Title: How to get over your boss in six easy steps part 1

Rating: PG

Category: Josh/Donna

Spoiler: Slight for the War at Home, but no major plot giveaways

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Disclaimer: I don't own these, they're all Aaron Sorkin's except Becca who I own and control.

Author's note: This story is done with no planning whatsoever so I don't have a clue where it's gonna end up. Each step is followed up by a short scene. E-mail any comments, even if you think the story's awful, to fanfic@aircool.go-plus.net. This may well be the start of a series of fanfics, but if you think this one's bad and you tell me, I won't subject you to the rest of the series.

Short Summary: Donna decides to write her own self-help book and tries it out on herself.

How to get over your boss in six easy steps part 1


1. Pin-point when exactly the change between friends and something more happened and why things changed.

"Hey Josh"

"I'm busy."

"All I said was 'Hey Josh'!" This is starting well, isn't it?

"Which is usually followed by some meaningless piece of trivia about anything and everything."

God, he's grouchy today. Well, he's grouchy everyday. I've gotten used to it. Anyway he does look kind of cute when- No. focus on the plan here. You're trying to get over him, not moon over him like a soppy teenager does over Enrique Iglesias, which is what you've been doing for the past two years. Now, ignore what he said and carry on.

"Do you remember the inaugural ball?"

"Unfortunately yes. I had to dance and look cheerful for goodness knows how long. And everybody I danced with kept stepping on my toes. Now what did you want?"

You grouchy- Keep calm. Getting angry is just gonna get him even more grouchy. It's like we feed off each others moods. No. Come back with some with retort and walk off. Thinking of a witty retort, witty retort-

"Just wondering" Damn.

2. Take more joy in the good things in life.

"Becca, how about we do something on Friday night, like go see a film?"

"hmm. Sorry, what?" Maybe it would have been better to wait until after she'd finished trying to rewire a plug from the instructions in one of those DIY books.

"I said why don't we go and see a film on Friday?"

"Er, yeah. Sure. Why not? But what's brought all this on? We never do anything like that." I was hoping she hadn't noticed. Okay find an excuse. Do not tell her or she'll just laugh at you.

"No reason." Why do I have to be a such a bad liar?

"Donna spill. There's something going on and you're not telling me. Now spill."

"I need cheering up. I just need something to take my mind off things."

"Sure. I just thought you'd ask someone like what's-her-name Ginger or Josh or-"

"Not Josh"

" Ah! So that's what this is. You have a crush on your boss."

"No! Josh is my boss and my friend and the 3rd most important person in the country!"

"So? He's a great guy."

"I so need help."

3. Talk to other people and get their opinions on your boss.

"Hello Mrs Landingham."

"Hello Donna." Okay I can do this. I can do this. This shouldn't be hard.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I just wondered what you thought about someone."

"I think Josh is a lovely guy." How on earth does she do that? I thought only my mother could do that.

"How can you tell what I'm thinking?"

"It's obvious. If you say 'someone' it usually means Josh. If you're talking about a person, that person is generally Josh." Is it really that obvious?

"Anyway, you think he's just... nice? Nothing else?"

"I think he's charming, funny, a touch stressed out most of the time. Then again most people in this place are stressed. Particularly him in there."

" Right. Okay then, I need to get back to work. Thank you Mrs. Landingham."

"You're welcome. And I think you should definitely ask him." Oh help. I do not want to be talking about this.

"Ask him what?" Play dumb. Everyone thinks you're dumb anyway, so that should work.

"Ask him out. Everyone in this building thinks you should get together or you're already together and not telling anyone. Even the President is trying to get me to play cupid."

"The President?" My voice may well have gone up a couple octaves there.

"Then again he's been trying to fix up most of the people in the building" That's it. I'm going before I hear anything scarier than the President playing Emma.

"I better be off."

Chapter 2


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