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Title: The Kiss

Theme: CJ/Danny. CJ POV

Spoiler: He shall from time to time.

Note: CJ and Danny do not belong to me, I am just borrowing them.

Rating PG – 15: Adult Language.


I can't believe it. What a night.

First the President collapses in the Oval Office, minutes before being called into the situation room.

Then I find Mandy in my office flirting with Danny. And it is this that is keeping me awake.

Danny was not exactly fighting Mandy off, Damn check in my office too, I front of the fish.

I brushed off Mandy with an off the cuff comment. She actually had the audacity to tell me to be nicer to him. However my professional credibility (and pride) was at stake, I did not now voice my thoughts that were " stay away from him you obnoxious little bitch."

The reason Mandy was in my office turned out to be to give me a heads up, the news of Leo McGarry's drug and alcohol addiction was on the Internet.

Naturally I forgot about Mandy's flirtation. Leo is a man that I respect and care about. I can't let him fall.

Now I am in bed and wide awake. And annoyed with myself. I mean Danny is not my boyfriend, so why do I care, whether Mandy tries to charm him.

Maybe because Danny is a friend and Mandy is someone is feel close too. I find her highly ambitious, arrogant and self – serving. I enjoy the fact that I am almost a foot taller than she is.

In the West Wing, I am generally polite and I do work well with her, but I have never really trusted her.

The problem is that I am very close to Josh, he is my best friend and I care about him deeply. I know the pain that Josh suffered because of Mandy.

I do understand that she is young, I have had my share of flings too. But is was me that held Josh when she left him, he cried in my arms and it hurt to see him so crushed by her.

Josh told me about her desire to work for Mike Brace, a Republican. The bare –faced cheek of her. A fucking outrageous thing to suggest to the White House senior staff.

If she had approached I would have bounced her out of the door, in no uncertain terms. She chooses Sam, because she needed to charm the pants of somebody and Sam is a really nice man.



As I lie awake I realise that my instinct is to protect Danny, to protect him from Mandy, even though I realise that I may break his heart anyway.

And yes, Danny would look very cute with a full beard, he is already very cute, those red Irish locks...

All right I do like Danny, he is so persistent, how could I not be flattered, he is thoughtful and intelligent too. And he does make my feel a little horny. Yes I like Danny.


The State of the Union speech is a big, big night for us. An agreement has been made in Kashmir and the President is out of bed and on his feet after the flu.

I have worn my cream knee length dress, with a matching jacket, I have new highlights in my hair, I feel good and I know I look good too. I am be nature a fairly confident person. I am happy with myself. I eat right; I go to the gym. And I am comfortable about sex.

But I have a habit of screwing up relationships, including one with Toby, years ago. So when Josh starts to tease me about Danny and Mandy, I maintain healthy denial. I was convincing, though I feel my heart skipped a beat at the mention of Danny's name.

However, when I watch Mallory kissing Sam, twice, something snapped, I ask Carol to call Danny into my office. With her eyebrows raised she agreed to my request. I have decided that this was the moment, I am going to kiss Danny. Just a kiss nothing more, then I would know for sure that I could get past this thing that is clouding my thoughts. I just like the attention, nothing more.

I love kissing men, the excitement of what is about to do, had put me in a haze of anticipation. I am knocked on my office door.

Danny is standing beside my fish, eyes bright with amusement, I love those eyes, they make my stomach flip. I am hesitant and I stall as I try to explain why we are here. I feel nervous and shy, I am going to kiss him, and I am going to... His hand is in my hair, softly caressing my neck; his lips are on mine. My surprise is lost at the feeling of his soft lips; he is tentative, as he nudges my lips apart. I take his hand as our tongues lightly, just teasing each other as we break apart. I was giddy, his passion flowing like currents though my body.

I pick up my fish and put it back, I walk into my door, only aware of Danny's voice, I am so stunned. In that kiss, Danny became an incredibly sexy man. I am out of the door and smiling, I have no doubt that Danny's feelings are for really. And that he has great hands and a beautiful mouth. And God help me if we didn't have to attend The State of the Union speech, he could have taken me right here in my office.





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