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If I Needed You - Part Three

The minute she walked in to the waiting room one of the nurses remembered her from the shooting months earlier and escorted her to a private room where Josh had been put after people had started coming up to him and saying that they had seen him on TV and in magazines which was the last thing that he needed at that point.

She walked in to the room and saw a tried looking Josh. She had only seen him two hours earlier with a spring in his step because he was having lunch with Donna.

His tie was loose around his neck and his selves where rolled up as far as they would go. CJ walked over and pulled him in to a hug. This cause all the tears that he had been holding back to flow freely down his cheeks. The only time she had ever seen him cry was at his fathers funeral so many years ago.

"Is there any news?"

Josh took a deep breath.

"One of the doctors came out about 30 minutes ago and confirmed that it was her appendix and they needed to remove them straight away. She was so pale CJ." Josh said trying not to break down again.

"Did they say when they would have any news?"

"No, did you know that she had put me down as her in case of emergency person?"

"No but I'm not surprised."

Things when silent again the only noise came from CJ who phoned Leo so he could keep every one informed at the white house.

In the two hours that passed other members of staff had stopped by to check on the happenings but CJ and Josh where the only ones about when the doctor finally came into the room. The look on his face told them that things had not gone well. CJ felt Josh squeeze her hand as the man took a seat.

"How is she? How did the operation go?" Josh jumped in before the man spoke a word.

"I am here to tell you that there were some serious complications during the operation....."

Josh took in a huge breath and CJ tightened her grip on his hand.

"... She was in an advanced stage of appendicitis and although there is really no way of detecting the condition she must of known some thing was wrong but she may of put it down to cramps or an upset stomach. When we started to operate we found that the situation was worse than we originally thought. I have to say that she must have a very high pain threshold to of with stood it so long with out passing out."

"Well she has always been the strong one." Josh said looking down at the ground hoping that she had in fact passed out before the pain got to great.

The doctor continued.

"The main thing that happened was that 20 minutes in to the operation her appendix burst. When this happens there is many things that can go wrong. Miss Moss went into cardiac arrest twice. Both times we where able to bring her back and we finally finished the operation before it happened for a third time."

"So she is fine now?" CJ asked in a hopeful voice.

"Well the thing is that she slipped into a coma. We think that she should come out of it in a few hours but she is very lucky to have been here when it happened."

"Can I see her?" Josh asked.

"Yes we are transferring her to the ICU in a few moment and then there is twenty four hour visiting. We normally restrict it to family visits only but we will make a special allowance because of, well who you all are. I'll take you both up there when we are done here. I do feel that I should prepare you for what you are going to see. There are wires all over the place but they are just monitors. Her heart is beating on its own with no help. She has two drips going into her arm. One is replacing the blood she lost and the other one is a strong antibiotic that she will need to fight the bacteria that resulted from her appendix bursting. Have you any questions?"

"When she comes around will she be healthy again?" Josh asked feeling a weight off his shoulders that she was alright.

"Well she will have no problem surrounding her appendix anymore and she should be back on her feet in a matter of days. She wont be able to lift anything for a while because of the stitches but other wise fine."

"Thank you so much. " Josh said shaking the mans hand. The doctor left the room and Josh turned to CJ and enveloped her in a big hug.

"I got my Donna back." Josh whispered in to her neck with his eyes shining again.

When they broke the hug CJ looked at him for a long moment.

"Josh can I give you some advice?"

"OK" Josh looked at her puzzled but gave her his full attention.

"I really think that the minute she comes around you should tell her how you feel because after two near death experiences you should be together."

"CJ please don't start with that now."

"Josh I was just saying that there is some thing there that you two either can't see or don't want to see. Don't wait around forever Josh."

"Thanks for the advice I will think it over but all I really want to do now is go and see she is fine with my own eyes." With that Josh grabbed CJs hand and started to follow the doctor up the ICU.




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