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How to get over your boss in six easy steps pt 2

4. Get other people's opinion on the situation.

This one is not going to be easy. I need to find someone who knows both of us relatively well but is dumb enough not to realise what I'm on about. First choice - Sam. On the other hand no. Sam may be clueless, but he's not that dumb. Most of the time. Plus, if he does realise it's his duty-bound obligation as a best friend to tell Josh. Which leads to even more badness. Next choice - Ainsley. She may be a Republican but she's the good kind.

"Ainsley, I need your advice" Nice and Direct.

"It must be bad if you've come all the way down here"

"Still hung up about the office?"


"Wait until you have to work in the bullpen."

"What did you need advice about?"

"Oh, right. I heard that the latest rumour going round was that me and Josh were..." Help! I should not have started this. This will only end in badness. "......involved."

"Latest?" Ainsley said incredulously. She could not believe she was hearing this. "Donna. The rumour had well and truly started when I got here. My guess is that it'd been going on for a long while. When I first started I thought you two were already involved."

"Who on Earth was talking about me and Josh?" Oh, they are so gonna die. If it was Ginger or Margaret..."

"Just people in general" Why do lawyers have to be so good at avoiding telling the truth? I'm not gonna get this out of her. Of course I'm not, she's a lawyer and a Republican. Okay, I have to word this next part carefully.

"So, when you heard that, what did you think?" Talk about gossip. Every woman under the age of 90 loves to talk about gossip. Or spread it.

"Well when I first started I thought it was scandalous that a boss and secretary would date. I mean it broke all the rules, not to mention being unprofessional. But now I've gotten to know you two better and the way you interact.............. I think you'd make a great couple. Better than me and Sam in fact" Ainsley hoped that Donna wouldn't notice the last bit, but she needed to hear herself say it.

Ew Ew Ew! I did not want to hear that last bit! Hang on, did she say me and Josh would make a good couple? Focus on details, focus on details.

"Well, it's not like I can ask him out, is it? I mean he's the third most important man in the country!" Maybe I'm a touch hung up about that point.

"So? I told the second most important man I was worried about peeing on his floor and then went to pee in his closet!" Okay she's got me there. Next step is to leave before I say to much.

"Thanks for that Ainsley, but I really have to go. See ya."

"You should ask him!" Why does everyone insist on yelling at me when I leave a room?

4. Distract your boss so that he will not be looking at you.

Okay, this one's easy. It's got to be our (and by that I mean his. I personally can't stand her.) old friend Joey Lucas! She doesn't actually have to come, but just the mention of her is enough for him.

"Okay, today's schedule. At 9.00 you have a staff briefing. At 10.30 you need to talk to CJ about something or other-

"Something or other? How much more vague can you get?"

"I was only told 'something or other'! If I'd been told anything else I would have written something else!" Stop it ! Now is not a good time to get hysterical!

"Woah! Okay then! Let's get back to the schedule! What do I have after CJ?"

"At 1.00 you have a meeting with Senator Holman and you told me you were on the Hill for the rest of the afternoon."

"Oh lucky me!"

Okay, let's use all those drama classes and make this look natural.

"Oh, I thought I should tell you that Joey Lucas might be coming up in a few days"

"Joey? why didn't you tell me sooner?! There's so much I have to do! I have to-" Okay leave now and let the rest of the plan work for me. On the other hand, now Joey Lucas will be here, he'll turn into an idiot and treat me like rubbish for the rest of the week! Why did I do this, this was a really bad idea!

5. If in doubt, ice cream is always your loyal friend.

"Okay Becca, here's the list. Cookie dough?"


"Chocolate Brownie?"


"Cookies and cream?"


"Midnight Cookies and cream?"


"And most importantly, Chocolate sauce to go on top?"

" Double check"

"Double check?"

"I got two lots."

"Okay then, let's get started! I'll do the first bowls of ice cream while you put the film on. What did you get?"

"Thelma and Louise. No romance of any kind"

"Good choice"

There are some times when nothing beats a girl's night in with a ton of ice cream. Now is definitely one of them. I have spent the entire week trying to get over Josh by talking to loads of (well, three) people about it and promptly giving everything away. Yes, I will have to face it all again on Monday, but until then, I am going to enjoy myself and forget all about it.



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