Random Thoughts: This is just one of many scenarios I've worked up for how Donna and Josh will eventually get together. It's completely sappy with no redeeming social value whatsoever. Please let me know what you think.

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Rating: PG-13 (for some later parts)

Blind Date (4/9 or maybe 10)

Josh and Donna left work on time for a change, and Josh was ringing her apartment buzzer at 6:30. Donna lived in a small apartment building with a courtyard and fountain in front of it. Josh was happy to see that a new security gate had been added around the building. Although, this part of town was slowly becoming fashionable, it couldn't change fast enough for Josh. He didn't like to think about Donna driving through the darkened streets at night when he'd kept her late at work.

Though the neighborhood was changing, the apartment building Donna lived in was classic. Hardwood floors. Curving arched doorways. French doors into a sunroom. Josh was surprised Donna could afford it, but Donna confided that the lady who owned the building was unfamiliar with the changes in the neighborhood and hadn't raised the rent to meet the soaring property values around her. Donna claimed that the day her landlord figured out what comparable buildings were charging for rent, she'd be living on the streets.

When he walked up the flight of steps to her apartment, she'd already opened the door. He heard the door across the hall shut as he entered Donna's apartment, but when he turned to look, there was no one there.

Donna had her back to him, staring into a mirror and putting an earring in. She turned when she heard him close the door. "Hi."

Even though she was dressed in slim fitting black pants and a red sweater set, Josh thought she looked beautiful. He found it amazing that she always seemed to be perfectly dressed for every occasion. And this was no exception. Even though they were going to drive for four hours tonight, she looked perfectly put together. Even her hair looked nice, swept back into a low ponytail that ran down her back.

Donna didn't miss the look or the fact that Josh had lost his ability to speak. 'Hmm, this definitely will be more fun that my blind date,' she thought. "Ready?" she asked aloud, picking up her travel bag from under her hallway table.

Josh got a hold of himself, but almost lost it again when she bent to pick up her back and the scent of her shampoo wafted towards him. "Yeah," he said, grabbing her bag out of her hand.

"Thanks," said Donna, following Josh out of the door and locking it behind her. Josh distinctly heard the door across the hall from Donna shut as they started down the steps.

"What's with the lady across the hall?" he asked, holding open the outer door for Donna.

"Oh, she just keeps an eye out on me."

"How sweet," said Josh, adding, "in a creepy kind of way."

Donna laughed and looked over at him. "Isn't it a little early in our journey to begin griping at each other?"

"Nope. In fact, I think it's the only think that's going to be worthwhile about this whole trip," said Josh, opening up Donna's door and tossing her bag into the backseat.

"Whose car is this?" Donna asked, after Josh had seated himself in the driver's seat.

"I rented it."

Donna smiled. "Didn't think your lemon of an automobile would get us as far as Richmond, hmm?"

"For your information, my car is a classic."

"A classic piece of junk."

Josh pulled into traffic heading out of town. "Hey. Do I cut down your automobile?"

"Nope. That's because I fully admit that my car is about two miles away from a complete breakdown."

Josh noticing the neighborhoods they were driving through got a nervous feeling in his stomach. "Your car is about to break down? What if it breaks down on a dark street, late at night?" he asked, his tone changing from teasing to serious.

"Then, I'll call Triple-A and have it towed. Then, I'll call my boss at 3 a.m. and ask him sweetly to pick me up for work in the morning." Donna had picked up on Josh's tone and although it was sweet of him to worry, she'd lived in this neighborhood for almost four years without incident.

Josh feigned shock. "Do you honestly think I'd risk bringing my classic car into this neighborhood, just to pick you up?"

"Not funny, Joshua," she answered settling back in her seat.


Blind Date - 5



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