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Previously on the West Wing: Danny asked CJ about a letter appearing in the Post. The letter is from the girl that Josie McGarry arrested. CJ was trying to read it before Leo found out, but it appears too late for that....


"CJ, in the Washington Post today, there's a letter."

"Yeah, Leo, you know i was just about to talk to you about that..." CJ started walking, avoiding Leo's eyes at all costs. Leo, of course, in the pissed off state that he was, followed her like a hound dog.

"CJ, these are the types of things I need to know."

"Yes, Leo, I'm well aware of that, but..."

"But what, CJ?" Leo stopped CJ and looked straight into her eyes with this piercing glare that made the experienced press secretary feel like she was a 3rd grader in the principal's office.

"I haven't acutally read the letter yet." She replied sheepishly.

"To quote Toby, it's amazing to me that we won an election."

"I'm reading it now, Leo."

"Yes you are." The Chief of Staff turned on his heel and briskly walked away.

CJ high-tailed it to her office. She was about to turn the handle when she heard an all-to-familiar and generally unwelcomed voice.

"CJ! Sam needs to know when you're going to make a statement about-"

"About the letter, Josh? Perhaps after I read it."

"You haven't read it yet? Wouldn't the press secretary's first order of business every morning be to read the newspaper?" Josh gaffawed.

"Actually, my first order of buisiness is to let you out of your cage, feed you and take you out back -"

"Surprisingly, CJ, you seem to be in a mood this morning." Josh was smirking. CJ hated it when Josh smirked.

"Joshua Lyman, don't you have something to be doing?" It's only 9:30 in the morning, CJ thought. How did we develop a crisis this quickly?

"Other than wooing you with my charm? Nope."

"Donna!" CJ called, "Please come get your pet monkey out of my office."

"Now, CJ, that one hurt."

Donna Moss came flying down the hall. "Josh, you have a meeting on the Hill in 25 minutes!"


"Yes!" Donna nodded emphatically.

"Ok, well then, Ms. Cregg. Have a nice day, now, ya hear?"

"Scoot!" CJ shoved both of them out of her office and slammed the door. Settling in at her desk, she was quite annoyed when the door opened a crack. "What?"

"CJ, I just wanted to let you know that Josh isn't going to the Hill today." Donna peeked her head around the door.

"Oh." CJ smiled. "Thanks Donna."

"My pleasure." The door closed quitely and CJ sighed deeply. Picking up a copy of the Post that was laying on her desk, she flipped to the editorial page. The letter wasn't hard to find.

Dear Ms. McGarry,

It's been about 1 year now since our last encounter. Although I don't know how much you think about me, you're on my heart everyday. I can't even begin to describe to you what it felt like to have those handcuffs on my hands. The night that my brother and I sepnt in jail was the most surreal night of my life. The counselor told my brother, Jacob, that you didn't even know who we were. I'd like to tell you. My name is Elizabeth Miller. My twin brother, Jacob, and I have lived in Atlanta our whole lives. With the death of our parents last fall, we've lived with four different families. They've all be friends of the family. Jake and I are freshman now at Asbury College in Wilmore, KY. Jake is a history education major and I am a Communications/Drama major. As you know, we're Christians. We believe that prayer is the only answer to our country's problems. The morning you had us arrested we were joining with thousands of teenagers all over the country in praying for our schools, country and world. In fact, right as the police cars pulled up, we were praying for you. You're now, i'm sure, well aware of our constitutional right to be doing what we were doing. We were completely within the parameters of the law, as i know you're painfully aware of now. I could go on for pages and pages of how your action has changed our lives. I will never again take my freedom of religion for granted. You told a reporter that you would never endorce organized religion in a public school setting. Ms. McGarry, I do not practice "religion." I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I know the creator of the universe on a personal, first name basis. I cannot offer you scientific proof about my faith that would ever make you change your mind, but I can tell you what He has done in my life. If you have any interest in the dramatic turn my life took 2 years ago, please contact me. I would love to talk to you about it. The main purpose of this letter is to tell you something i've been meaning to tell you for about 9 months now. I forgive you. So does Jake. We hold no ill feelings against you. We continue to pray for you (and your brother and his powerful friends) and we would love to talk to you face to face about what happened taht Wednesday morning all those months ago. May the peace of Christ be upon you, Elizabeth Miller Asbury College Wilmore, KY

CJ through the paper down with tears in her eyes. This was phenominal. No wonder Leo was in a tizzy. She had to get a hold of this girl.

"Carol, I need a phone number!"





I Will Not Go Quietly - 3




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