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If I Needed You - Part Two

The rest of the morning was very boring and very long he managed to escape the mayhem at 11.55 and made his way over to Donnas apartment calling at the sandwich shop and florist nearby first.

Yellow roses, a sandwich and Chicken noodle soup in hand Josh knew that taking her these should cheer her up. He stepped off the elevator on her floor and fumbled to find the key to her apartment. They had swapped keys not long after the shooting had hit home just how alone they where in DC after all.

Unlocking the door of her apartment, Josh paused in the dim light. He saw that the lounge looked like no one lived in it, the blinds where still closed and the light on the answer machine was flashing. Dumping the food on the kitchen counter, he tossed off his coat and took the flowers with him to the bedroom door.

In semi-darkness he could see her still curled up in a ball on the bed just like a child with a belly ache. Josh paused a moment to look at the beautiful sleeping figure and his heart swelled at the sight of her. With out thinking twice he walked across the room towards her and put the flowers on the bedside table.

"Oh Donnatella time to wake up your favorite food is getting cold." Josh said with a smile playing across his face. But there was no response.

He sat on the side of the bed and pushed back a lock of blonde hair that had been over her face and know straight away that some thing was wrong. Her face was pale at best but now it was a gray color and clammy to the touch.

"Donna?" Josh said a little louder while nudging her shoulder but there was still no response. He rolled her over on to her back to see if she would wake up if he moved her but she didn't. He remembered back to the first aid course they had all been sent on and checked her pluse and breathing the way that they had been shown, both seemed fine but she still did not stir.

What he did next was done out of total worry he hastily gathered a blanket around her and pulled her in to his arms. He then reached for the phone and phoned 911 but was told that there had been a big accident on the local interstate and getting a paramedic through would take a while.

He did the only thing he could think of, he carried the still unconscious Donna down to his car and broke every speed limit to get to George town hospital.

Josh broke through the doors of the ER holding Donna in his arms, screaming for help. Every one turned to look at him and saw the lifeless woman in his arms. Within seconds two doctors came rushing out with a gurney to place Donna on.

"What happened?" One of the doctors asked Josh as they ran down the corridor to an examination room.

"I walked in and found her..... she was......and I" Josh could not get a sentence out.

"OK take a breath and tell me what happened." The younger doctor said placing a hand on Joshs shoulder.

Josh ran the hand that was not holding Donnas through his hair, took a deep breath and started to tell them what he knew.

"She phoned me this morning saying that she was feeling under the weather due to her period and she was going to spend the day resting. I went around to bring her lunch at 12 o'clock and found her unconscious in bed."

"Do you know if this is normal for her?"

"Well she never took time off before and she said that they are not normally this bad."

"Do you know if she still has her appendixes?"

"Yeah she told me that she is the only on in her family who has never had trouble with them."

The doctors and nurses carried on attaching tubes and wires to Donna while Josh watched on in horror.

"Julie will you take, sorry I didn't catch your name, out to the waiting room." With that the doctor carried on probing Donna.

Josh was lead out of the room by a young nurse who in any other circumstance would be subjected to the Josh Lyman flirting treatment but not with his best friend lying in the next room.

Just as they left Joshs phone started to ring. He told the nurse that he was just stepping out side to answer it.

"Josh Lyman."

"Josh where the hell are you? Leo is going mad you were meant to be in with the president 10 minutes ago." CJs voice bellowed over the line.

"CJ I am at George town Hospital, I went around to Donnas at lunch and found her unconscious." Joshs voice started to break, he had kept a strong front but now it was breaking down the more he thought about Donna lying there all alone before she lost consciousness.


"They think that it's her appendix."

"Oh my god, look I'll be there as so as I can."

"CJ thanks."

They finished the call and CJ ran around the white house telling every one what was going on. Sam was doing the briefing and Leo had told her to be in touch the minute they found any thing out.




If I Needed You - 3




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