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"Open Arms - Part 3"

Synopsis: C.J. reads Sam's statement to the press about Education Reform, Melody gets a little under the weather, Josh and Donna fight over who is a better bad ass, (You'll have to read it to understand) and the Senior Staff are making their way to the White House for a very special dinner.


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November 22. Sam and Melody's house.

Sam, Melody, Josh and Donna are at Sam and Melody's house. It is well after the meeting with the President and the First Lady,

which took place earlier in the evening at the Residence. They are sitting in the dining room eating dinner, which is actually

their Thanksgiving dinner. Over dinner, they are discussing the events that have taken place during the day, especially during

the past few hours.

Donna – "I understand the reasons why, but if he's going to run again, why are we going so hard?"

Sam - with exhaustion and frustration in his voice "It's a simple matter of strategy, Donna. If we first go

to the places that he isn't the odds on favorite, then it shows strength. It builds up momentum and

excitement for the states that are Bartlet States."

Donna – "Ok. I think I get it. But, don't you think if he went to New Hampshire first, that it would boost

his spirits, and get him set for the rest of the campaign?"

Melody – "I see where you are coming from Donna, but let me play the devil's advocate for a moment

here. What a die-hard Republican analyst would see if he did that, is that the President would look


Sam and Josh - looking up from the table at each other "Weak?"

Melody – "That's what I said."

Sam – with sarcasm in his voice "Dear, the President is not weak."

Melody – matching his tone "Sweetheart, that's not what I said. I said that he would look weak to

members of the Republican Party."

Sam – standing up from the table and almost yelling "But he is not weak. He is strong and come hell or

high water, he is going to win re-election."

Melody - standing up, meeting his tone and his poise "You have no right to yell at me Samuel Norman.

Don't you think I know what I'm talking about? I've known about this for a long time now."

Sam – "That's the problem. God. How long have you known about the President?"

Josh – getting very frustrated "Guys."

Melody and Sam – looking at Josh – "Shut up." Josh gets a look of 'I've been told' on his face.

Melody – "I've known about his decision to run again for a while, and because he is my client, I can't talk

about the things that we talk about to you. I would think that you, of all people would understand


Sam – "Oh- me of all people? That's not patronizing. It's like I'm the bad guy now."

Melody – "Good Lord, Sam. That's not what I said at all. I know that you are a speechwriter, and that you

put words in people's mouths, but you sure as hell don't have to put them in mine."

Sam – "Well, someone's got to, cause you sure don't tell me the things you need to."

Melody – "And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Sam – "You know exactly what it's supposed to mean. You don't want me putting words in your mouth,

so you find them on your own."

Melody – "I can find a lot of things on my own, but can you?"

Sam – "What?"

Josh – "Guys, quit it."

Melody – "Shut up, Josh."

Josh – slams his hands on the table. "I've had it. This is bull. There's nothing we can do about this now.

Let's just deal with it, ok? I'm sick of seeing this shit tear people apart, I've seen it all too much

and it infuriates me to no end. You, Sam, are a stubborn, pig-headed jack-ass, who when he doesn't

get what he wants, whines and whines like a baby. You, Melody, are too damn proud for your own

good. If you two idiots can't realize that you have both made mistakes in the past couple of weeks,

then what the hell else is there to do but pack up and move out? Get a grip, you two."

Donna – resting on the back of her chair, she stares at Josh "Well, dinner was a lovely idea. Next time,

let's skip the meal and head right to the crucifixions."

Josh - shoots Donna an evil look, gets up from the table, walks to the foyer of the house and takes out his

cell phone. He dials a few numbers, then waits for a few rings. "Hi, I know it's late, but I wanted

to call and say hi, and Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sorry I hadn't called earlier today, but it's been

crazy around here, and when I can tell you about it, I will. Happy Thanksgiving, Mama. I'll call

you at a more respectable hour tomorrow. I love you." He hangs up his phone. "Damn it."

Donna – from the dining room "Josh, what is it?"

Josh - frustrated "Nothing."

Donna – still in the dining room starts tearing up "Guys, don't throw this away. The re-election platform is

not worth losing each other over."

Melody – realizing that she really doesn't know about POTUS "Fair point. Sam, I'm sorry." She doesn't

really mean it.

Sam – realizing the same thing "Me too." Neither does he.

Donna – "Excuse me for a minute." She walks to the foyer where Josh is sitting on a bench. He has his

head hanging down, elbows resting on his knees, and his hands are clasped around his phone. She

sits beside him on the bench, and puts her arm around him. "Joshua, what's wrong?"

Josh – "Thanksgiving was my father's favorite holiday. Ever since my Dad died, I have always called

my Mama on Thanksgiving. I realized at the table that I totally forgot to call her, and I hope that

she's not going to hate me because I didn't call."

Donna – "Josh, don't be absurd. Your mother knows what a busy job you have, and she knows that you

can get tied up with things of State at the most peculiar of times. She knows that the world

doesn't stop spinning just because it's a holiday. She understands. Don't worry."

Josh - "What are you talking about? How do you know?"

Donna – "I was going to wait until later to give you this, but..." She hands him a piece of paper that she

had in her pocket.

Josh – "Donna, I don't need a phone message now. Besides, it's a little bit late to be returning calls."

Donna – giving him a gentle swat on the arm "Just read it, ok? It was left on your voice mail this afternoon

when you were in a meeting, and when I went to check your messages, this was there."

Josh – opening the piece of paper he reads out loud "Hello Joshua. Thank you so much for the beautiful

flowers. I know you are a busy man, so I won't tie up your machine. I wanted to say Happy

Thanksgiving, and I know that when you can, you'll give your Mama a call. I love you, Joshua.

Happy Thanksgiving."

Donna – "See, she knows."

Josh – "I didn't send her flowers."

Donna – with a smile "Yes, you did."

Josh – looking at Donna "No, I didn't."

Donna – with a smile "Yes, you did."

Josh – "Donna, I would have remembered if I sent my own mother flowers. I don't even remember

calling a florist..." The figurative light bulb gets turned on, and he has figured it out. He gets a

smile on his face, then looks at Donna. She smiles right back at him. "Donnatella Moss. You are

the best. How can I ever thank you?"

Donna – "Bring me coffee every morning for a month."

Josh – "Dream on, honey. That ain't gonna happen."

Donna – "Ok, how about bringing me orange juice in the morning?"

Josh – "Donna, it doesn't matter what the beverage is, you're not getting it."

Donna – "No, you're not getting it. You can bring me my OJ, first thing in the morning."

Josh – "As in..."

Donna – looking right at him "Ya. As in."

Josh – "Well now. That's a completely different situation, Miss Moss."

Donna – "Yes, it is. And I will take that as a thank-you, and say you're very welcome."

Josh - taking her face in his hands, he plants a kiss on her. He pulls away from her, and still holding her

gently says "Thank you Donna. I mean that more than you will ever know."

Donna - "I think I have some idea. Happy Thanksgiving, Joshua."

Josh - "Happy Thanksgiving, Donnatella." They kiss, yet again. Sam and Melody walk out of the


Sam - "God, you two. Get a room!"

Melody – slapping Sam on the arm "Sam. Be nice."

Donna – who is now blushing "Sorry. It's a long story."

Melody – "No reason to apologize, Donna. Stuff happens."

Donna – "Are you guys ok?"

Sam - putting his arm around Melody "Ya, we had a talk in the kitchen. We're cool. Don't worry." He

gives her a kiss on the top of the head.

Donna - "Good." to Josh "You know that it has to be freshly squeezed."

Sam and Josh - "Excuse me?"

Donna – "My orange juice. It has to be freshly squeezed, what were you thinking?"

Josh - shaking his head in embarrassment "Nothing, Donna." Sam gets a guilty look on his face, that

only Melody sees. She swats him again. "Well, I guess we should be going. We all have work to

do tomorrow."

Sam – "How about we pick this up on Saturday?"

Josh - "Sure, when do you have in mind?"

Donna – "Josh, we can't do anything on Saturday."

Josh - "Why not?"

Donna – "The party, remember?"

Sam - "I totally forgot! The party. With all the stuff that went on today, I completely forgot about it."

Melody – "Is she suspicious yet? I hope you two haven't blown it."

Sam and Josh – with an astonished look on their faces "Us?"

Donna and Melody – with stern looks on their faces "Yes, you."

Sam - "She doesn't suspect a thing as far as I know."

Josh - "She was asking me about meetings and stuff that went on behind closed doors. My guess is that

she's going to chalk it up to the thing this afternoon, and leave it to rest. Besides, we haven't

really done anything big for her in the past, so she's going to think that this is going to be just like

every other year."

Sam – "True. You gotta be consistent."

Melody – "I can't believe you guys have never done anything for her. She is going to be so shocked, this is


Josh - helping Donna with her coat, then putting on his own "Well, we'll have to get together tomorrow

night and finalize everything then. Anyone have the CD?"

Sam - "I think I have it somewhere, I'll have a look around tomorrow."

Josh - "K. Have a good night you two. It's a little late, but Happy Thanksgiving."

Donna – giving Sam a hug, then Melody "Happy Thanksgiving you two."

Sam - "No worries. Happy Thanksgiving Donna. You too buddy."

Melody – "Happy Thanksgiving guys. Take it easy."

Josh - opening the door for Donna "Damn, it's cold. Take it easy guys. Watch your step, Donna, it

looks icy out there."

Donna – stepping onto the front porch "I'm all right, Josh. Stop worrying. Good night guys."

Sam and Melody – "Good night."

Josh – catching up to Donna, he takes her arm. "Be careful, will you?"

Donna – "I'm not a little kid, Joshua."

Josh - "You got that right, Miss Moss."

Donna – "Stop calling me that!"

Their banter is heard as they are walking down the front path of the house. Melody and Sam are seen at the

front door, which is still open, as they are watching their friends get in the car, then drive away. As Josh

and Donna leave the driveway, Josh honks the horn and Sam and Melody wave at them. Melody shuts and locks the door.

Melody – "I love those two, but I am really glad to have you all to myself."

Sam – "I know. Me too."

Melody – "I'm going to go tidy up the dining room. Can you make it up there ok?"

Sam - holding on to Melody's hand "Forget that stuff for tonight, I'm tired and just want to go to sleep."

Melody – "Oh, ok."

Sam - "Let's go."

Melody – "Ok. I'm gonna shut these lights off here." She walks over to the dining room and turns off the

light switch, then walks back over to meet her Sam who has walked over to the stairs. She walks

beside him, as he slowly, but smoothly walks up the stairs. "I am amazed at how well you are doing.

You are going up these stairs more smoothly every day. I'm so proud of you."

Sam – "Well, I have some great inspiration, you know."

Melody – "Really, what is that?"

Sam – "You'll find out when I am fully recovered."

Melody – "Really."

Sam – who has now reached the top of the stairs "Really. Let's get to bed."

Melody – "Ok." She flicks the light switch at the top of the stairs, and the downstairs foyer lights

turn off. They head down the dimly lit hall towards the bedroom...

6:23 a.m. Friday, November 23. The White House

Donna is seen walking down the halls of the White House, carrying an abundance of files in her arms.

She walks past C.J.'s office and says good morning, to which C.J. waves at her in response. She walks

past Josh's bullpen, which is not buzzing with activity yet, although there are a couple of people wandering

in. She reaches Josh's office, and walks in, placing the files on his desk. She rips a piece of paper off one

of his legal notepads, and scratches an illegible note to him, which she knows he will ask her to interpret later.

She smiles, then puts the note on top of the pile of folders, and walks to her desk. She goes to sit down, and

notices a clear, plastic cup on her desk, which was not there before. She sees some sort of orange liquid in it.

She removes the lid, and smells it.

Donna – "It smells ok. Does anyone know who put this here?" Those who are there shrug their shoulders.

She puts the lid back on, and takes a sip from the straw. Her phone rings. "Josh Lyman's office."

(pause) "Sure Leo. I'll bring that for you right away." (pause) "It's no problem. I'll be right

there." She hangs up the phone, and spins her chair around to reach the filing cabinet.

Josh – "It's freshly squeezed, you know."

Donna – with a start "God, Josh. Don't ever do that!"

Josh – with a laugh "You said you wanted it freshly squeezed."

Donna – "I mean, don't scare me like that. How long have you been standing there?"

Josh – "Long enough. Come into my office for a second, I need you to interpret something for me."

Donna – she stands up from her chair "I have to get something for Leo. Can't it wait?"

Josh – heading into his office "No, this can't wait. I have work to do too, you know."

Donna – following him into the office "It's gonna be one of those days, isn't it?"

Josh - "I think so." They have entered his office, and he holds the door for her, and closes the door

behind her. He takes her arm, and gives her a kiss. He speaks to her with a very soft voice "You

got away this morning before I could give you your orange juice."

Donna – smiling, she responds quietly "I didn't really expect it, but thanks just the same."

Josh – "Anything for my Donnatella." He walks toward his desk. "Now, about this note. What are these

files for again?"

Donna – "The note says, and I quote: 'Joshua. These are the files that you requested me to obtain for you

in reference to the Education Reform presentation that you and Sam are collaborating on. I know

that you will not be able to read this, so I will see you when you ask me to read this to you.

Donna.' That's what it says." She hands him the note. He smiles.

Josh – "You're a smart ass, you know that?"

Donna – "Yup. And you love it."

Josh – "Ya, you're right about that one. Go do what you need to do for Leo. I'll see you later."

Donna – "K.. You have Senior Staff in 17 minutes Josh."

Josh – "K. I'll be there."

Donna – "I'll remind you when you have 3 minutes to go, as usual. By the way, change your tie. That one

doesn't go." As she closes the door, she waves at him with an evil grin on her face.

Josh – With a smile on his face, he runs his hand through his hair. "I don't know what I'm gonna do with

you Donnatella Moss. I really don't know."

6:47 a.m. The White House. The Oval Office.

The members of the Senior Staff have gathered for their daily meeting, which the President has called at

an early hour today.

POTUS – "Thank you all for getting to this meeting at such an early hour. I plan on calling you in for

various meetings during the day, so I wanted to get the daily ritual over and done with so business

could go on as usual."

C.J. – "I have my briefing at 10, Sir. If you want, I could get Simon to do it if you need me."

POTUS – "That's no problem. I am perfectly willing to accommodate my needs to your schedule. I hope

that everyone's evening was good and that you all got some sleep. There was a lot of information

to ingest yesterday."

All – "Yes, Sir."

POTUS – "Good. A few things, then we can be on our way. Sam. How is the education proposal coming

along? I'd like to have that wrapped up as soon as possible."

Sam – "Well, as I mentioned to you yesterday, Sir, I had some information sprung on me that has thrown

me for a loop. If you would like, I will have a proposal ready for you by the time C.J. goes to


POTUS – "That should be good. I remember that meeting we had. When you can get that for me, I would

appreciate it."

Sam – "As soon as I can, Sir."

POTUS – "Toby, about the WTO. What are the security measures for the upcoming December Summit? I

am assuming, since I have not heard anything to alter my thought, that you will be in attendance

for this?"

Toby – "Yes, Sir. I would like to take Josh with me. He seemed to get a kick out of the last one that I was


Josh – "The one on 'Big Block of Cheese Day.' You were old school my friend."

Toby – "Old school?"

Josh – "Ya, you totally blew me away. It was like watching the master. It was great."

POTUS – "Josh, if you would like to, by all means. The more support that we have there, the better it

would be."

Josh – "Cool."

Leo – "Just don't go shooting your mouth off at people. Let Toby do the talking, ok?"

Josh – "Leo, I would never make people mad at me." Everyone looks at him with 'the look'. "What?

Ok. At least on purpose." The look continues from those in the meeting. "Geez, you'd think I

was on trial or something. Ok. Next topic."

POTUS – "I am having a chili night in the residence tomorrow, and I would like for you all to be there."

All – faking enthusiasm "Great."

POTUS – " 'Why, we'd love to Mr. President.' 'We can't wait.' 'It sounds like a wonderful idea.' I think

those are the responses that I should be hearing to that invitation."

C.J. – "Why, we'd love to Mr. President."

Sam – with a smile "We can't wait."

Josh - with a bigger smile "It sounds like a wonderful idea."

POTUS – with a smile "You are all a bunch of smart asses, I hope you realize that. I would like for you to

be here at around 6, and you'll get the call shortly after. Ok?"

All – all of them with smiles "Sure thing, Sir."

POTUS – getting up from his chair, and everyone follows suit "Thank you everyone. Have a good day."

All – "Thank you, (Sir), (Mr. President)."

9:58 a.m. The White House Press Briefing Room

C.J. has assumed her place on the podium, and is about to begin her daily press briefing.

C.J. – "Good Morning everyone. There are quite a few things that we need to get out of the way this

morning, so please save your questions until the end, and I promise you this will go much faster.

Firstly, the Education Reform Proposal. Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn has been

heading up the team on this issue, which is of great importance to the President. I have been given a

statement to recount to you from Sam." She picks up a piece of paper from her file folder and reads

from it. "Quote: 'Ladies and gentlemen of the press. Education Reform is an issue that affects us all.

With the proposals recently made to myself and my team for this project, we can not sit idly by an

allow such acts and ideas to be sprung on our children, no matter what their social or economic

standing may be. The choice between private and public education is not a choice that the majority

of children in this country have the luxury of making. The primary objective of the proposals brought

forth by this administration are the following: A) All children, regardless of race, creed, gender or

social class have an inherited right to a proper education. B) This administration will not negotiate on

the miniscule issues, which were brought to our attention during recent meetings with the Executive

Council for Education Reform. However, we will negotiate with individual districts, and schools if

necessary, on their needs as a system of education. C) This administration will provide aid to the

most under privileged school districts first, to ensure they are up to par with the standards and high

expectations we have for our children. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your ears, and upon

resolution, I will make the final drafts available to you. Thank you.'" She puts down the letter on to

her file folder. "Secondly. We will be, at a date yet to be determined, holding a live broadcast with

the President and First Lady. The network has not yet been selected, and when those details are

confirmed, you will be informed at the next available briefing. Thirdly. The World Trade

Organization summit in December is planned for the fourth through the ninth. Representing the White

House will be Director of Communications, Toby Zeigler, and Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman.

Fourth. Plans for the holidays at the White House are still in the discussion stages. From what I know

about this so far, and I could be wrong, I believe that Al Roker has been asked, yet again, to play

Santa at the White House. That is yet to be confirmed. That ends the major issues for now.

Questions. Yes."

Reporter – "Sam is heading up that committee on Education Reform. Who else is working on the team?"

C.J. - "Good question. Our D.C.O.S., Josh Lyman is assisting Sam with this project, as well as a

number of the staff in the communications department." She takes out her pager from her pocket

and looks at the number. "Folks, I have to leave you. I have just been paged by the President's

office. Simon will take over for me at this point. Simon." She motions for Simon to step up to

the podium, as she walks towards the door. As she does, we hear the press corps calling Simon's

name, waiting for him to hear their questions. Carol opens the door of the press room for C.J., and

they both walk down the hall of the West Wing towards the President's office. "Call Sam for me

and tell him I want an update."

Carol – "Sure."

C.J. – "Also, I need information on the events for the holidays as soon as you can get them to me."

Carol – "Sure."

C.J. – "Thanks Carol."

Carol – heading back to her office "No problem, C.J."

Sam is in his office with the door open. He is talking on the phone.

Sam – "I don't know what time I'll be wrapping up here." (pause) "Yes, dear." (pause) In a defensive

tone "I'm not patronizing you!" (pause) "Yes." (pause) "Yes." (pause) "Don't be ridiculous! Of

course!" (pause) "I've gotta go. Josh is at my door, staring me down." He hangs up the phone. To Josh "What's up?"

Josh – "Need to talk about tomorrow night with you." He closes the door. "Is everything still a go?"

Sam – "As far as I know. Does she have suspicions?"

Josh – "I don't think so, but she's so good at hiding stuff. I can't be too sure."

Sam – "You work right beside her, so don't blow...Hey C.J. Look Josh, it's C.J. The Press Secretary."

C.J. has opened the door to Sam's office and is standing in the middle of the office staring down


C.J. – "Donna told me I would find you here. Sometimes, scratch that. You are such an idiot."

Sam – "Who? Me or him?"

C.J. – "Harvard boy." Sam gets a look of relief on his face.

Josh – "What'd I do now?"

C.J. – "Don't pretend you don't know."

Josh – pleading with her "What?"

C.J. – "You pissed off your assistant so much that she's thinking of quitting."

Josh – with a look of terror "Oh hell. DONNA!" He runs out of Sam's office towards his own.

11:35 p.m. Friday Evening, Josh's apartment.

Josh and Donna are cuddling under a blanket on the couch. They are both in their P.J.'s, eating popcorn

(Popcorn - of all things!) and watching Christmas movies on TV, as per Donna's request.

Josh – "Do you think she bought it?"

Donna – "For the fifth time tonight, yes. Now shush."

Josh – "You see, I've never really understood the whole fascination with these movies. What's the big


Donna – "Joshua, Christmas isn't just a day. It's a frame of mind."

Josh – "Who said that?"

Donna – "Santa."

Josh – "Santa?"

Donna – "Yes. In Miracle on 34th Street. That's up next, by the way."

Josh – "So in all your infinite wisdom, Miss Moss. How is it that Christmas is a frame of mind when

Christmas Day is an actual day?"

Donna – "Well, take this movie, par example."

Josh – "French?"

Donna – "Tres bien, Monsieur Lyman. Take 'It's A Wonderful Life' for example. Directed by the


incomparable Mr. Frank Capra, it is one of the all time American Classics. It's more than just a

Christmas, make you feel warm and fuzzy all over movie. It's about the importance of each of us,

and it shows us that even if we think our impact on others is small, the actual repercussions of our

actions is more enormous than any of us could ever imagine."

Josh – "Kinda like the classic good versus evil thing."

Donna – trying to figure out where he is going with that one "I guess so, yes."

Josh – "So, in political terms..."
Donna – exasperated "Does everything have to be in political terms with you Joshua Lyman?"

Josh. "Yes, Donnatella. Yes it does. So before I was rudely interrupted, Miss Moss. In political terms

it would be like Democrats versus Republicans?"

Donna – "The good being..."

Josh – "Smart answer, Donna."

Donna – "That's all I ever give. So you're saying it's the ass versus the elephant?"

Josh – "Ya."

Donna – with an evil grin "So I can call you an ass?"

Josh – grinning "Yes, Donna. I am an ass. But then again, so are you."

Donna – turning over to face him "How do you know? I could be a closet elephant."

Josh – running his hands through her hair "You're not such a bad elephant."

Donna – "You're not such a bad ass." They both look at each other, realizing what she just said. They

both break into laughter.

Josh – "Yes, Donna. I actually am a bad ass."

Donna – "In your dreams, Joshua."

Josh – pulls Donna towards him, his hands woven into her hair, and forcefully kisses her. He breaks off

the kiss and looks into her eyes "Yes, I am."

Donna – in a sultry voice "No, you're not."

Josh – "Yes, I am."

Donna – "No, you're not."

Josh – "How did you get to be so incredible?"

Donna – "I always was. It just took you a long time to realize it." She goes to get up and presses her hands

against his chest for leverage. He gets a pained look on his face that he tries to conceal very

quickly, as he realizes Donna saw it. She gets a look of great concern on her face. "Oh my God,

Josh. Are you ok? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to lean against you that hard. What can I do?"
Josh – "I could use a couple of pillows to prop me up."

Donna – "Done." Faster than light she runs into the bedroom and comes back with all the pillows and a

comforter. "Here. Let me help you, Joshua." She helps him sit up, then puts the pillows behind

him, to make him comfortable. She helps him lean back on to the pile of pillows. As she puts the

blanket around him to keep him warm, she asks "What else do you need? Aspirin? Water?

Juice? Undying apologies from yours truly?"

Josh – with a wince on his face speaks quietly to Donna. "Can you do me a favor?" She nods, not

realizing that she is doing the pouty lip thing that she does when she gets worried. "Can you shut

the lights off for me, but first, can you light that candle over there for me?"

Donna – "You got it." She strikes a match, and lights the candle that is on the table beside the stereo

speakers. She then walks over to the front door, and turns out the lights. Josh, this whole time has

been watching Donna with a smile on his face. "Thanks Donna. Come here." She comes over to

the couch, and stands beside him.

Donna – "Some juice, water, milk..."

Josh – pulling back the blanket that she so carefully wrapped around him "Lay here with me."

Donna – "I don't want to hurt you again, Josh."

Josh – "You won't. I guarantee it." Reluctantly she sits on the couch, about the same place where Josh's

hip is. She leans her head on to his chest, and gently swings her feet up, entwining them with his.

Josh takes the blanket and wraps it around her. He wraps his arms around her shoulders, and she

starts to cry a little.

Donna – "Josh, I am so sorry. I sometimes don't realize my own strength, and I sometimes forget that,

well, you know, about the incident. I sometimes forget that you are not as tolerant of pain as you


used to be. I'm so sorry."

Josh – "Donna, this is not the time to tell you this, but I have to. You didn't hurt me."

Donna – who is outraged "WHAT!!"

Josh – "Calm down, I was making a point."

Donna – yelling at him, as she goes to sit up on the couch "What point would that be Mr. Lyman. The

point that you can totally take advantage of an individual's genuine good intentions, or that you're

a bad dumb ass?"

Josh – "Definitely the latter."

Donna – "Joshua, I don't believe you. I really thought I hurt you. Don't ever do that again."

Josh – sitting up from his very comfortable position on the couch, he puts his arms around Donna. "I'm

sorry. I didn't mean to..."

Donna – turning to him sharply "HA! You can say it! Two can play at that game my dear."

Josh – "Donnatella Moss. You are positively prime evil."

Donna – with a cheshire cat grin "I learned from the best, Joshua."

Josh – "So, what else have you learned from me?"

Donna – "The main thing would be that you can never be trusted. Ever."

Josh – "I am shocked and apaulled that you would think that." She gives him the evil eye, as she reaches

for the bowl of popcorn. "What?"

Donna – "Don't give me that. You know what? Let's forget about our usual routine of fighting until we're

blue in the face, just for one night, ok?"

Josh – he knows she has won the fight anyway, so he submits. "Ok."

Donna – cuddling up with him again in the same position she was in earlier "Let's just enjoy some quality

time together. The chance doesn't come around often enough."

Josh – "Very true." He kisses her on the forehead. "I love you, Donna."

Donna – looking up at him "I love you too, Josh." She rests her head on his chest as she says "OOH! This

is the best part of the movie..."

6:43 a.m. Saturday Morning. Sam and Melody's house.

We see Sam, curled up in bed, with the blankets strewn all over him. Melody is not there with him, but we hear sounds of running water from the tap in the bedroom.

Sam – slowly wakes up, and stretches his arm across the bed. "Mel, where are you?"

Melody – from the bathroom "I'm right here Sam, go back to sleep."

Sam – rubbing his eyes and propping himself up in bed he says with a sleepy voice "What'cha doin?"

Melody – "Just finished brushing my teeth. What are you doing?"

Sam – "Just waking up and didn't see you first thing. Then I got lonely."

Melody – appearing from the bathroom "Awww... you poor thing." There is a short, tension filled pause.

Sam – "I'm truly sorry about yesterday. It's just very frustrating for me."

Melody – putting a hand on his shoulder "That's ok. You want some breakfast?"

Sam – "Sure, what's on the menu?"

Melody – "What made you think I was going to cook?"

Sam – starting to get upset "You always make breakfast for me, especially on a Saturday when I don't

have to be at work at..."

Melody – with a laugh "Sam, I was kidding. What would you like?"

Sam – "Do we have eggs?"

Melody – "Yup."

Sam – "Do we have veggies?"

Melody – "Yup. Lots."

Sam – "Do we have cheese?"

Melody – "What type?"

Sam – "Funny girl."

Melody – "I know what you want, don't worry. I'll put the coffee on too. You'll be ok to get down the

stairs yourself or would you like me to help you?"

Sam – "I think I'll be ok. If I need help, I'll yell for ya."

Melody – "Ok." She walks out of the bedroom. "Oh. I turned the hot tub on for you, so it would be nice

and warm when you wanted it." She heads downstairs to make Sam's breakfast. Sam slowly

swings his legs off the bed.

Sam – "Thanks hun." To himself, "I hate how stiff my hip is in the morning. This sucks." He slowly

stands up beside the bed and cautiously walks toward the bathroom. All the while he is thinking

to himself "Gotta brush the teeth. Gotta brush the teeth."

4:47 p.m. Saturday Afternoon, Sam and Melody's house.

Donna and Josh have made their way over to Sam and Melody's house, as they are all going to the White

House together. They are all talking in the living room.

Sam – "I hope that she has a great time. Do you think she knows?"

Josh – "I didn't blab it. If she does, it's because you did."

Donna – "Josh, give it up. If she knows, you opened your yap and blew the whole thing for us. I swear, if

you did..."

Josh – "Ya, what?"

Donna – "I swear, I'll..."

Josh – leading her on "You'll what, Miss Moss?"

Donna – "I swear to you, I'll..."

Josh – to Sam "See, she has nothing."

Donna – "I swear to you, I'll quit." Josh gets a dumbfounded look on his face.

Sam – to Melody "That was definitely something." Melody nods her head.

Melody – "Lover's quarrel. It's cute." Sam smiles.

Josh – "Oh. I swear to you Donna, I didn't say a thing."

Donna – who is still in fighting mode "Do you promise me that you didn't? She puts up with a lot of crap

from you Joshua."

Josh – getting defensive "I swear by all that's good and holy, I didn't say a thing."

Donna – "Ok. I believe you. Just don't let it go to your head."

Josh – "I promise."

Melody – "More coffee anyone?"

Josh – "See, a lovely hostess. She offers people coffee."

Donna – "And I offer you a life that is somewhat less hectic than it would be without me."

Sam – "She's got you there, buddy."

Josh – "And don't I know it. I'm fine Melody, but thanks just the same."

Melody – "Donna?"

Donna – "No thanks."

Sam – "I'm ok. If it's ok with you guys, I'm going to head upstairs and get changed. I was at my physio

appointment before you came, as you already know, and I'd like to have a shower and change so I

look and feel a little better."

Josh - with a teasing smile "And smell better too. They make you sweat at that place don't they?" Sam

shoots him a look, but fails miserably at the task of concealing his smile.

Melody – with a look of concern, "You'll call if you need anything?"

Sam – getting up from the couch "Yes, I'll call. I'm sure I'll be fine though." He gives her a kiss on the

forehead. "You take good care of me, you know, and I appreciate it." He starts to walk towards

the stairs.

Melody – "That's my job. Make sure you use that seat when you have your shower. I don't want you

standing in there for all that time with the steam and everything, then getting all dizzy and passing

out on me, ok?"

Sam – "I promise." He begins to walk up the stairs.

Josh – "He's a very lucky man, Melody."

Melody – "So he reminds me every day. Thanks Josh. So what's the plan for tonight? Is Danny coming?"

Donna – "As far as I know he is, but I can't be too sure. It would seem weird for him to bring her when he

is not supposed to know about this." The sound of water running from upstairs is heard.

Melody – "True. I think that he may show up a little early, or that the President may have Charlie call and

ask him to come. I don't know. I think it would be great if he were there. I know that she would

love it."

Josh – to Donna "Are they officially a thing yet?"

Donna – "Why are you asking me?"

Josh – "You know. The White House Assistant Gossip Pool? I thought that of all people, surely you

would know the deal with them."

Donna – "As flattered as I am, I think, by that, I really don't know if they are a couple or not. I think they

look cute together. They should be. Don't you think so Mel?"

Melody – getting shaken out of a daze at the sound of her name "Huh? I'm sorry, what was the question?"

Josh – "Do you think that she and Danny are cute together?"

Melody – "Sure. Wonderfully cute. Ya."

Donna – getting worried "Melody, are you ok?"

Melody – with a smile "Ya, Donna. I'm just fine. I have a lot on my mind, that's all. Thanks for asking."

The sound of the water stops, and Melody breathes a sigh of relief.

Donna – "Ah. Worried about Sam. I completely understand, I was in the same situation."

Josh – "Why were you worried about Sam?" Melody laughs at that comment.

Donna – "I meant, I was in the same situation after the incident."

Josh – "Oh."

Melody – "If you two will excuse me, I've got to head into the ladies room for a moment. I'll be right


Josh – "Sure."

Melody – "Behave, Josh."

Donna – "I'll keep him in line." Melody walks quickly to the washroom with her hand over her mouth.

"Melody. Are you ok?" Melody nods her head as a sign that she is ok. "I don't believe you. Do

you need some help?" Melody, who has reached the bathroom, shuts the door and turns on the fan

so there is no noise heard from inside. Knocking on the door, gently, Donna asks "Melody, if

you're not up to going, let us know. I'll stay here with you."

Melody – from inside "Donna, it's ok. I think I just ate something funny the other day. That's all."

Donna – "Are you sure you're ok? Does Sam know?"

Melody – under her breath "Oh God no." In a louder voice "Yes, he knows I ate some weird food. It's ok,

Donna. Really. I'll be fine. Just give me a minute here."

Dona – "I'll get you a glass of water." She heads to the kitchen.

Melody – "Thanks."

20 minutes later. Sam and Melody's bedroom.

Sam reaches for his sports jacket, which was hung neatly over the chair by the fireplace. He stops

for a moment, then slowly walks toward the bathroom. He looks for his toothbrush, and finds it. He

opens the drawer where the toothpaste is kept. He can't find it.

Sam – thinking to himself "Where's the toothpaste? Gotta have clean teeth to see the President." He

begins opening and closing drawers at an almost frantic pace. "To hell with this, I'll get a new

tube." He reaches into the linen closet, and gets a box from the shelf. He opens the box, and takes

out the toothpaste tube which is inside. He tosses the box in the direction of the waste basket, and

misses. In the process, however, the box which the toothpaste came in, has knocked over the

entire contents of the basket. "Damn it." He walks towards the basket and thinks, "Man, no

wonder the guys always lose at this game. I really do suck." He bends down and sits on the side

of the normal tub, and starts to collect the tissues and such that were in the basket to replace them

inside. He stops for a moment when he picks something up. We can not see what it is that he is

holding. Sam gets a look of shock on his face. "Oh my God."


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