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Blind Date (8/10)

Donna was flipping through the channels when josh returned to the room. She'd propped up some pillows behind her and ha dher legs out in front of her under the covers. She stared at his sleeping attire. It was almost identical to hers with the exception that his shirt said Yale.

"Nice shirt," she said, scooting over, so he could sit next to her and watch TV.

"Do we have to have the 'whose school is better' debate, again?"

She laughed. "Nope."

She democratically put the remote between them on the bed. Josh reached for it, but Donna's hand stopped him. "One rule."

He looked at her expectantly. "What?"

"You cannot flip through all 78 channels in five seconds. You must stop and we must vote on the programs."

"Oh, just like the way we voted on the radio channels you were flipping through on the way here?"

"Yes," she laughed, swatting him lightly with her other hand.

"Okay," he said, rubbing his arm in mock hurt.

Donna let go of his hand, flipping the remote on his chest.

They spent the next few minutes vetoing most of the late night TV, until they came to Nick at Night, which was showing reruns of The Brady Bunch. They both voted to keep it on and settled back to watch.

Eventually, Josh fell asleep, the late night before and the long drive today finally catching up to him. Donna didn't notice until a commercial came on and Josh didn't flip through it, as he'd done during all the others.

Donna made up her mind instantly. He was too tired to be uncomfortable sleeping on the floor or in the bathtub and she was too tired to care about sharing a bed. So, she flicked off the TV and reached over and turned off the light. She slid down under the covers, pulling Josh with her. When he rolled over, she curled up to his back. She sighed, putting her nose right up against his neck and fell into a deep sleep. Even asleep, Josh felt her presence and grabbed her right hand, lacing their fingers and placing their linked hands over his chest.

They slept straight through the night.


Blind Date - 9



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