Title: Sister
Category: General POV
Rating: G
Summary: Joanie Lyman's thoughts at her brother's bedside one evening
Author: Kristen


I never thought that I would like it, being a big sister, I mean. It never sounded like fun. It didn't sound not fun, I just never thought of it as fun.


I'm babbling.


I do that a lot.


That's one of the reasons that I avoid talking. I never find a way to express what I really mean. That's why I stick to music.


Josh, however, is a wonderful communicator. I don't know much about children, but I think that two years old is pretty young to be holding coherent conversations.


He's amazing.


I never thought I could be proud of a person who really can't do anything for me, but he's amazing. I love him.


I used to hate him. He was my shadow. Following me everywhere I went, butting in on my conversations, mirroring me when I conducted my records in my room, he never went away!


But he's been around for 8 years now, and the little bugger has grown on me.


<< Grin >>


I think it was the chorus concert this year. The teacher invited me to conduct the "Star Spangled Banner." That's all I did. I got up, I waved my arms, and then I sat down.


Josh was standing right behind me with a dozen roses.


No one gives 12-year-old girl a dozen roses for conducting a song that, not only can most choirs' sing in their sleep, but also is quite possibly the worst song ever written.


But my little brother bought me a dozen roses with his allowance.


Now, as I sit here and watch him sleep, I wonder what he's going to be. Someone who is as fiery and passionate as he is at such a young age is absolutely going to change the world. My dad said that he'll probably be a politician. That's fine. When he's running the country, I'll be conducting the Boston Pops.


He's really a cool little guy.


I wonder if he'll ever know how much I love him.


I don't know why, but I think I need to tell him.


But, before I do, I think I'll go make some popcorn.



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