How bad was Josh hurt?"

"I honestly donít know. There was a fence of agents around him and I couldnít get a look."

"And Sam?"

"Him I saw. It looked like her was hit in the right shoulder. I donít know whatís going on at the hospital Mandy. Iím sorry," C.J. was sympathic. It was hell not knowing what was going on.

"Iíd better go. See if Leo has anything for me to do."

"You can bet he will," C.J. gave Mandy a friendly nod before returning to her office. There she sat and focused her gaze out the window.


"Mallory, thereís something else I have to tell you," Leo said smoothing away a tear.

"What?" Mallory asked in a tone Leo hadnít heard her use since she was very young.

"Toby and C.J. are fine. Josh isnít, neither is Sam."

Mallory felt her eyes well with tears again. She was exploring a relationship with Sam and was truly enjoying herself. Sam was fun and intelligent in addition to being good looking. Her father pulled her close again and she once again buried her head in his sturdy shoulder. She didnít like this, she never considered herself a crier before. She was strong and capable. But this night was a little much.


"Iím sorry Dad," she apologized.

"For what?" came the comforting timber of Leoís voice.

"Crying, getting you soggy."

Leo chuckled and kissed her head, "Itís all right. Listen Donna will probably want to go to the hospital when she hears about Josh. Do you want to go with?"










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