Summary: CJ takes a fall and Toby gets roped in to picking up the pieces.
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Flamingo Falling
by JenF

CJ was sure she looked like a cartoon as she slipped, windmilled and went down on a patch of ice on the way to her car.

Josh was the first to arrive. As a matter of fact, he'd reached out, trying to grab her coat to keep her from falling. He'd missed.

"CJ, are you okay?"

"Ma'am!" A Marine guard had arrived on the scene.

"I heard a crack," Josh said. "Did you hit your

"Ma'am, please stay still." The guard waved at another. "We're getting an ambulance now."

CJ moaned. "That's ridiculous. I don't need an ambulance." She sat up and moaned again.

"It's your head, isn't it?"

"Josh, shut up." He shot her a wounded puppy look. "Sorry, Josh. It's not my head. It's my ankle. I think I twisted it. If you and..." She waved at the Marine. "...could help me up, I'm sure I can walk it off."

"Ma'am, please, I can hear the ambulance already. We'll get you to the hospital and everything will be fine."

"CJ?" Donna was now on the scene.

Followed by Sam. "I saw through the window."

"Will the President be joining us this afternoon?" CJ asked, sarcastically. "All this because I wanted a taco and there's not a decent Mexican place that'll deliver."

"Well, she can't be too badly hurt." Sam looked at her and smiled.

"Fine, no one wants to help me up? I'll do it myself." But she couldn't really figure out how and soon the ambulance was pulling up.


After being asked once again if she'd hit her head, she was put on the gurney. "I'm right behind you," Josh said. "Keys." He felt his pockets. "I can't find my keys."

Donna held them out to him. "That's why I was on my way when I saw from the door. You left them on my desk. I'll go too."

"Me too," Sam added.

"No one goes. I'm fine. I've just twisted my ankle and you're all over-reacting. I'll be back in an hour."

"CJ," Josh began.

"You can't go, Josh. You'll have to do the next

"I'll go," Donna said again.

"You can't go either, Donna. I'm leaving you in charge of Josh."

"Hey!" Josh yelped.

CJ continued. "It's going to take both you and Carol to make sure he doesn't do anything..." She trailed off rather than say the word `stupid.'

"I understand," Donna said, taking her task very seriously. "Come on Joshua."

Sam was still circling. "You're going, Sam. Take my car." Josh tossed him the keys. "Be careful and don't pick up any strays. Directly to the hospital and back."

"Got it, Dad," Sam said rather testily.

"No one has to go with me. I'll just take a cab back," CJ said.

"What's going on?" Leo jogged up, buttoning his coat. "Margaret said she saw an ambulance. CJ? What happened?" he demanded of the still-present Marine guard.

"Sir. She fell, Sir. We summoned an ambulance. She'll be transported to the hospital where she can receive medical attention, Sir."

"I twisted my ankle, Leo. Make them let me off this thing."

"I heard a crack," Josh said. "I thought maybe she hit her head."

"You're sure you didn't hit your head?" one of the ambulance attendants asked...again.

"I'm sure. Don't listen to him." She waved at Josh.


"I think you'd better go to the hospital," Leo said. "Josh can do the afternoon briefing."

"Yeah, okay," CJ finally agreed. "Donna and Carol will make sure he's prepared."

"Sam, why don't you go with CJ? She shouldn't be

"Already done." Sam dangled Josh's keys.

The attendants loaded the gurney. CJ looked out at her concerned friends. "I'm fine," she called. "It's just twisted."

To be continued...


Flamingo Falling - 2



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