"Carol agrees with me."

"Carol is wrong."

"Let's just take a look at the list of people that agree with me and disagree with you, shall we," Donna asked, opening her notebook and read. "Let's see: Sam, Mallory, Ginger, Cathy, Bonnie, Margaret, Carol, Ed, Larry, Janice, and Michelle. They all agree with me. People who agree with you," she looked up and smiled. "Matt the messenger."

"Matt's a highly intelligent and observant guy, Donna," Josh responded.

"Josh, last week you said he had the mental capacity of a 2 year old and couldn't tell the difference between black and white."

"Now, you completely missed my point there."

"You threatened to set him on fire, Josh."

"I overreacted."

"He delivered a memo on anti-tobacco legislation to Congressman Tom Anderson, a Republican from North Carolina, when if was supposed to go to Congressman Dale Anderson, a Democrat from South Dakota," said Donna. "Would you like to continue debating the merits of Matt's skills of observation and intelligence, or would will you just concede that you are the only person in the west wing who does not think CJ and Toby are involved with each other."

"That may be the case," replied Josh stubbornly, "but I'm still right."

"Guys?" Bonnie stood questioningly in the doorway. "It's about start."

"He's still in denial," Donna told Bonnie as the three started for the Mural Room, where the President, Leo, the rest of the Senior Staff and their assistants were gathering to watch the House vote on Campaign Finance Reform.

"Come on, Josh," Bonnie said. "It's obvious they're together."

"You both couldn't be more wrong," he responded vehemently. "CJ is just trying to get back at me for teasing her. She's cooked up this hair-brained scheme and convinced Toby to go along with it."

"So, it's all about you," said Donna.


Bonnie and Donna looked at each other and rolled their eyes as they walked into the Mural Room.


White House Resolution 203 regarding Campaign Finance Reform had been introduced into the House of Representatives almost three months earlier. Joining the President in sponsoring the bill was an impressive group of congressmen from both parties. However strong their support, however, their opposition was equally staunch. The entire three months had been filled with the complex strategizing and maneuvering; intense arguing and bargaining; pleasant compliments and harsh threats. Now it all came down to two simple words. Yea or Nay. Those two words would determine whether all of their work had been for good or for naught.

217 yea; 208 nay.

One more yea vote was all that was needed. The air was electric as the President and his staff listened intently to voice on the television screen.


The room erupted into joyous cheers. Somewhere, a champagne cork popped eliciting more applause. It was time to celebrate.


"For the hundredth time, they are not dating," Josh exclaimed. "I would know if CJ were dating Toby." Ginger and Cathy looked unconvinced by his argument.

"You gotta admit it makes sense, Josh" replied Sam. "All of the pieces fit."

"They're just friends! They've been friends for years."

"Best friends make the best lovers," Carol argued.

"You're all crazy, you do know that," Josh asked rhetorically, turning around to find the President, Leo, and Toby on the other side of the room talking. He was about to say something else when a familiar jazz beat filled the air.

Hollers of 'Jackal!' and "Go CJ!' emerged from the crowd as they quickly gathered to watch their friend perform the beloved ritual. Her performance was slightly different this time, however. Even Josh had to grudgingly admit she seemed to be directing her playful and seductive act on the White House Communications Director. Everyone's smiles grew as it was clear the effect she was having on him.

"The Jackal."

The group was uncharacteristically silent as the song ended, afraid to disrupt the spell between CJ and Toby. Slowly, he stood from his place on the couch and walked towards her. Josh almost thought he saw a small grin on Toby's face when he stopped in front of her.

Everyone held their breath as they watched him reach up to touch her face. Their eyes grew wide as he leaned forward. And then they kissed.

Countless moments later, as the deafening cheers quieted somewhat, their friends started towards the couple to congratulate them when suddenly a loud voice stopped everyone in their tracks.

"I was right! Nobody believed me when I told them you two were dating!"

As if on cue, all heads turned to regard Josh and his triumphant smile with varying expressions of disbelief.




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