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Summary: "David was on the plane," Toby explained.

Fall from the Sky (1/?)

CJ turned her head to escape the glaring sun, but it had already
woken her. "Toby, close that thing." She waved towards the airplane
window shade. He did, but it was too late. She straightened and
returned her seatback to the upright position. "Don't you ever
sleep? What time is it?"

"Where we were, where we are or where we're going to be?"

She shook her head and put her glasses on. "Forget it. I really
can't talk to you first thing," she said.

"Everyone else is still asleep."

"Everyone else didn't draw you as seatmate," she said.

They were on Air Force One on their way to a summit in Paris. It
seemed like half of the White House was along for the ride this
time. Shortly, the captain announced their imminent landing, waking
everyone. There were moans all around.

Since the meetings started at noon, the senior staff had a couple of
hours to settle in to their floor at the hotel and maybe even take a
nap. As a result, they were all fairly coherent for their 11:00 a.m.
meeting with the President.

"So we're good to go today?" Leo asked.

"Yup." That was Sam.

"Absolutely." Josh.

"For now." CJ.


"I want to caution you..." Toby began.

"We're good, here, Toby," Jed Bartlet said. "Today is all about
handshakes and photo ops."

A familiar face came in and handed a slip of paper to Leo. He read
it and passed it on to the President. After reading it the President
turned to the others. "I need to speak to Toby for a moment.
Everyone else?" Everyone except Toby and Leo left quietly, wondering
what information the paper held.

"Mr. President?" Toby asked.

"Toby," he began. "There's been an accident?"

"What kind of accident?" he asked.

"A plane crash. Was David flying to DC?"

"I believe his last email said he had meetings there this week. He
was going to stay a few days more so we could meet after I returned
from here. Why?"

"Toby, there was a plane crash. Your brother is listed on the
passenger manifest."

Toby's world seemed to tilt just a little to the left. He sat down
quickly. "He's dead?"

"We don't know anything yet, Toby. There are unconfirmed reports of

Toby held his head in his hands. "Oh God. No."

The President lightly rested a hand on Toby's shoulder. "Toby, we're
booking you on the next flight home. Get your things together and

"Yes, sir."

"Go, Leo."

"Thank you, Mr. President." Leo exited.

Toby hadn't moved from his chair.

"Toby, whom would you like to go with you?" the President asked.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not sending you home alone for this. Someone's going with you."

"That's not necessary."

"I say it is. And what I say goes. Who's it going to be? Sam?

"CJ," Toby said quickly, staring at the floor.

"CJ it is. Charlie?"

The President's aide opened the door. "Yes, Mr. President?"

"Is CJ still lurking out there?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Send her in."

CJ entered and quickly surveyed the landscape. The President still
had a hand on Toby's shoulder. Toby still sat staring at the floor,
holding his head in his hands.

"What's happened?" she demanded.

"There's been a plane crash. You and Toby are going home."

Leo stepped back in to the room at a quick pace. "You need to leave
the hotel in 10 minutes to make your flight. Get what you need
together. We'll bring the rest of your stuff back with us. Get
moving." He helped Toby stand and pushed him towards CJ and the

"Charlie, go help Toby. Make sure you get them both in a cab for the
airport in under 10 minutes," the President instructed.

"Yes, Sir."

Leo turned to the President. "You're sending CJ with him?"

"His choice."

"It's a good one."

"You *did* book two seats."

"Yes, Sir. I knew you wouldn't send him alone. Two seats first
class on my own card. Not the Concorde, though."

"Please, God, let them land to good news," the President said.

"Amen," Leo added.

They were in a cab on their way to the airport and all CJ knew was
that there had been a plane crash. And now Toby had been quiet for
several minutes. "Toby?" she asked.

"David was on the plane," Toby explained.

"Oh no." She reached out and touched his arm. "Oh Toby."

They were quiet for the rest of the ride. CJ wanting to say
something, but not knowing quite what. Toby just wanting to wake up
and find it was all a dream.

To be continued...

Fall From the Sky - 2



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