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Note: This is my first story. Thanks to Stacy for reading and encouragement.

Summary: CJ takes a fall and Toby gets roped in to picking up the pieces.

Flamingo Falling (Part 12/?)

The only things CJ really wanted Toby to bring her were chicken noodle soup, a copy of the day's Washington Post and her laptop.

"Two out of three ain't bad," he said, putting down the paper and Styrofoam container. "Mrs. Landingham supplied the soup. I think she probably made it. She also sent a cookie, but made me promise to make you eat all your soup first. How are you feeling?"

"According to the doctor, I am-—making a remarkable recovery."


CJ reached out her right hand. He took it without thinking. "Notice anything?" she asked.


"They moved the IV over to my left arm. I managed to cut my own French toast this morning."

"Congratulations." He impulsively leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

"And for what are we being congratulated?" a voice said from the door.

To be continued...

Flamingo Falling - 13



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