A little epilogue to ease the pain. Same ratings and warnings and category info.

Fury: Epilogue By: Jenna

* * *

CJ Cregg looked into the Oval Office reception area where Donna Moss was seated at Mrs. Landinghams's desk. CJ wondered how many months or years it would take before it was no longer Mrs. Landinghams's desk and became 'Donna's desk'.

"Donna," she said softly. "Why didn't you tell us you hadn't slept with Cliff Calley?"

"You thought I slept with Cliff?" she asked incredulously. "You really think I'd sleep with someone I'd just met?"

"I have. Everyone does something stupid sometime," CJ shrugged.

"I thought everyone knew I loved Josh."

"You love Josh?"

"I thought everyone knew that."

"No. I though he drove you crazy," CJ said coming over and sitting down in a guest chair.

"He does. But it's a good crazy. I wouldn't have him any other way," she smiled.

CJ smiled in return, for some reason it seemed like a huge weight had just been lifted off her chest. The tension that had surrounded the White House for the last three weeks had lifted. She felt an overwhelming desire to break into "Here Comes the Sun".

Josh had come into her office earlier that afternoon and told her that the President had 'married' Donna and him in a bond of friendship and love, and that Donna had not slept with Cliff after finding out he was with Oversight. For the first time in weeks the frown lines had disappeared between Josh's eyes and the dimples had appeared. CJ thought that Josh had meant 'love' as a platonic love, that he would never recognize that his feelings for his (now former) assistant had long since transcended the platonic, so she was surprised to find that, apparently, 'love' meant love.

"We, Toby, Sam, and I, thought you'd broken his heart. Professionally, sleeping with Cliff would a betrayal --and we thought you really had -- that you had taken our bad situation and carelessly, selfishly made it much worse. But it was the personal betrayal -- to us-- and especially to Josh that really tore us up.

Toby and Sam appeared in the doorway. "Josh just told us," Sam stated in explanation for their presence as they walked into the room.

"Where is he?" CJ asked.

"He had to go to that meeting on budget," Donna answered. "Old habits," she shrugged. "I know his schedule."

"I was telling Donna how we thought her sleeping with Cliff was a betrayal. She didn't realize we though that she had."

"I don't understand, just seeing him on that blind date wasn't that a betrayal?" Donna asked.

"No, that was stupid," CJ grinned. "I mean, a Republican? Josh in his worst blue funk is ten times better than that!" She smiled again at Donna's laugh. Republicans were fair game and mocking Republicans was always a safe subject.

"We knew Josh thought the world of you. It'd break his heart if he lost you just when he was working himself up to finally say something." Sam explained.

"He was going to say something? You're kidding!" CJ asked.

"He'd recommended you for this job," Toby said to Donna waving his hand to indicate the Oval Office's outer reception area. "If you moved here he wouldn't be your boss and there wouldn't be any controversy in his asking you out on a date."

"He thought of that?" Donna smiled gently her eyes going a bit misty and dreamy for a moment as memories of sweet-Josh came to her forethoughts.

"Um... yeah," Toby answered gruffly not wanting to show what a sentimental romantic he really was. "So between thinking you'd been 'sleeping with the enemy' and had broken Josh's heart--"

"-- as if he hadn't had enough bad experiences to last a lifetime." Sam interjected.

"We were thinking the worst," CJ concluded."

Donna looked at Sam and said, "I really don't know why you would think I was like that. I mean in fun, but I really don't know why you would think I was like that."

"Touché," Sam responded. "I guess you just never know if you really know someone until you've been through a war with them. This is our war."

"Anyway, we're sorry," Toby said, as the others murmured their agreement.

"We're going for drinks tonight," CJ stated brightly. "If you and Josh would like to come... or do you already have plans... I mean..." she stumbled over the words not wanting to pry into whether Josh and Donna's new-found 'love' was going to be consummated tonight.

Donna smiled, "We'd love to come. And the answer is 'no'. We're not about to rush anything. We know what's at stake and we made a vow of *friendship* and love. We're going to ease into this just as slow as it takes to get it right. We plan to be just like before, only better. Less passive-aggressive behavior on both our parts, and more honest communication and demonstrated affection."

"Good. Plus, Joey Lucas is right," CJ grinned.

Donna grinned back knowingly.

"Are you referring to her remark about Josh's butt? I resent that!" Toby said.

"It's sexist!" Sam concurred.

"Sour grapes! You guys are just jealous women don't talk about your butts."

"I have a perfectly nice butt," Toby stated in mock-sincerity. "And I have you know, Sam has one of the finest butts in Washington."

"I'm glad to know my staff has their priorities straight," the President said dryly as he entered the room. "And I think that I have the finest butt in Washington, although Josh's is reportedly the finest *little* butt in professional politics. I believe I have him beat by a hair."

CJ rolled her eyes and Toby groaned. Sam seriously looked interested in comparing the relative butt sizes of the President and Josh. But then with Sam you never could tell. He always looked seriously interested in whatever subject was being discussed until he let the sarcasm fly.

Donna smiled and got up to follow the President into the Oval Office. "We'll see you guys tonight."

* * *

Josh and Donna, CJ and Toby, and Sam and Ainsley sat around the large table at the bar and grill eating appetizers and drinking beer. Ainsley was happy to see Josh and Donna back to their screwball comedy routine of finishing each other's sentences and sharing their food. Donna was currently polishing off Josh's second beer so that he wouldn't drink too much too quick. At last count, they had nuzzled or kissed 23 times. Now whenever they did it, the rest of the table would good-naturedly shout out the number count. Although they might pretend annoyance at the continual displays of affection, everyone was delighted to see Josh and Donna so happy. Once in a while their routine would falter and they would both look momentarily lost, but then they'd look at each other and start smiling and soon the rhythm was going strong again.

Ainsley started thinking about rhythm... She speculated on whether she would ever have, or even really wanted, to develop a rhythm with Sam Seaborn. He was certainly handsome, but could she ever really develop the connection that Josh and Donna had. The chemistry between those two was so rare that it was probably unrealistic to expect it. It was like capturing lightening in a bottle, and its spark had almost been lost. Maybe a nice, boring relationship with a fellow Republican would really suit her better. Maybe she should give Cliff a call and apologize for thinking his ethics were lacking. But as Scarlet would say 'I'll think about that tomorrow'. Tonight she would enjoy the music, the company of a handsome man, the witty conversation of some of the sharpest people in the country, and her own personal floorshow by one of the greatest romantic couples of all time.

Ainsley raised her beer to her table companions, "Cheers!"

* * * The End



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