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Blind Date (6/10)

An hour into the trip, they were both getting restless.

"Are we there yet," Donna whined, turning to Josh.

"Please. It's too early to start with your whiny voice," answered Josh, flicking on the radio.

"I only do the whiny voice when I'm bored," said Donna, reaching to start flicking the radio channels. After she'd flipped successfully through them all, she started at the beginning again.

"Can you just find a station and stick with it?" asked Josh.

"Is this annoying you?" asked Donna, flipping the station again.

"Yes," growled Josh.

"Well, then, I must continued," smiled Donna.

Josh snorted and changed lanes.

"Did you bring any cd's?" asked Donna.

Josh looked over at her briefly. "Knowing your penchant for changing channels every ten seconds, what do you think?"

Donna reached behind him into the backseat and pulled his backpack into her lap. "I can only imagine what sort of twisted musical selection you envisioned us enjoying on this trip," Donna said, rifling through his bag.

Buried under files, Donna pulled up five cd's rubber-banded together. "Aha," she said triumphantly. She zipped his bag back up and placed it at her feet. "Let's see what pathetic music choices you've made."

"Excuse me, but I do not have pathetic musical taste."

"Oh that's right. I forgot. You have no musical taste what so ever."

Josh smirked. "You're not funny. I make one musical blunder and it's forever tarnished my record."

"One musical blunder?" scoffed Donna. "I'd say burning a cd that had Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks and The Hanson's on it is grounds for your dismissal from the human race."

"Hey! It was my first time stealing music off the Internet. I didn't know what I was doing."

"Whatever," laughed Donna, undoing the cd's. They spilled into her lap. As she perused the choices, she realized they were not as horrible as she'd imagined. In fact, there were many of her favorites in the pile. She lifted the first cd up for his approval.


"Nope," said Josh shaking his head. "Not in the mood."

"Okay," said Donna, lifting the next cd. "INXS?"

"Nope. Not in an 80s mood."

Donna looked at him incredulously. "Since when are you a big 80s music fan?"

"Since your Flock of Seagulls cd got stuck in my cd player and I had to listen to them all the way back on the plane from Budapest."

"Oh," said Donna, amazed that he hadn't just come over to borrow her 80s cd's instead of buying his own. "How about the Moody Blues?"

Before Josh could even respond, Donna interrupted him. "I know for a fact that you don't like the Moody Blues. What is going on here, Josh?"

Loath to tell her that he had scoped out her cd collection during a party she'd had a few months ago, he lamely said, "Um. I like that one song of theirs."

"What song?"

"You know. That song," said Josh, frantically scrambling to come up with the name of any Moody Blues song.

Donna narrowed her eyes at him and smiled. "Okay, Mr. Lyman. We'll skip the lecture about your complete inability to remember song lyrics and move on."

Josh wiped his brow and smiled. "I graciously bow to your superior lyric memorization skills."

"You can kiss my ring later," said Donna teasing. "What about the Counting Crows?"


"Well, that leaves only one choice."

Josh knew very well what his last choice was. It was the cd with a song he and Donna had danced to a few months ago at an Embassy party.

"Al Green it is," said Donna, sliding the cd into the player and adjusting the volume.

Soon the smooth sounds of Al Green slid out of the speakers.

"I never would have pegged you as an Al Green fan," said Donna, softly humming along with "Tired of Being Alone."

"Yeah, well, it's a recent obsession," answered Josh, risking a glance her way. Her face was utterly relaxed and a smile was teasing the edges of her mouth. He wondered if she remembered their dance.

Donna was smiling for exactly that reason. She couldn't remember which song they had danced to, but she definitely remembered the feel of Josh's hand at the small of her back as they swayed to the music. She also remembered feeling him sigh into her ear when she'd moved her face closer to his. She also remembered the scent of him when she'd laid her head down on his shoulder. It was a unique scent that was all Josh and completely male. He never wore cologne or aftershave, so some days the way he smelled would drive her to distraction. She also remembered the way Josh had whispered her name and pulled her closer when she'd tangled her fingers into the curls at the nape of his neck. She remembered wishing they could stay on that dance floor forever.

Donna's reminisces were broken into when she heard the song. It was the song they'd danced to: "You Ought to be With Me." Her head snapped up. "Hey. I remember this song."

Josh just nodded. He was too busy with his own memories. The way their bodies seemed to fit together when he pulled her into his arms to dance. The way the room was filled with cigarette smoke, but she smelled clean and fresh. The shock he'd received when he'd realized that her dress had an open back and he could feel her soft, silky skin. The way she'd trembled in his arms when he'd stroked her back in time with the music.

Lost in their revelries, they continued driving in silence for the remainder of the cd.


Blind Date - 7



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