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Summary: CJ takes a fall and Toby gets roped in to picking up the pieces.

Flamingo Falling (Part 11/?)

"Lucy, you got some `splainin' to do," Toby said from the door.

CJ couldn't help but laugh, but only once. "Please don't try to be-—funny or nice about this. I am so embarrassed."

"Longer sentences. Good. I know you're tired, so we won't talk long," Toby said. He cautiously took her left hand. "CJ, you've done a very naughty thing."

"Dying of embarrassment..."

"Poor choice of words." He looked at her and realized he wanted nothing more than to make everything better. "Well, I promised that whatever it was, I'd take care of it." He sighed. "And I guess I will."


"You know what, CJ? I don't think you should say anything right now except thanks, okay?"

"Thank you, Toby."

"Now go to sleep. I have to leave soon, but I'll be back first thing in the morning."

Donna showed up and said she would stay until CJ seemed out for the night and Toby went to his apartment, mumbling the entire way. He packed clothes, toiletries and a few personal items. If he was going to take part in this fiasco, he certainly wasn't going to be the part that blew it. Leave that up to Sam or Josh.

He let himself in to CJ's empty apartment and was struck by the quietness. He'd been there several times, of course, but always with CJ present. He put his two suitcases of clothes in her closet and opened the one of personal items on the couch. He started rearranging CJ's living room and then familiarized himself with the kitchen. Finally, he made room for his toiletries in the bathroom. "This is just all too strange," he said to no one.

He tidied up what was left behind in the aftermath of their hasty exit the night before. He thought about calling CJ, but didn't want to risk waking her. Finally, exhausted, he sat down on the couch, turned on CNN and soon fell asleep.

He awoke early, showered, dressed and headed for the hospital. CJ was awake when he arrived.

"You look much better," he said, putting a bouquet of daisies on her tray.

"I'm feeling much better. Amazing the difference a day-—and some anticoagulants—-can make. Oh, and oxygen."

"Listen to that, subjects and predicates. Wow."

"Listen, Toby, about this..."

He cut her off. "It doesn't matter, CJ. I moved things in to your apartment last night and I'm there for the duration, I guess."


"I promised I'd take care of it. The First Lady informs me I will do just that." He rested his hands on the railing of the bed. "Look, I'm going to go to the office for a while. I'll bring you something around lunch time, okay?" She nodded. "You're sure you're feeling better?" She nodded again. "Decided your mouth has gotten you in trouble enough?" She just glared at him. "Yup, you're feeling better. I'll see you in a few hours."

He was quite the hero in the West Wing, being credited for saving CJ's life-—and now her hide.

"Look, every administration needs a good conspiracy," Sam was saying to Josh. "Someday this is going to be unearthed and tossed in the eighth grade history books."

"Sam, go back to work. I need to speak with Josh," Toby said. Sam left, closing the door behind him.


"Yes Toby."

"Do you know what you've done?"

Toby could almost see Josh gulp. "Um..."

"Do you know that because you called CJ's mother, I am now living with her?"

"The First Lady briefed us all. Look..."

"Josh, you meant well," Toby said. "I apologize for manhandling you yesterday. I was out of line."

"You were tired and worried," Josh said. "I'd've done the same thing in your situation. Toby, um, I mean, you're being rather agreeable and all and you did, as you say, manhandle me yesterday. So I was just wondering. What IS going on between you and CJ? I mean you like her, right? And she called you when she's gasping for breath, so that says something. And, man, you should have seen the look on your face when you came in that room yesterday." He almost laughed.

Toby was horrified. "You are psychotic."

He turned to leave, but Josh reached out and took his arm. "I'm just saying..."

"Keep your insane theories to yourself."


"Get out," Toby instructed.

"Toby, it's my office."

Toby turned and stormed off.

To be continued...

Flamingo Falling - 12




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