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Rating: PG-13 (for some later parts)

Blind Date (1/9)

After CJ had finished her performance of The Jackal, Margaret tugged on Donna's arm.

"Donna, do you have any plans tomorrow night?"

Donna, feeling incredibly relaxed thanks to the copious amounts of champagne she had drank and the hilarious performance of CJ's, turned to her friend as they began to wind their way back to the bullpen. "I don't know. Maybe. Why?"

Margaret linked her arm through Donna's. "It's just that I have a date..."

Before she could go any further, Donna stopped her short. "Oh no Margaret. This isn't another 'I have a date, but he has this friend that needs a date' thing, is it?" They had reached Donna's desk and she started straightening her files and opening her drawer for her bag.

"Donna, come on. Please?" Margaret whined. She leaned towards Donna and lowered her voice. "This guy is gorgeous. He's smart and funny and..."

"Wait, is this your date or mine you're talking about?"

"Well, mine."

"So, that leads me to believe that my date will be of the short, ugly and without any social skills variety."

"Donna, how can you say that? You haven't even met Hamilton."

"Hamilton? His name is Hamilton?" Donna replied, crossing her arms over her chest. "Will he be wearing an ascot and carrying a polo mallet?"

"I don't think so, but if that turns you on, I can get Greg to ask Hamilton to bring those things with him," said Margaret, plopping down in the chair next to Donna's desk.

Donna laughed. "Not funny, Margaret. Must I remind you of the horrible blind-double-date fiasco from earlier this year?"

"Donna, honestly, I didn't know he couldn't speak English."

"Yeah, well, I'm still not sure what language my date spoke."

"Donna, you're making too big a deal out of this."

Donna harrumphed, as she sat on the corner of her desk. "Making too big a deal out of not having anything in common with someone besides being from the same planet?" Before Margaret could respond, Donna waved a finger at her. "Don't make me bring up the other horrible date you set me up on."

"Come on," drawled Margaret. "What was wrong with that one?"

"Um, besides him wanting to drag me back to his cave by my hair?" said Donna with a laugh.

Margaret joined her laughter. Donna continued. "Don't laugh Margaret. You didn't listen for two hours to his tirade on why women shouldn't work after having children. Must I also remind you of his wandering hands during the movie?"

Margaret laughed even harder. "Why didn't you tell me this? I would have switched seats with you or we could have gone to the bathroom and you could have escaped through the window."

"Margaret, do you remember wondering where you got all those bruises on your upper arm from?"

Margaret thought back and nodded. "I didn't remember hitting my arm on anything that week."

"Duh! Those were from me poking you with my elbow. But you were too focused on Rich or Rick or whatever your boyfriend of the month's name was."

Margaret rubbed her arm in remembrance. "You know. What was his name?"

Donna collapsed in laughter, holding her face in her hands.

"I swear Donna. This time it will be different. Plus, if you don't put yourself out there, how will you find 'the one?'"

Donna lifted her head and sighed. "Maybe I'm tired of dating. Maybe it's time 'the one' tried to find me!"

"Well, if that doesn't happen by tomorrow night," asked Margaret, rising to head to her office, "will you come with me?"

Donna gave a resigned sigh, shouldering her bag and slinging her coat over her arm. "Yes, I'll come with you."

Margaret's face lit up. "Thanks Donna. You won't regret it. I know you'll like Hamilton."

Donna winced at the name. "I'm beginning to regret this already," she shouted to Margaret's retreating back. Then she headed towards the exit.


Blind Date - 2



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