Title:Truth or Dare
Author: Kristen
Genre: general
Disclaimer: not mine
Note: This might have been a challenge i read somewhere, but actually,
this was my dream last night...it's really sick, i know...

"So, Josh," CJ asked from her seat in the Mural Room as she plunged her
fork into her plateful of spaghetti, "truth or dare?"

Snow, as the eastern seaboard had discovered, was a funny thing. It was
fickle, finicky and evasive. It also had the ability to paralyze the

The DC weather casters had spent the past few days promising that the
approaching nor'easter would miss the capitol city.

Surprisingly, they were wrong.

So now, most of the White House staff found themselves trapped at work
under two feet of snow.


CJ, Sam and Toby studied their food as they pondered a good question to
ask Josh.

"What time is it?" Toby asked suddenly.

"Well, that's a lousy question," Josh whined teasingly.

Toby responded by chucking a balled-up napkin at him.

"That definitely had marinara sauce on it, Toby." Josh muttered,
throwing it back at him.

"It's 2 am," Sam yawned.

CJ sunk back into her couch, "Guys, we've been playing stupid party
games for almost four hours now, we've raided all of the food in the
White House kitchen and out of the 20-odd people still here, I'm sure
we're the only four awake."

"Actually, I'll bet you money that Leo's around here somewhere working
on something." Sam pointed out.

"That's not a question!" Josh stated.

Toby threw another napkin ball at him.

"What's your point, CJ," Sam asked.

"My point, Spanky dear, is that we should try to sleep again."

"After my question," Josh clarified.

"Yes, you big dork, after your stupid question," she muttered.

"If you could sleep with anyone in this building, who would it be and
why?" A voice from the doorway submitted.

Four heads turned collectively to see a sleepy looking Donna.

"I thought you were asleep," Josh replied.

"I was. And then your phone rang."

"Who was it?"

"Who would you sleep with!" CJ demanded.

"It was your mother," Donna yawned. "She's been trying to call your
house for about 6 hours now and you haven't picked up and she'd like to
remind you to plug in the answering machine she bought you at
Inauguration, she then assumed you were here."

"Why'd she call?"

"She's your mother, Joshua. I don't know, to make sure you were ok?
Geez," Donna muttered.

"Who would you sleep with?" CJ countered.

"My god, CJ, do you really want to know?" Toby cried out.

"If he answers the question, then I can go to bed," she retorted.

"There's nothing stopping you now," he replied.

Intelligently, she responded by sticking out her tongue at him.

"Well," Josh spoke up, "CJ."

"Seriously?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, since rumor has it that she's so great in bed and all."

The gang had a good laugh over that one.

"I am," CJ affirmed. "And now, I'm going to bed."

"You going too, Josh," Sam asked wryly.

"Yes, I'm going to sleep with the press secretary in the White House.
Sounds like a wonderfully, politically intelligent idea, there,

"Why not?" A deep voice asked from the doorway.

"Mr. President!" Josh could feel the blood draining from his face.

"It's 2 am, guys. Go to sleep."

"We would, sir, and we've tried, but the couches are very
uncomfortable, and well," CJ trailed off.

"Abbey sent me down. She's got cots and pillows and stuff set up in the
upstairs. And you all know that if you don't come with me, no one will
sleep at all. So, follow me."


Truth or Dare - 2




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