Random Thoughts: This is just one of many scenarios I've worked up for how Donna and Josh will eventually get together. It's completely sappy with no redeeming social value whatsoever. Please let me know what you think.

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Rating: PG-13 (for some later parts)

Blind Date (5/9 or 10)

An hour into the trip, they'd both let go of the stress of the day, and Josh had filled Donna in on his meeting with Jeff Breckenridge. They'd settled into a comfortable silence. Josh, however, was scrambling for a way to bring up the date Donna had cancelled this weekend. Not being one to beat around the bush, he said, "So, the date you cancelled this weekend..."

"Yeah, what about it?" asked Donna, swinging her head to look at him. She'd been staring out the window, marvelling at how comfrotable it was just to sit in silence with Josh.

"Who was it with? Anyone I know?"

"Not even anyone I know," answered Donna with a laugh.

"You didn't even know who it was?" asked Josh, sounding incredulous, but knowing full well that it was a blind date.

"No. Margaret was setting me up."

"Margaret? You're trusting Margaret to set you up on dates?"

"Well, it was more of a double date. And kind of a favor. I guess Margaret met this guy who had a friend. It was that kind of thing."

"I can only imagine the type of men Margaret would date," laughed Josh, adding, "I'm sure his friends were winners too."

"Actually, Josh, Margaret has fabulous taste in men," said Donna, defending her friend. "However, it's the friends of these fabulous men who are losers."

"That sounds like she's fixed you up before," said Josh, knowing that she had.

"Yep. This would have been the third horrible double date she'd set me up on. And believe me, it would have been the last. Or it is going to be the last," Donna laughed.


"Ugh! You don't even want to know!"

"Sure I do. I enjoy hearing about the... What do I call them? Oh yes, the local gomers you date."

"Shut up! They are not all horrible."

"Really?" asked Josh, with trepidation, wondering if there was someone in her life that she hadn't told him about.

One look at Josh's nervous face, and Donna decided to be straight with him. If this relationship was going to get off the ground, she figured it would be better not to lead him to believe she was even remotely interested in anyone else. "Okay. Okay," she laughed. "They were all horrible. In fact, the guy tonight. His name was even horrible."

"And it was?" asked Josh, glad that she'd relieved him of believing she was dating someone.



"Yep," she laughed. "Can you even imagine?"

"I'd rather not," he said. "Although what kind of man is named Hamilton?"

"Probably a short, ugly man with no social skills."

"And wouldn't you rather be driving with me than dining with Hamilton?" asked Josh, teasing, but really hoping for an affirmative answer.

Donna looked thoughtfully at Josh. Her mind answered for her, 'There's no where on Earth I'd rather be.' However, aloud she whispered, "This is nice."

Josh turned to look at her briefly. She was smiling at him. He smiled back and said, "And you didn't want to come on this trip."

Donna just smiled wider and sat back in her seat.


Blind Date - 6



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