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Summary: CJ takes a fall and Toby gets roped in to picking up the pieces.

Flamingo Falling (Part 21/23)

"You okay?" Toby asked CJ for at least the sixth time since they'd left the apartment.

"If you ask me one more time I swear I'm going to punch you in the nose, Toby."

"I'll take that to mean, `Yes, I'm fine, Toby. Thank you for your concern.'"

Toby helped her in to the wheelchair and pushed her through the entrance. Carol was waiting just inside the door. "Here you go. Call me if you need anything. Work to do."

"Thanks Toby." CJ called after him.

Josh and Leo were standing in a corner. "Think they've figured it out yet?" Josh asked.

"Toby's started to," Leo said. "We had a conversation today about he and CJ hypothetically dating."

"Really? That's great."

"They're going to need help."

"Who doesn't?"

Toby heard CJ before he saw her. Her crutches were as good as a bell around her neck. "Have a seat," he offered without looking up. She dropped onto the couch. "Tired?"

"Yes, but it's better than being home with Mother."

"We can go."

"Did you miss the part about it being better to be here than home with Mother? You're in the middle of something. Can I just rest here until you're ready?" she asked.

"Certainly." He glanced up and saw her put her head back and close her eyes.

He was still staring a few minutes later when Sam stopped by. "Toby, I..."

"Shhhh," Toby cut him off, standing quickly and leading him back to the hallway. "How'd it go?"

"Went fine. Didn't screw anything up. Why were you staring at CJ?"

"I wasn't starting at CJ."

"Yes you were."

"No I wasn't."

"Yes you were."

"Go away Sam." Toby turned and went back in to his office, closing the door in Sam's face.

Sam turned to look at Josh, grinning ear to ear. "Oh, yeah, he's got it bad."

Toby sat and stared at CJ a while longer, then suddenly felt very self-conscious for doing it. He stood and put his briefcase together, walked over to CJ and gently shook her shoulder. "CJ. Let's get out of here. I'll cook dinner for you and we'll have another early evening."

"That'll be nice," she said, sleepily.

To be continued...

Flamingo Falling - 22




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