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Summary: CJ takes a fall and Toby gets roped in to picking up the pieces.

Flamingo Falling (Part 5/?)

"I'll just take a cab or use the car service," CJ insisted. It was 7:30 a.m. CJ's doctor's appointment was at 8:20, and Donna was stuck at the White House. "I'm really sorry."

"Donna, it's fine. There's no way I want Josh alone with the dairy lobby. He'll make rude comments about yogurt. If you suspect that he is even contemplating making a stupid remark, you are to kick him. I mean it Donna. Kick him hard."

"Okay CJ. Look, I'll have someone there in 20 minutes. I don't know who, but someone."

CJ hung up, praying it wouldn't be Sam.

Toby once again let himself in. "Toby's Taxi," he said, causing CJ to smile. He did, after all, have a good sense of humor. He just very rarely let it show.

"You're going to make me regret giving you that key," she said.

"I could have used the car service," she protested while they waited in the doctor's lobby.

"This is fine, CJ," he said, making notes in his omnipresent spiral notebook.

"But I'm keeping you from doing things."

"CJ, it was me, Mrs. Bartlet or Sam." She unconsciously cringed. "Mrs. Bartlet comes complete with Secret Service. You know how they love those impromptu visits. And Sam? Well, I heard about his—behavior, shall we say?—at the hospital.

"He was just being Sam."

"Yes, and there are sometimes we just don't need that. Aren't there?"

"Ms. Cregg," the nurse called.

At the nurse's advice, CJ had worn shorts. No one had seen them because the afghan had been firmly in place when Toby'd arrived. Earlier, the palm tree print pattern had seemed a little whimsical. As she climbed onto the x-ray table, the shorts just seemed silly.

She emerged into the waiting room a while later. Toby was still bent over his notebook. He looked up and laughed out loud. The palm tree shorts, which he, of course, had not seen, were now joined by a bright pink cast. He continued to laugh until his eyes started to tear.

"If you're quite finished, we can leave."

"I'm sorry, CJ," he apologized, piling her pillows, getting her settled on her couch. "It's just...that...it's so...pink."


"Were there other choices?"

"Green and white. I look awful in green."

"And white?"

"Never wear white between Labor Day and Memorial Day," she quoted her mother and then saw he was taking her seriously. "You want the truth?"

"Always." He sat down on the coffee table.

She sighed. "I thought if I got a white one, people would want to sign it."

"And you're against collecting autographs?"

"I'm not a 12-year-old boy, and I don't want to feel like I have to hang on to this thing once it's cut off. I want all evidence gone as quickly as possible."

"So you picked pink?"

"Only logical choice left."

Toby couldn't believe it hadn't occurred to her yet, but it obviously hadn't. "CJ."

"Yes, Toby."

"What's your Secret Service code name?"

She threw her head back and moaned. "I never even thought about it."

"Oh great and majestic Flamingo!" Toby started laughing again.

"That will do, Toby."

"Sorry," he snorted.

"It's not that funny."

His eyes crinkled as he tried to stop. "Yes it is. Okay." He sobered. "I'm done."

"I cannot believe I did this." Now it was her turn to laugh. "It's not like me to miss that."

"That's what makes it funny."

"The press will love this."

"Just ride it, CJ."

"Says the king of going with the flow," she laughed. "Yeah, it's my own doing. I'm glad you pointed it out. And don't tell Josh. I want to see the look on his face."

He patted her hand. "That's my girl." He abruptly stood. "I've got to get back to a luncheon meeting."

"Thanks again, Toby."

"I'll give you a call later and see how you're holding up."

To be continued...

Flamingo Falling - 6




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