Confessions - A Josh and Donna story by Kanya

Disclaimer : All the characters of The West Wing belong to Aaron Sorting, NBC, Warner Bros., ect not me who just enjoys writing about them.

Notes : This is my first fan fiction so if it is not very good please donít hate me for wasting your time. It is a totally Josh and Donna three years in the future story so if you are not into them being together it is not the story for you. You can put this story anywhere but will you email me so I can find it. Thanks Ka


"Donna can you help me with this?" Josh Lyman asked emerging from his office screwed up bow tie in hand.

"Only after you say some thing nice about my clothing Joshua" Donna replied in a teasing voice. She stood in the middle of the office and spun around to give Josh the full effect of the outfit.

The off the shoulder bodice was made of navy velvet and the full skirt was ivory raw silk. Her shoes where the same velvet as her bodice as was her purse and to top it off she wore a simple but elegant necklace and earring set. Her hair had been swept into a twist with small ringlets hanging around her face.

Josh stood there with his mouth open and said "WOW Donna you look wonderful".

"Thank you I will now tell you that you look very nice too Mr. Lyman." Donna said trying not to blush while sorting out the mess he had made of his tie.

"Can I have to honor of escorting you to the re - election ball Miss Moss" Josh asked holding out his arm.

"You may." Came Donnas giggle of a reply. She then put her arm through Josh's and they walked down the long corridor to the ballroom.

On arriving at the grand room Josh was pulled away from her by Leo who wanted Josh to talk to some congressmen they were having trouble with.

"Well that's my fun gone for the evening. If I escape later will you promise me a dance?" Josh asked in a hopeful voice while touching her hand.

"Of course see you later. Donít go upsetting anyone" she said before he was pulled away further.

Donna had just started to move into the room when she was accosted by CJ Cregg.

"You and Josh looked quite the cute couple when you walked in here. Has one of you finally made a move?"

"Really there is nothing going on as you well know. Besides he split up with Jennifer not a month ago. I am just helping him through the break up" Donna said grabbing a drink from a passing waiter and downing it in one while looking over to where Josh had vanished.

"You do realize that he only went out with her for two months and he was only with her in the first place because he thought that you were seeing that guy who came down to visit you from Long Island" CJ said in a hushed voice.

"Oh you mean ĎStuartí the one that was only visiting me because he had fallen out with his boyfriend and wanted a hide away place for a few weeks? Come on CJ I know that you can do better than that" Donna said with sly glint in her eyes.

"Believe what you like but I know the truth"

"CJ I have known Josh four years if he likes some one he makes that fact known. All I am and will ever be to him is an assistant and a friend." Donna said now looking down at her hands like they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Come on Donna this is doing you no good at all."

"Iím fine, Iím dealing. I have to go Ďpowder my noseí but I dare say I will see you around. Go find Danny and talk to him about your fish or something" Donna said trying to make light of where their conversation was going.

"If you ever need to talk you know where I am" CJ said. Donna just nodded her head and walked in to the restroom.

When Donna emerged she was fresh and ready to mingle. She had not taken two steps before she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around to find herself face to face with Josh.

"Can I have that dance now or have you changed your mind?" Josh asked in a sheepish voice.

"Well my dance card is pretty full but I am sure that I can fit you in" She replied trying not to giggle.

Josh was the only guy she had ever known that could make her giggle like a school girl.

With that Josh took Donnas hand and lead her to the dance floor which was filling up with couples.

They then proceeded to move together in the way they had done at the many dances theyíd attended in Bartlets first term in office. Donna lay her head on Joshs shoulder as the swayed slowly to the soft music that was flowing that evening. She opened her eyes and saw CJ, Leo and Sam all stood watching them with grins on their faces. Donna could feel her self starting to blush.

"Are you having a good time?" Josh asked in a husky whisper that Donna had not heard him use before. His breath tickled her ear as he spoke.

"Yes I am thank you. I would be having a better time if I knew that most of the white house staff werenít staring at us right now " Donna replied in a whisper moving her head slightly. "How about you?"

"Well you know it does my ego no end of good being seen dancing with the prettiest girl in the place." Josh said still whispering in her ear. A grin was creeping over his face because he knew that his last comment had made her blush.

"Thank you for the compliment but I did mean are you having a good time tonight?" Donna asked making eye contact with Josh for the first time since they had started to dance. She had started to blush.

"I am now" And with that they carried on the rest of the dance in a comfortable silence.

Josh had kept Donna by his side for the rest of the night, even when four drunken congressmen had engaged Josh in a debate about soft money. She had tried to make her excuses when she saw he was busy but he had simply introduced her into the conversation.

He left her talking while he went and got some drinks at the bar when he bumped in to Sam who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Well how are things going over there?"

"They are trying to get me to argue about soft money how do you think itís going Sam?" Josh said in a tried voice staring over at the group he had just left.

"I didn't mean with the men I meant with Donna" "Donna is holding her own" Josh said pretending not to know what Sam was getting at.

"Is tonight going to be the night you tell her how you feel?"

Josh sank into one of the bar stools and sighed

"I donít think so Sam, I know what I want to say be it never comes out the right way and we are always interrupted."

"You weren't interrupted one the dance floor earlier" Sam stated in a soft voice.

"You donít really think that I should tell her how I feel in a room full of people do you??"

"Well take her for a walk in the rose garden or some thing, but tell her tonight because I have to spend the best part of this week in Seattle with you and I know that youíre going to spend that time wishing you had said some thing and drive me crazy like you did on the last trip. " Sam said in a hushed tone trying to help.

"I just canít Iím not ready" Josh said looking at the floor near his feet.

"You better be ready soon Josh you already thought that you lost her once when Stuart came on the scene then you where inconsolable. So much so that you started seeing whatís her name?í


"Yes her. You dated her because you thought that you had lost Donna for good and she dated you because she liked having a boyfriend in high places."

"What if she just sees me as a friend. The minute I tell her how I feel it changes everything. Whether she says she feels the same way or not things will always be different."

"Donna is not going to say no Josh and change is not always a bad thing."

"OK I will talk to her just not at this minute"

With that Josh left with the drinks and walked back over to Donna and the group. After an hour and many drinks Donna and Josh made their escape. Josh had been quieter since he returned from the bar and Donna picked up on this but said nothing.

"Itís Smoky in here" Donna said wafting her hand in front of her face.

"We could go outside and get some fresh air if you like" Josh replied in a casual tone.

"Are you sure no one will miss you?"

"No I am sure weíll be fine" Josh said as he guided her through the french doors on to the patio.

Sam who was now talking to Mallory saw the couple disappearing and silently wish his friend luck.

They walked down the path towards the rose gardens in silence until Donna shivered slightly.

"You cold?"

"No just adjusting to coming out of a warm room that's all"

"Here have my jacket"

"No then youíll freeze"

Josh shook his head and removed his jacket. He then placed it around Donna while standing in front of her and began rubbing her shoulders to make her warm.

"Thanks" Donna said looking up from the ground where her eyes had been focused since he removed his coat.

"Your welcome" Josh replied in the voice she had first heard on the dance floor earlier.

His hands dropped and they carried on walking further into the garden making light conversation. When they reached a bench by the side of the path they sat down.

After sitting in silence for 10 minutes Donna decided to take the plunge and get the conversation going.

Taking a deep breath Donna said "So"


"Whatís up Joshua?"

"Nothing why do you ask?" Josh replied

"Well you normally go this stoic when you have something on your mind and you have not been yourself since you left for the bar. Did some one upset you back there? I saw you chatting to Sam but I am sure he is not the one who has upset you because well heís Sam."

"Ha so you where watching me at the bar? Very interesting." Josh said with a smile trying to get their usual banter back.

"Well I was only staring at the bar in the first place because the bar guy is cute." Donna replied in a mocking tone to match Josh in the sparing match that was starting.

"Oh I see"

Then things went silent again.

"Come on lets get you back inside before you freeze to death and I end up with no boss." Donna said as she held out her hand to pull Josh up.

He took her hand but did not get up instead he pulled her back down. Sams words kept running through his head ĎSay some thing tonightí.

"Josh whatís wrong?"

"I have some thing I want to talk to you about" Josh was still looking at her hand when he said this afraid that if he made eye contact he would not be able to finish what he had to say.

"OK but if you catch a cold Iím....." She was cut off by Josh putting his finger to her lips.

"Donna Iíve known you for four years now and in that time You have stuck by me through everything and I really appreciate that."

"If youíre trying to fire me for some one more qualified Josh just come out and say it!!" Donna said starting to stand with tears in her eyes. "I knew this was coming you have been really nice to me. Then thereís the fact that when I walk in on you and Sam you always stop talking and Leo always looks at me like there is some thing going on that Iím going to be the last to know!!!"

Josh stared at her shocked

"Donna I am not trying to fire you. Do you really think that I am that stupid?"

Josh patted the seat at the side of him and when she did not sit down he stood up to meet her.

"Oh Donna please, I didnít mean to make you cry" He said while wiping the tears that had escaped with his thumb.

"You said you had some thing you wanted to tell me. Oh God your not ill are you ?"

Josh was now looking at Donna with a fond grin, caressing her cheek.

"No Donna I am fit an well. If you would of let me get a word in I was going to tell you that I have done the number one donít in the bosses hand book, I have fallen in love with some one I work with."

Josh was now blushing and looking anywhere except Donnas eyes. He felt like a whole weight had been lifted, He had finally told her how he felt.

"Oh I see and you want me to find out if this person feels the same way?" Donna said now looking at Josh fighting back the tears again. "No I want you to tell me if you feel the same way" Josh said taking both her hands in his and looking straight into her eyes. He saw the realization of what he just said hit her and held his breath.

"Why would you want to know...... Me......You were talking about me? You have fallen in love with me?" Donnas tears had now started to flow freely and Josh looked weary.

"If you donít feel the same way........" Josh started to say but Donna cut him off.

"Donít feel the same way? I have felt the same way for the longest time. I fell for you the minute you believed in me enought to hire me. Do me a favour, pinch me because Iíve had a lot of champagne and I may be dreaming" Donna said in a stunned voice that made Josh smile again. He took a step towards her and gave her a short but sweet kiss

"Wow that was much better than a pinch." Donna said now calming down from the shock and starting to enjoy where the night had taken them.

"That may be the best compliment I have ever gotten." Josh said putting his arms around Donnas thin wasit. "So you have the choice now, do you want to file harassment charges against your boss for kissing you or do you want to try and make a go of this because you find your bosses charms to good to turn down." Josh asked in a teasing voice.

"Well let me see it depends....See my boss just kind of told me he loved me but managed to say it with out actually saying ĎI love youí so maybe the harassment charges are the better idea." Donna said teasing Josh back.

Josh dropped his arms away from Donnas waist and took her hand.

"Donnatella Moss I love you more than I thought it was possible to love anyone. Will you please think about spending some time with me so we can get to know each other better, if thats possiable?"

"Wow I love you too and I would be love to spend as much time as possible getting to know you." Then the smile that had been fixed on her face faded. "Do you really thing we can do this I mean donít they have rules about interoffice dating?"

"I am sure Leo and the President will be happy that my mind is back on work and not thinking about my assistant night and day."

"They know????"

"Well apparently every one except for you could see I was in love with you."

"Oh I see, so how are we going to do this. Youíre leaving for Seattle in less than 5 hours."

"Well I would love to stay out here all night talking to you and what ever else new couples do but I have to go home to pack so my idea would be to blow this joint go back to my place and you can help me . That way I get to spend time with my new Ďgirlfriendí and you get to put off walking into a room full questions til tommorow. How does that sound?" Josh asked resting his chin on Donnas head.

"It sounds to me that you are using any excuse to get me back to your place!!!" Donna said in a mocking tone, with an evil glint in her eye.

"Oh you caught me out there and I thought Iíd covered my motives well." Josh returned the banter.

"That sounds wonderful to me. All this boyfriend, girlfriend thing is going to be werid for a while" Donna said Josh took her hand as they started to walk back towards the White House.

"Does this mean that youíre going to start bringing me coffee and one of those muffins I like in every morning?"

"No it means that you will have to start bringing me stuff, including a nice present from Seattle."

"I can live with that"

The End



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