Hi I am pretty new to all this but after spending the last week reading all the fan fics on these boards I have finally wrote one of my own. I hope you don't hate it and feed back would be much appreciated.

Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters I have written about and I am making no money what so ever.

Spoilers : I don't think that there are any spoilers but the time frame I wrote this in is some where after the third episode of the second season.


If I Needed You - Part One

Josh wondered through the bull pen towards his office and was surprised not to see his assistant sat at her desk. Even though most of the time their work day started at 7.30am it was still very rare that he got in before her. He had just got himself a drink of coffee when the phone in his office started ringing. He rush over and snatched it off the cradle.

"Joshua Lyman."

"Hi Josh it's me Donna, look I'm not feeling to well this morning so is it OK if I work from home?" His assistant said in a strained voice.

"Donna you sound terrible what's wrong?" Josh asked sinking into his seat wondering how he was going to get through the day on his own.

"Just the usual joys of being a woman. It's just not normally so bad." Donna said on the other end of the phone she was clutching a hot water bottle to her stomach hoping it would help.

"Well take some pain killers and go back to bed don't worry about work. Have you got every thing you need?" Josh asked starting to get very worried about his assistant who had never taken a sick day in two years.

"Yeah thanks I have ever pain killer known to man."

"When I get out of my 11am meeting I'll call around and bring you some lunch."

"You don't have to do that."

"I want to, you looked after me when I was sick it's my turn now. How does a sandwich and some soup sound?"

"Wonderful thanks Josh."

"Your welcome now back to bed Donnatella." After they had stopped speaking Donna did as she was told and climbed back into bed after taking two more tablets. She had a shooting pain in her side all morning but she just put it down to cramps and tried to sleep it off.

Josh put the phone down and sat with his feet up staring out of his window. Donna was never ill even when she came down with a cold that had knock most of the staff out she worked through it even though he ordered her to go home as usual she ignored him and did as she pleased anyway. A small grin crossed his face as he thought of her sat at her desk typing almost a sleep from the drugs she had been taking. A knock on the door interrupted him from his thoughts.

"Josh why are you grinning this early in the morning?" CJ asked taking a seat opposite him.

"I was thinking that's all."


"Nothing really."

"OK and that made sense. Where's Donna? She was meant to be helping me with my stuff today while Carol is on a course."

"She's not well."

"What's wrong with her?"

"She is suffering being the Lesser sex." Josh said with a grin on his face knowing that if Donna were there she would of beat him up for that remark but instead he earned himself a smack on the arm from CJ.

"Oh I see."

"She sounded horrible on the phone."

"I'm sure she'll feel better when you have been to visit." CJ said with a smirk on her face.

"How do you know that I am going over to see her?"

"Well are you going over to see her?"

"Yeah but how did you know?"

"Josh you and Donna have eaten lunch with each other almost every day since they let you out of hospital so you are bound to want to visit and make sure she's OK."

"She's my friend and she's sick so I am just being nice that's all."

"You keep telling your self that there's nothing there oh pall of mind."

"Did you want any thing or are you just stopping by to mess with my head?"

"I called by to find out what you were doing at lunch but I guess you have other plans so I'll take you out another day."

"You can come to Donnas with me if you want to you know."

"No I'll leave you two alone."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I think you know."

CJ left the room and a very confused Joshua Lyman. Donna and him were nothing more than friends weren't they?




If I Needed You - 2




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