Jane Harper


SYNOPSIS: Three women with a man in common learn to bridge what separates them. 

ARCHIVE: Sure. Just let me know where. HTML version available. 

DISCLAIMER: One of these characters is mine. The rest belong to the Evil Genius and his minions. I do this for fun, so please don't sue me.


Josh Lyman loved flying solo. Since his first long weekend standing in for his boss, he had done so successfully several times, and currently had the reins while Leo was away with the First Family strategizing for the new session of Congress. It was very quiet this Friday afternoon as the week was winding down and the lid slipping on for the weekend. Toby Ziegler was taking a well-deserved long weekend off and had already left. CJ Cregg was making her final few calls and was playing hostess for the weekend to an old friend from Berkeley. Sam Seaborn was the only one of the Senior Staff who had plans to be anywhere the White House that weekend. He intended taking advantage of the quiet to begin work on the next State of the Union, so he had left early that Friday. The West Wing was nearly empty.

The last rays of sunshine were cutting the winter sky when Josh's assistant knocked at his door and entered.

"'T's up, Donna?" He put down the memo he had been commenting on.

"Phone, Josh. Somebody looking for Leo. Don't know why she just didn't leave a message-"

Josh waved his hand at Donna as he picked up the phone. "Joshua Lyman," he said.

A woman's voice came through the receiver. "I'm looking for Leo McGarry."

"He's out of town," Josh responded. "I'm his deputy."

The woman was insistent. "I have to reach him."

"I didn't catch your name, Ms. .. ??"

"Dr. Emily Levenson. It's about his daughter."

"Is she all right?" Josh's brow furrowed with concern.

"I need to speak to Mr. McGarry right away. Is there a number where he can be reached?"

"He's out of the District, Dr. Levenson, but I can reach him immediately and have him call you back. I'm going to put you on hold and my assistant will take your number." He pressed a button on the phone, and continued. "Donna, take a number where Dr. Levenson can be reached. I'm going to call Leo."

* * * * *

There were times when Leo just loved to watch his best friend work, when Bartlet was in fine form, mind razor-sharp, wit at the ready, enjoying the thrust and parry of argument. Of course, during most of those times, _he_ was the sparring partner, and he hated to lose but often did. That was the way it had been all afternoon, and the two men were beginning to wear down.

Abbey Bartlet stuck her head around the door to the study where the two men had been conferring, and asked, "Anybody hungry?"

The President nodded in assent. "How about you, Leo?"

McGarry stood, tossing his yellow pad down onto the ottoman. "Definitely." He waited for the First Couple to precede him to the dining room, but was interrupted by the chirp of his cell phone. "I'll be there in a minute!" he called to the departing pair.

"Yeah," he answered.

"Leo, it's Josh."


"I just got a call -" Lyman hesitated. "Leo, it's about Mallory."

McGarry's breath caught for a moment. "What about Mallory?"

"I don't know, a doctor called here looking for you and said she needed to talk to you about Mallory -"

"How can I reach her?" he asked, and scratched the information down, then hung up on Josh and punched in the doctor's number. A woman answered on the first ring.

"Dr. Levenson."

"Doctor, this is Leo McGarry. You were looking for me, something about my daughter?"

"Yes, Mr. McGarry. Are you in the area?"

"No, I'm in New Hampshire. What's wrong with my daughter?"

"You should probably make plans to come back, Mr. McGarry. She's very ill."




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