West Wing Fanfic
"Blood of Me" Pt. 6
Notes, disclaimers, spoilers, etc.: see Pt. 1

From Pt. 5:
"Josh, Joey was right. I do like you," she admitted. "I just don't think the timing's right"

Pt. 6

"Josh?" Leo stopped his deputy in the halls.

"Leo, hi. I was actually just on my way to see you."

"We're looking for Noah," Donna informed him.

"Yeah, so am I."

"What?!" Josh exclaimed.

"Well, I went out for not more than two minutes, and I come back, and I don't know where he is."


"Look, Josh, I'm sure he's around."

"Didn't Margaret see him leave?"

"She's at lunch with Bonnie and Ginger."

"Well -"

"Excuse me, Josh?" Charlie interrupted them.

"Yes, Charlie?" he asked wearily.

"The President says that as much as he enjoys Noah's company, apparently your son misses you."

"He's in the Oval Office?"

"He's been there for a few minutes."

"Oh, thank God."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"So, Noah, do you know where New Hampshire is?" Bartlet inquired.

"It's near Canada," Noah answered. "I have a placemat with a map of America."

"Do you know what New Hampshire's nickname is?"


"The granite state."

"What's granite?"

"Well, I'm glad you asked, Noah. You see -"

The President was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Mr. President? Josh is here."

"Okay, thanks, Charlie."

Josh walked into the room and was greeted with a big smile from his son.

"Hey, Noah."

"I missed you," Noah told him.

"I was gone for three hours and you missed me?" Josh asked, happy that the answer was 'yes.'

"Yes, I did."

"Did you thank the President for hanging out with you?"

"Thank you, Mr. President."

"You're welcome, Noah. Josh, you have an exceptionally intelligent son."

"Thank you, Sir," Josh said with a grin.

"He must get that from his mother," Bartlet joked.

Noah's face fell at the mention of his mother. "I miss Mommy," he told his father softly.

Josh took his son into an embrace. "I know you do, kiddo."

"I want to see George."

"Who's George?" the President asked.

"My duck," Noah said, valiantly trying to hold back tears.

"Mr. President, I'm going to take Noah back to my office."

"Okay, Josh."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hi, Donna, can you come in here a sec?" Josh asked as he walked past her into his office carrying his son.

"What do you need, Joshua?" she asked, closing the door.

"I have that meeting with Congresswoman King, and I think Noah could use some company."

"Of course," Donna said softly. "Do you want to go see CJ's fish now, Noah?"

"Okay," the boy said, wiping a tear from his cheek.

Donna looked at Josh questioningly as she saw the boy's despondence.

"He misses Katie," Josh mouthed silently. His assistant nodded in understanding and scooped the boy from his father's arms.

"Come on, let's go meet Gail."

"Is that the fish?" Noah questioned.

"Yes. Josh, the file you need for the meeting is on your desk."

"Okay, thanks."

Donna carried Noah the short distance to CJ's office.

"CJ, do you have a minute to introduce Noah to your goldfish?" Donna asked as she spied the Press Secretary talking with Danny Concanon outside her door.

"Of course I do," the older woman said with an easy grin. "Come on in, Noah."

Noah climbed out of Donna's arms and scampered into the Press Secretary's office and looked at Gail with wide eyes.

"Is that Noah Lyman?" Danny inquired.

"Yes," CJ said with reservation.

"CJ, I'm not going to write about Josh's son. I know that there are boundaries."

"Thanks, Danny."

CJ, Donna, and Danny joined the boy in the office as he tracked the goldfish's movements.

"Do you like the fish, Noah?" Danny asked.

"She's pretty," Noah answered.

"I got that fish for CJ."

"Who are you?"

"He's a pain in the behind," CJ interjected. "His name is Danny."

"Hi, Danny," Noah said absent-mindedly.

"He's really cute," Danny said with a grin. "He looks just like Josh."

"I know. Isn't it terrifying?" CJ joked.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Well, thank you, Lillian," Josh said as he shook hands with the Congresswoman. "We'll be sure to take your concerns into account."

"Thank you, Josh. By the way, I heard about your son - congratulations."

"Thank you, Congresswoman."

Josh opened the door to his office and escorted her out. "Have a nice day, Josh."

"You, too."

Josh watched her leave and then popped over to CJ's office.

"Carol, is my son still in there?" he asked anxiously. "He's been misplaced a few times today."

"He's still in there," Carol assured him.

Josh knocked once on the door and opened it. "Noah?"

"Hi, Daddy," his son chirped. "I met Gail."

"I can see that."

"And I met Danny. CJ says he's in love with her."

"Come on, kiddo, let's go back to my office. Donna, you coming?"

"Actually, I wanted to stay in CJ's office for a minute. I'll be back soon."


Josh and Noah left, and Donna took a deep breath as the door closed behind her.

"Donna, what's the matter?" CJ asked concernedly.

"Josh said that he... he wants to be the ultimate Gomer."

"Come again?"

"Sorry. I guess you wouldn't know what that means. Um, basically, he likes me."

"Of course he does, Donna, everybody knows that. So he finally told you?"

"This morning."

CJ leapt out of her chair and pumped her fist. "And it only took the boy three years! Did you tell him how you feel?"

"I told him that I like him."

"That's all you said? Donna, I know how you feel about him. 'Like' is a pretty big understatement."

"I know, but with all that's going on in his life with Noah, I think that trying to start dating me would be ill-advised."

"Donna, you guys are meant for each other, and it's killed me that you were both in denial for so long. Josh is never going to neglect his duties as a father - we both can see how crazy he is about Noah. I don't think that if you take your relationship up a notch it will have an adverse affect on his efforts to be a good father."

"So what are you saying?"

CJ looked at Donna with a smile. "Go for it. Tell Josh how you really feel."



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