Part 2
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Josh had gotten all of this things together and was putting on his
jacket when he heard CJ's phone ring. He heard her answer the phone
and heard the confusion in her voice, but then he heard something
else as well. He heard fear, and panic. He stood in the doorway and
watched her sit down. He saw the look of fear, and heard her gasp
loudly as the phone slipped out of her fingers. He was beside her in
an instant. She had her head buried in her hands and was struggling
to breath. 'CJ what is it? CJ talk to me!' Josh was practically
yelling, he had never seen CJ this way and it scared him. He picked
up the phone off the floor. 'Hello who is this?' He said into the
phone. 'This is Dr. Johnson at George Washington University Medical
Center. Is Ms. Cregg OK? I really need her to come down here as
soon as possible. There has been an accident involving her sister.'
Realization hit Josh and he himself almost fell to the floor. 'We
will be there in a few minutes' Josh said into the phone as he hung
it up. He looked up at CJ and saw that she had regained her breath
and was looking at him with huge eyes. 'Josh, what happened? What
did they tell you? Oh my GOD the dreams, are coming true.'
Josh saw that CJ was shaking and pulled her hands between his
own. 'CJ he didn't tell me anymore than he told you. He said there
was an accident. CJ we don't know enough to panic yet. Let's get
down to the hospital and see what's going on.' CJ nodded her head and
slowly stood up. Josh put her jacket on her and walked with her out
the door. He had one hand on the small of her back and the other
holding her arm just above the elbow as if he was leading her out of
the White House. CJ said nothing during their walk to Josh's car and
complacently let herself be led to the car and then felt Josh place
her into the passenger seat of her car. She knew that something was
horribly wrong. She had the same feeling of loss that she felt when
she woke up from the dreams. CJ heard Josh's door shut and looked
over at him while he started the car. 'She's gone Josh. My sister
is gone.' Despite the emotion cursing through her body, she made this
statement with certainty. 'CJ we don't know anything yet. She could
be fine. Let's here what the doctors say and then we will deal with
the situation.' Josh was not really sure as to what to say to CJ,
because he had the same sinking sensation in his stomach. 'We?' CJ
asked in response to Josh's statement that they would deal with
it. 'Of course Claudia Jean, you are not alone in this. I am going
to be right next to you.' This statement gave CJ the strength that
she needed and she took a deep breath as she realized that they were
pulling into the parking garage at the hospital.
They walked into the hospital together, Josh was never more
than a few inches from CJ. He knew that she was attempting to be
strong, but was on the verge of loosing the tight hold on her
emotions. Once inside the hospital, they quickly located a nurse who
said she would page the doctor for them. "Josh, why won't she just
tell me what's going on, why does she have to find Dr. Johnson?" CJ
grasped Josh's hand as she asked him the question. Josh knew what CJ
was thinking and he was thinking the same thing, they would not need
the doctor unless it was bad news. "CJ, let's just wait to hear what
they have to say." He tightened his hand around CJ and tried to
share some of his strength with her.
"Ms. Cregg" an older man in his fifties wearing a long white
jacket and stethoscope approached. "Yes, are you Doctor Johnson?"
CJ asked. "Yes, Ms. Cregg can you please follow me into the private
waiting area?" The Doctor asked, he hated this part of his job and
was not looking forward to what he had to do. CJ and Josh followed
the doctor still holding hands. Once they entered the room, the
doctor gestured for CJ and Josh to sit down in the chairs next to
him. "Ms. Cregg, I am sorry to have to tell you this, but your
sister and her husband were involved in a serious explosion this
evening, it appears that someone placed a bomb in the car that they
were driving and when they got in after their dinner out, it
exploded." "Oh my God." tears began to pool in CJ's eyes, she knew
what was coming next. "Ms. Cregg, I am sorry, we did everything
within our capabilities, but the injuries were too severe. Ms.
Cregg, I am sorry but your sister and her husband didn't make it."
Immediately CJ turned and buried herself in Josh's arms. She could
no longer control her emotions and began sobbing.
The doctor knew that there was nothing more he could do, and
he stood up and began to leave the room. 'Dr. Johnson' Josh spoke
for the first time since the announcement, 'Have you contacted
anybody else? Is there anything that we need to do?' Dr. Johnson
looked at the young man who was still holding on to a sobbing
CJ, 'When they were brought into the ER, we phoned their house and
spoke with their nanny who gave us Ms. Cregg's cell-phone number. We
have not called anyone else. Their will be an autopsy performed on
the bodies and the morgue will assist you in the funeral
arrangements.' Josh nodded and thanked him. CJ had stopped sobbing,
but was still clinging to Josh as if he was her life line. Josh
looked down at her, he would do anything to make sure that CJ came
through the other side of this. 'CJ' Josh said softly, 'CJ we need
to call your mom and Tim's family.' CJ did not say anything, she
just looked up at Josh and nodded. Suddenly something dawned on her,
her eyes widened and she gasped, 'Oh Josh, I need to go to Alex, I
need to be with him.' It had suddenly dawned on her that her nephew
was still alive and the only connection she had left to her sister.
Josh nodded and said, 'Why don't we go over to their house, check on
Alex and make the phone calls we need to make. 'Yeah let's go'
though she was still shaking and she had this great need to get to
her nephew. Josh stood up and pulled CJ to her feet, he grasped her
hand and squeezed tightly. CJ could not believe what was going on,
all she could think about was that her dreams had come true and that
her sister was gone. Tears once again sprung to her eyes, she
refused to give into her emotions and instead focused on the fact
that her nephew was still alive and needed her.
The pair remained silent on the way to Michelle and Tim's
house, Josh had been to the house several times with CJ and knew the
way. Josh pulled the car up to the curb outside the house and turned
off the ignition, he glanced over to CJ who was staring out the
window. 'CJ, we're here' Josh knew that she was lost in her thoughts
and emotions and probably had no idea where they were. CJ shook
herself out of her thoughts and opened the door, she took a deep
breath and forced her self to walk towards the house. Josh walked
beside her with his hand on the small of her back silently guiding
and supporting her while she walked up to the door. She rang the
bell, and a young woman answered the door quickly. She had tears in
her eyes and it was evident that she had been crying. CJ just looked
at the girl and immediately embraced the young woman, 'Julia, are you
ok?' CJ asked the young woman. Julia nodded and moved out of the way
allowing CJ and Josh to enter. 'Where's Alex' CJ asked looking
around for her nephew. 'He's upstairs asleep, he has been down since
about 8' Julia said. 'Ms. Cregg? Do you want me to stay with him
tonight?' Julia asked. CJ looked at the young girl and managed a
small smile. 'No, that's ok, I am going to stay with him tonight.
Can you be here tomorrow? I don't know what your usual hours are,
but I think I am going to need your help.' Josh looked at CJ with a
confused look on his face. He understood that CJ was Alex's
godmother, but had been assuming that she would just make sure he was
taken care of and then return home. Once again this woman amazed
him, she was hurting and emotionally torn apart, but her first
concern was to make sure that everything remained somewhat normal for
her nephew. Julia was shocked as well, but was also glad that Alex
would be with family. 'I can be here whenever you need me, I can be
here at about 8 tomorrow if that's all right.' CJ nodded and told
Julia that would be fine and she could head home. Julia gather her
belongings and left.
Throughout all of this Josh had said nothing, he just stood
watching CJ slip into professional mode. He knew that she would push
her emotions out of the way until she could deal with the situation
at hand. Finally he spoke, 'CJ? Do you want me to make those phone
calls for you?' He knew the answer, but wanted to make the offer
anyways. 'Thanks Josh, but this is something that I have to do on my
own.' CJ knew that he wanted to help, but there was no way that her
mother could hear this news from anyone from her. CJ was so thankful
that Josh was by her side, she did not know if she would have been
able to get through this without him. She stood and walked into the
study and sat down behind Tim's desk and began to make the calls.
Josh looked at his watch and saw that it was two in the morning, they
were both due at work in a matter of hours, but knew that neither of
them would be going in. There was no way that he was leaving CJ, he
promised her that they would get through this together and planned to
be by her side throughout what ever happened over the next few days.
He reached into his jacket and brought out his cell phone.
He dialed the number he needed and waited for the man on the other
end to pick up. It took about 6 rings before there was an
answer, 'There better be a national emergency.' 'Leo, this is
Josh.' 'Josh, what the hell's going on, why are you calling me at 2
in the morning, what have you done?' 'Leo, CJ's sister and her
husband were killed in a car bomb earlier tonight.' Josh knew that
there was no point beating around the bush with Leo. 'OH GOD Josh is
she OK? Where are you? Where is she?' 'She's as well as can be
expected Leo, she is putting on a brave face, we are both at her
sister's house, She is staying with her nephew.' Josh took a deep
breath before he continued. 'Leo, I just wanted to let you know
that we won't be in tomorrow, maybe longer for CJ, but I am going to
stay with her tomorrow and help her take care of the arrangements, I
don't think she should have to do this by herself.' 'Of course, tell
her to take as long as she needs, Sam will cover the briefings, Take
the day Josh, I am not sure if we can spare you for longer than
that.' 'Yeah Leo I understand, I will probably be in for a little
bit, to pick up a few things, so I will see you later. Thanks
Leo.' 'Josh' Leo said before Josh could hang up. 'Yeah?' Josh
replied. 'Take care of her, she is going to pretend that she is
fine, and try and take care of everyone else, don't let her ignore
her emotions, she needs to grieve.' 'I know Leo, I am going to do
anything I can for her. Goodnight Leo.' 'Goodnight' Leo said as he
hung up. Josh put his phone away and went in search of CJ.
He walked into the study and saw her sitting at the desk.
She was still on the phone and there were tears in her eyes. He was
not sure who she was on with, he had a feeling that it was someone in
Tim's family by the way CJ was talking. He walked up to where she
was sitting, he knelt on the floor beside her, he knew that there was
little he could do, but wanted her to know that he was there if she
needed him. CJ hung up the phone and ran her fingers through her
hair. 'Have you talked to your mom yet?' Josh asked. 'Yeah I
called her first, she is flying in on the first flight she can get, I
just got off with Tim's mom, they are also going to be here as soon
as they can.' CJ sighed and again ran her fingers through her hair,
which she was in sure was a mess. 'I need to call Leo' CJ said and
reached to pick up her phone. 'I already called him' Josh said, 'He
said to take as long as you needed and that Sam would handle the
briefings, and that if there was anything you needed, let him
know.' 'Thank you Josh. In case I forget to tell you later, thank
you for being here with me, you have helped more than you know.' CJ
was looking down at her hands as she said this, she knew that if she
looked at Josh in the eye, she would probably start crying. Josh
knew the emotions she was going through and decided not to push her
into anything, instead he just said, 'hey what are friends for? CJ
maybe you should lie down and try and get some sleep, I don't know
about your nephew, but I know that most kids are up early.' 'Yeah I
am not sure if I can sleep, but I should try.' She began to stand up
from the desk, when her cell phone rang. She really did not want to
answer it, she did not want to deal with anyone right now. Josh
could see this and told her that he would get it for her. She looked
grateful, she knew that if it was someone she wanted to talk to, Josh
would hand the phone over to her, and if not, he would handle the
call himself.
'Hello' Josh said into the phone. 'I'm sorry I think I have
the wrong number, I am looking for CJ Cregg' It was a man's voice
that sounded familiar to Josh, but he could not place it. 'No you
have the right number, this is CJ's phone, who is this?' Josh
asked. 'Is this Josh? This is Danny Concannon.' 'Yeah this is
Josh, what do you want Danny?' Josh knew that it couldn't be good if
Danny was calling CJ at 2:30 in the morning. CJ looked at Josh when
she heard him say Danny's name. 'Josh, it's important that I talk to
CJ, can you put her on the phone?' 'Look Danny, you can say what
ever you have to say to me, CJ is not up to talking to anyone.'
Danny sighed and knew that there was no way Josh was going to let him
talk to CJ. 'Look I just wanted to give her a heads up that I had
heard about her sister and Tim, and that I am not the only member of
the press that has heard about it. I just wanted to giver her a
heads up because she is probably going to be surrounded by the press
in a matter of hours.' Josh did not understand, 'Danny, why is the
press going to be so interested in this?' 'Josh, first of all they
were killed in a car bomb in down town DC, second of all, Tim was a
famous civil rights lawyer with many enemies, people are going to be
interested!' 'Damn, I didn't think about that, thanks for the heads
up Danny.' 'No problem. Josh is CJ OK? Is there anything I can
do?' Danny asked. 'No Danny not really on both counts, but thanks,
good night Danny' Josh said as he hung up the phone not giving Danny
a chance to say anything else. Josh looked at CJ who was once again
sitting behind the desk. 'Danny says that the press have caught wind
of what happened, and we should plan for them to be camped outside
the door by morning, he wanted to give you a heads up.' Josh did not
bother withholding the information from CJ, she deserved to know what
she was going to be facing. She did not say anything, only sighed
and nodded. She had reached the point of complete physical and
emotional exhaustion and all she wanted to do was fall into bed.
Josh noticed this and said, 'come on CJ, lets go check on Alex and
then you can get some sleep, we will deal with everything in the
morning.' Once again CJ nodded and stood. She grabbed Josh's hand
without even realizing that she had done it and they began to walk
upstairs. Josh said nothing and just followed CJ's lead. They
walked together upstairs and into Alex's room. He was sound asleep
in his crib, completely unaware that his entire world had been blown
apart only hours earlier. The thought brought more tears to CJ's
eyes and she was not able to blink them away.
Josh gathered her into his arms and the pair stood in Alex's
room, holding each other and watching as the child slept.
Finally Josh drew away from CJ, he raised his hand to her face and
wiped away the tears on her cheeks. He would do anything physically
possible to take away the pain CJ was experience. It was killing him
to see her in such pain. He took her hand and drew her out of Alex's
room. He lead her down the hallway to what he assumed was the master
bedroom. He knew that there were two extra bedrooms, but thought
that this is where CJ would be most comfortable. CJ just stood in
the middle of the room, unable to move she was overcome with memories
of her sister. 'CJ is this OK? Do you want to stay in one of the
other rooms? I thought this was where you would be more comfortable,
I did not mean to upset you even more.' Josh was kicking himself, he
should have known that this would just upset her even more. CJ spoke
for the first time since they were down stairs, 'No this is fine, I'm
OK, this is where I want to stay.' Josh was not really convinced but
decided not to fight with her. He could tell that she was completely
exhausted, he needed to get her into bed and make sure she slept. He
went to the dresser in the corner and began opening the drawers, he
sent a silent thank you that he was able to quickly find what he was
looking for. He pulled out a pair of flannel pajama pants and a T-
shirt and handed them to CJ, he then pushed her gently in the
direction of the bathroom and told her to go change. She did what
she was told, emerging moments later in the pajamas, she had washed
the makeup off her face and had her hair pushed back with a head band
that she must have found in the bathroom. Josh realized in that
moment that she had never looked more beautiful to him. He normally
liked women to dress in silky outfits that were sold at stores like
Victoria's Secret, but CJ Cregg in flannel with no makeup was more
attractive to him than any other woman he had ever seen. CJ quietly
climbed into bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. Josh sat down
on the edge of the bed and brushed a stray wisp of hair off her
forehead. 'CJ, I will be right down the hall if you need anything.
ANYTHING CJ, if you have a dream, if you want to talk, anything, I
will be right down the hall.' Josh new that she would not wake him,
but he wanted her to realize that he wanted her to wake him. CJ said
nothing, she nodded and adjusted the blankets around her. Josh stood
and headed for the door. He was about two steps away, when her heard
CJ's voice, it was so soft he was not sure if he had actually heard
it. 'Josh' she whispered, 'Please don't go.'
Josh turned to look at CJ, not really sure what she was
asking. 'Josh, will you stay with me tonight?' Josh did not even
have to think about this, 'Of course Claudia Jean. Let me just
change and I will be right back.' He walked into the bathroom, and
removed his shirt and tie as well as his pants. He stood in his red
silk boxers and white undershirt and looked at himself in the
mirror. He rinsed his face and brushed his teeth with a spare tooth
brush that was in the cabinet. He left the bathroom, half hoping
that CJ had already fallen asleep. Her eyes were on him when he left
the bathroom, and she watched him as he walked to the bed. While he
was in the bathroom, she had moved over the far side of the bed.
Josh pulled back to covers fall enough to allow himself to climb
under them. He reached over and turned out the light, plunging the
room into darkness. 'Josh?' CJ said quietly. 'Yeah?' Josh
asked. 'Will you hold me?' Josh had never heard such desperation or
uncertainty in CJ's voice. 'Absolutely' Josh replied. CJ had turned
onto her side facing away from Josh, so he moved towards her and
spooned his body around hers. He wrapped his arms around her stomach
and pulled her closely towards him. Neither said anything, just lied
there taking comfort from each other. Josh was about to say
something, but a glance at CJ's face told him that she was sound
asleep. He placed a soft kiss on her shoulder and forced himself to
try to sleep.


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