Title:  Will You Remember Me?

Author:  Janice

E-mail:  tigger0608@hotmail.com

Rating:  G

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.  The West Wing and its characters are the property of Aaron Sorkin, Warner Brothers Television and NBC.  No copyright infringement is intended.  The song "I Will Remember You" belongs to Sarah McLachlan, Seamus Egan, and Dave Merenda.

Summary:  CJ suffers amnesia, and as a result she cannot remember things that happened in the past two years.  The timeline of the story is sometime in 2001.

Warning: CJ/Toby relation ahead.

Author’s Notes: 

-- I am not a doctor, and the part about amnesia is based on hearsay (the wife of a friend’s friend had something like that happened to her.)   So you doctors out there please forgive me if what I write in the story is not true in really life.  It’s only a story.  Please take it easy.

-- Single quotes indicate the character’s thoughts.

-- This and my other story "Heartstrings" can also be found at my West Wing Fan Fiction Archive at http://members.tripod.com/tww_fanfic.

-- Huge thanks to SheilaVR for editing the story for me.  :)


The sound of Josh’s shoes rapidly hitting the hospital floor echoed through the quiet hospital corridor, and he came to a complete halt in front of the man slumping in the plastic hospital chair, hands covering his face.

"Toby!  What happened?  Shouldn’t you be with CJ?"  Josh looked suspiciously at Toby.

"There was a complication.  She had severe hemorrhage after they got the first baby out.  The doctors…they are trying to get the second baby out through c-section.  God!  It’s all my fault."

"What’s your fault?  Getting her pregnant?"

"That and the others."  Toby slumped deeper into the chair.

"Toby!  Stop blaming yourself!  CJ won’t like that.  She is a fighter.  I am sure both she and the babies will be fine.  CJ loves you too much to let anything happen to them."  Josh tried to calm down a very upset White House Communications Director.

"Mr. Ziegler?"

Both men jumped when they heard the doctor’s voice.

"Doctor, how’s my wife?"  Toby got in front of the doctor in one big step.

"Congratulation, Mr. Ziegler.  You have two beautiful and healthy baby girls."  Dr. Chandler tried to avoid Toby’s question.  This was what he hated most about his job - telling people that their love ones are in serious condition.

"And my wife?"

Okay, here it goes…  "I am sorry, Mr. Ziegler.  Mrs. Ziegler went into a coma half way through the surgery.  I am not a hundred percent positive, but I think she had an allergy reaction to the anesthesia that we gave her.  Her record doesn’t indicate any past history of allergy to it, but the pregnancy might change her body nature."

"Coma?  CJ is in a coma."  Toby started to fall backward, and luckily Josh was there to catch him before he hit the ground.

"When will CJ wake up?"  Josh asked the doctor, while trying to steady Toby who seemed to be in deep shock.

"It’s hard to say.  It can be tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.  Some never do, although I don’t think that will be Mrs. Ziegler’s case.  I already schedule Mrs. Ziegler for a thorough exam later, and we will have a better idea on the situation once we get the result back."


Toby quickly took a seat next to CJ’s hospital bed as soon as the nurses left the room.  He wrapped CJ’s hand tightly in his, and rested his gaze on CJ’s face.  She looked so peaceful lying on the white hospital bed.  He could easily convince himself that she was simply taking a nap if he ignored the tubes coming out of her nose and the IV line attaching to her arm.

"Hey, honey.  I went to visit our daughters while the doctors were examining you, and they are beautiful.  Do you know that they are identical twins?  Their doctor said they are a little bit small even for premature babies, so he put them in the incubator to keep them warm.  Don’t worry, honey.  I did check when I went to see them, and they all have ten fingers and ten toes and are both in good health.  They both look like you, and I am eternally grateful for that.  I am sure we will see that they both have your color of eyes when they open them.  Come on, CJ.  How long are you going to sleep?  It’s time to wake up.  Our daughters are lovely, and you’ve got to wake up to see them yourself."  He placed a light kiss on her forehead while trying to hold back his tears that were threatening to fall.

He had a long talk with CJ’s doctors after they examined her for hours.  They all seemed to be convinced that the coma was induced by her allergy to anesthesia.  The doctors were optimistic about her situation and believed that her chances of regaining conscious were pretty good.  Toby wanted to believe them.  Looking down at CJ’s pale face, he tried to assure himself that everything would be all right.  CJ would wake up soon, and she would laugh at him for worrying so much.

"I love you, Claudia Jean.  Please come back to me."   A single tear finally broke free from his eye and dropped on CJ’s hand.


"Why does it take so long?  When can I see her?"  Toby asked the nurse for the ten thousandth time.

"Don’t worry, Mr. Ziegler.  The doctors are taking good care of her."  The nurse at the admit desk made an effort to hide her irritation.

CJ had been in a coma for four long weeks, four long, hard weeks for Toby.  The President assured Toby that he could take as many days off as needed, so he had spent the past month here in the hospital.  The first couple of days he slept on the couch in CJ’s room, then the nurses took pity on him and got him a cot.  Josh and Sam endeavored many times to get him to go home, but Toby couldn’t see why he should.  His whole world was here in this hospital.  His wife was in the intensive care, and his daughters were in the hospital nursery.  Why should he bother going home to his empty, dark apartment?

Tonight, Toby was blocked out of CJ’s room when he got back from visiting his daughters at the nursery.  The nurses wouldn’t tell him anything other than that the doctor was examining CJ.  Pacing back and forth in the dark hospital corridor, he felt like a cage animal, and the only thing he could do was pray.  ‘Please let CJ be all right.  Please!’

To be continued …



Will You Remember Me - 2




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