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Author's note:: Due to the incredible lack of feedback on the last installment, i'm assuming i've overstayed my welcome on this story. I'll send out this one last chapter incase there are a few silent fans, but if i get the same silence from this one as the last, i'll kill it. West Wing is my favorite show ever, but some of the story lines anger me. I don't like how one sided Shibboleth was, so this is kind of my response. Ok, enough of that....


Elizabeth Miller was in quite a rush. She had exactly 3 1/2 minutes to get to the steps of the chapel to meet her boyfriend, Christopher. Being that she was running around her room like a crazy woman and her dorm was 7 minutes away from the chapel, she was in quite a pickle.

"Lizzie!!!! We are so late and oh so very - "

"Yeah, Robyn. I know. Topher emailed me three times about the importance of being on time for this meeting. Three times!" Liz gave up looking for her lost sneaker and threw on her duck slippers. "You know how he is about saying things three times!"

"Yeah, that whole 'three times makes a vow' thing. You sure picked a weird one." Robyn smiled. Looking at her watch, she sighed. "What the heck are you looking for?"

"Nothing... he said something about bringing my pitch pipe... ah well." Gabbing her student ID (she never went anywhere w/out it) and her roomate's arm, she ran out the door.


Christopher Weldon threw a discouraged look at his friend Jacob Miller. "Jake, we have to be at the dean's office in 20 minutes. She's already 5 mintues late!"

Jake laughed. "For a perfectionist, you sure picked a lousy girlfriend. Liz has yet to be on time for anything in her life! She was 10 minutes late for our high school graduation."

"She'll be on time when we get married! If i have to hog tie her to the alter, she'll be there." Topher's look of determination caused his friend to laugh even harder.

"Topher! I'm so sorry i'm late!" Liz came careening around the corner only to bump smack into her twin brother. "Jake! What are you doing here!"

Topher interupted her. "Why are you wearing ducks on your feet?"

Liz blushed. "I couldn't find my sneakers."

"I can't believe that you're going to meet the -"

Jake clamped his hand over Topher's mouth.

"What?" Liz asked. "I'm going to meet who?"

"The dean." Jake supplied, throwing a look of death Topher's way. "Speaking of whom, we're going to be late."


"Mr. President, have I told you lately what an amazingly -"

" - unbrilliant idea this is? Yes, Josh. I think you've told me about a hundred times."

President Josiah Bartlet and two members of his senior staff, Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman and Press Secretary CJ Cregg, were sitting in Dean Wiggam's office at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. It had been 4 days since Liz's letter appeared in the Post. After CJ read the letter, she immediately called it to the president's attention. President Bartlet was very impressed with Ms. Miller and wanted to meet her. So, in his usual fashion, he made arrangements to fly to KY, draging the loudest protesters along with him.

Actually, this time, CJ asked to go. Josh was being Josh. He was being punished.

"Exactly what did you do this time?" CJ muttered in Josh's ear.

"I told him that some girl Zoey's age would have no interest in being surprised at her school by the President."

"Boy, are you stupid!"

"Has anyone ever told you that you have a tendency to sound like a broken record?"

"Children!" the President interrupted them. "One of the greatest honors of my job is meeting the people that I create the laws for. On this particular occasion, a teenager was acting more adult that one of our most respected educators. Call that irony. I want to meet this girl and her brother. I want to appologize to them. I want to thank them for praying for us and I want to give them a complimentary stay in the White House. If I can't do even half of that, then why the hell am I President?"

The sound of an opening door prevented a response.

"Mr. President?" the Secret Service agent said, "they're here."

"Splendid." Jed Bartlet replied, standing up, "send them in."



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