"Will You Remember Me?" - part 2

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"Dr. Chandler, what happened?"  Toby walked quickly toward CJís doctor as soon as he walked out CJís room. 

"Mrs. Ziegler woke up thirty minutes ago."

"But?"  Toby didnít want to get his hope up too high; he could sense the hesitation in Dr. Chandlerís voice.

"Well, Mrs. Ziegler has what we call Amnesia."

"What do you mean by she has Amnesia?  Shouldnít that be something that happens to people who suffer head traumas?"

"I think itís caused by her allergy to anesthesia.   But donít worry, Mr. Ziegler, I am pretty optimistic about her condition.  There is no sign to indicate that Mrs. Zieglerís memory loss is permanent.  She should be able to regain her memory completely pretty soon."

"You mean she doesnít remember anything?  Not even her name?" 

ĎNot even me and the babies?í  Toby struggled to make sense of what the doctor just told him.

"She remembers her name.  Mrs. Ziegler has only suffered a partial memory loss.  She still has most of her memories; the only part that she cannot remember is her life of the past two years or so.  In fact there is something I want to ask you.  Does the date March 12, 1999 mean anything to you?  Did anything significant happen to Mrs. Ziegler on that day?"


"Thatís where Mrs. Zieglerís memory stops.  She seems to think thatís todayís date."

"March 12Ö"

"Oh my God!  Thatís when she had that car accident.  She was hit by a drunk driver leaving the White House one night after work, and she was hospitalized for 2 days because of a mild concussion.  Yes, I am pretty sure it was March 12 two years ago, 5 days before her birthday."

"Well, that might explain the date."

"Can I see her now?"  Toby was eager to see CJ.

"I want to introduce you to Dr. Ryans, who is a specialist in amnesia.  I hope you can have a talk with her before you go see Mrs. Ziegler"


Toby slowly walked into CJís hospital room.

"Hey, Toby!"

"How are you feeling?"  He sat down on the seat next to her bed and wrapped her right hand tightly in his.

"I am fine."

"Liar.  Have you been crying?"  He noticed her red, puffy eyes.

"I am scared.  I couldnít remember anything.  I tried to remember, but my head hurt every time I tried."  She looked down at their interlaced hands.  She could feel tears starting to gather in her eyes again. 

"Thatís okay."  He handed her a tissue.  "What canít you remember?  Iíll tell you."

"Thatís cheating."  She looked up at him and gave him a smile.

"Who cares?  Nobody is keeping the score."


"Okay.  So what do you want to know?"

"Well, for starters, am I still President Bartletís Press Secretary?"

"Of course.  Youíre the best out there.  You donít believe that weíll let you go that easily, do you?  You are stuck with us."

So for the next two hours Toby tried to fill her in on things happened in the past two years as best as he could.  He told her the big victory they had on the gun control bill.  He told her about Joshís failed romance with Joey Lucas.  He also told her about Danny Concannonís transfer to State Department.  He tried his best to tell her everything that happened in the past two years, except their marriage and children.


"Toby!  What are you doing here?"  Sam exclaimed when saw Toby in the Oval Office.

"Everybody, please take a seat.  Toby has something to say," the President ordered.

Toby looked around the room, looking at the eager faces of his co-workers who had been really supportive to him the past month.  "CJ woke up this afternoon."

The staffs in the Oval office started to jump up and down, hug each other when they finally heard the news that theyíve been waiting for for the past four weeks.  Except the President and Leo, and of course Toby because they knew what was coming next.

"However," Toby waited until he got everyoneís attention, "she has Amnesia.  She canít remember anything that happened in the last two years."

The Oval office that was filled with cheers and laughter a minute ago was now in dead silence.  People who were so excited to hear that CJ was finally awake were now staring at Toby in disbelief.

"How could that happened?"  Josh was the first one to regain his composure.

"Her doctors think thatís caused by the coma.  The good news is they believe itís only temporary; with some help, she should regain her full memory."

"How was she holding up?" Mrs. Bartlet questioned.

"She was confused and scared."

"What can we do to help?"  Leo asked.

"I talked to the specialist recommended by CJís doctor this afternoon.  Since CJ only remembers things that happened before her car accident two years ago, that means she doesnít remember dating me, marrying me or having twin daughters.  Dr. Ryans, the specialist, suggest that although itís best for CJ if sheís exposed to things that she is familiar with, it will be better if we donít tell CJ that she and I are married and have twin daughters."

"Wait!  I thought you said itís best for Amnesia patients to be exposed to familiar environments to help them regain their memories."  The President asked whatís on everybodyís mind.

"Jed, let Toby finish what he has to say," the First Lady patted the Presidentís hand lightly, trying to calm him down.

"Because CJ cannot recall anything in the past two years, that means she still thinks that she and I are only friends.  Judging from the unstable mental state that CJís in now, her doctor thinks if we go ahead and tell CJ the truth, she may go into shock and lock herself up, mentally I mean."  Tobyís voice grew lower and lower as he spoke.   Even he could not believe what he was saying.

"WHAT!  Thatís insane", Sam yelled.

"Toby, are you sure this Dr. Ryans is a real psychologist, not a patient escaping from a psychiatric ward pretending to be a doctor?"  Josh wanted to know.


"It has its possibility, Mrs. Bartlet.  You cannot trust anybody these days."

"Abbey, is that true?" the President asked.

"I seem to remember reading something similar in the magazine.  Dr. Ryan is a renowned expert in the field.  If she says so, then we should trust her.  What do you think, Toby?"

"I CANíT believe this.  Three White House senior staffers, the Chief of Staff, the First Lady and the President of United States all get together to plot the biggest lie against an innocent mother.  Oh, and letís do not forget that among us are her daughtersí godparents and her dear husbandÖwell, of course since most of us are either lifetime politicians or lawyers, we are used to lying to innocent citizens."  Too worried about his best friend and too angry at what he just heart to sit quietly, Josh started to pace back and forth in the Oval office like a caged animal.  "Toby!  You are her husband.  Say something, would you?"

"Iíll do whatever is best for CJ." 

ĎEven if that hurts as hell,í he added silently.

"How are we going to explain to her about the amnesia and the C-Section?"  Someone asked.

"I told CJ that she was hit by a car while crossing the street.  She had internal bleeding at abdominal area, so the doctors had to give her emergency surgery to stop the bleeding.  Also she suffered a concussion, and thatís why she lost her memories.  One other thing: she canít live at our home anymore.  Sheíll have to move back to her old apartment.  Will that be okay with you, Donna?  You are the person who lives at the apartment now."

"Donít worry about me, Toby.  Besides, I can keep CJ company."

"Thank you, Donna.  I really appreciate the help.  Also, weíll have to tell the press corps about this, so they donít say anything that they shouldnít say."

"Iíll take care of it at the 2 oíclock briefing this afternoon," said Sam, who took on the job of briefing the press since CJ started her maternity leave two months ago.

"When can CJ go home?"

"They were going to release her tomorrow, but I asked the doctor to keep her for two more days.  That way Iíll have time to move CJís stuff back to her old apartment."

To be continued Ö


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