Title: I Will Not Go Quietly 

Author: Kristen 

Genre: General, post-"Shibboleth" 

Disclaimer: Oh for the love people, they're not mine! I'm not even pretending they're mine! Aaron Sorkin isn't even going to read this! But if he wants to steal Elizabeth Miller and her little world, all he needs to do is let me play her... 

Author Note: My first go at a fan fic... MARY SUE AHEAD!!!


I Will Not Go Quietly, Chapter One ~ The Letter

"...And other than that, there's nothing more i have to tell you today." CJ Cregg looked over her glasses at the usual bevy of press people.

"CJ" Danny Concannon had that scary gleam in his eye. He knew something he shouldn't and he was going to embarress the crap out of CJ with it.

"Yes, oh annoying one?"

"What's the president's response to the letter?"

"The letter?" Oh, no, CJ thought. We just got rid of Mandy and now's she's writing letters again...

"Yeah, the letter from the 18 year old girl that Josie McGarry arrested that appeared in the Atlanta Journal yesterday and my paper picked up today." Danny was clearing enjoying this major advantage

"Well, Danny, i can honestly say that I haven't talked to the president about it."

"Well, CJ, I highly suggest you do."

"That's it, ladies and gentleman, briefing over." CJ grabbed her papers attempting to make a hasty exit. Actually, she was hoping to avoid Danny. Neither one worked.


"Danny, go far, far away. Go there quickly."

Carol walked up to CJ and handed her a piece of paper. "Hi Danny."

"Hi Carol. Listen, CJ's gonna need to get a copy of the Post. In the editorial section, there's a letter from a girl named Elizabeth Miller and it's addressed to Josie McGarry. She's gonna need to read it before Leo does." And with that, Danny made his exit.

CJ and Carol stood in the hall for a moment. Sighing deeply, CJ commented, "Why am I never someone's first call?"

Shrugging, Carol walked off in search of the Post.

"Claudia Jean! What the hell is this!"

Turing to face the voice, CJ plastered on a look of innocense and replied, "What is what, Leo?"


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I Will Not Go Quietly - 2




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