Random Thoughts: This is just one of many scenarios I've worked up for how Donna and Josh will eventually get together. It's completely sappy with no redeeming social value whatsoever. Please let me know what you think.

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Rating: PG-13 (for some later parts)

Blind Date (2/9)

Josh headed towards the bullpen after CJ's performance. Buoyed by the euphoric atmosphere, not to mention the champagne he'd drank, he peered into the meeting room searching for Donna.

Not only did he want to continue teasing her about her "distinctive penmanship," but he also had misplaced his beeper. Knowing Donna she would have picked it up from wherever he'd laid it down. He also wanted to talk to her about Leo's assignment. He was nervous about talking to Jeff Breckenridge tomorrow and he wanted to bounce some ideas off Donna.

He wound his way through the bullpen, but stopped short when he heard Donna say, "So that leads me to believe that my date will be of the short, ugly and without any social skills variety."

A date? Donna has a date? His stomach felt like it dropped to the floor. I've got to remember not to drink champagne on an empty stomach, he thought.

He heard Margaret's reply and snorted to himself. Hamilton? Donna would never agree to go out with a guy named Hamilton.

Josh continued to listen to their private conversation, though his conscience pricked him.

As Donna recounted her previous blind dates with Margaret, Josh found himself amazed that these men didn't find her as amazing as he did. What was wrong with them? He laughed silently when he imagined Donna trying to keep her temper in check during a date with a non-English speaking man.

Josh waited to hear about her next blind date experience, but was not as amused by this one. Some guy pawing Donna? He felt his face flush as he though about what he'd like to do to this guy who tried to force himself on Donna. God, he was happy just to sit next to her sometimes and smell the light scent of her perfume. Why couldn't other guys be as contented?

His reverie was silence when he head Donna declare, "Maybe I'm tired of dating. Maybe it's time 'the one' tried to find me!"

Yeah, he shook his head. How come these losers couldn't see all the wonderful things he saw in her. The way she could juggle several projects at once and still keep him in line. The way her hair always smelled so good. The way their eyes would meet across a meeting table and he knew exactly what she was thinking and he knew she was reading his mind too. The way she always looked put together regardless of how late he'd kept her at the office. The way.... He stopped suddenly. Oh God. If I see her this way, does that mean what I think it means?

Nah, he shook his head again. I can't possibly be interested in Donna. And I'm sure I would have picked up on some kind of signal if she was interested in me. No, I'm sure this is just concern for a friend.

But his stomach dropped again when he heard Donna agree to the date. He let out a small groan. He peeked around the bullpen corner to see Donna heading out for the night. The realization hit him full in the face: He was in love with Donna.


Blind Date - 3



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