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Rating: PG-13

Blind Date (10/10)

By the time Josh had gotten off the phone with Leo, who had called with a complete list of senators opposed to Breckenridge's nomination, Donna had commandered the bathroom, brushing out her hair and changing clothes.

As Josh headed to change clothes after hanging up, Donna kissed him in passing. Donna walked to the window and threw open the drapes. Seeing a blue sky, she felt elated, but she knew it hand little to do with the weather. However, when she thought about her and Josh actually having to leave the room, she frowned. It was one thing to admit your love when there weren't any outside factors, like friends and family and jobs, but what would happen when they walked out the door. Could they really have a secret relationship and work together?

Josh walked up behind her and circled her waist from behind. Noticing her frown, he kissed her neck. "Don't think about it, Donnatella."

"Yeah, but what if.."

"Stop," said Josh turning her in his arms and holding her face between his hands. "There are no 'what ifs' in this relationship. I love you. You love me. Whatever and whomever is out there, we'll face it together. That's the way it is from now on. You and me together."

Donna smiled. "Okay." Then she brushed her lips against his.

Before they could go any further, or wind up tangled in the sheets again, Josh stopped her, "Let's go visit our disgruntled senator."

"Okay," said Donna, grabbing her bag.

Josh held the door open for Donna, but stopped her and grabbed her bag out of her hand. "Donna?"

She turned to meet his eyes. "Yes?"

"Um...you won't be accepting any more blind dates, will you?" asked Josh sheepishly.

"Josh," she whispered, mimicking his favorite action and grasping his face between her hands. "Definitely not," she said, kissing his eyes closed.

"Okay, then," said Josh sighing. "Let's do this thing and then let's go home."

Donna looked into his face and smiled.

The End




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