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If I Needed You - Part Four

Has they walked into the room all Josh wanted to do was reach out and hug Donna. She looked so pale and not like the Donna he had known for so long.

CJ went forward and kissed her forehead then backed away and told Josh that she was stepping outside to tell the others what was going on now that she had seen her first hand.

Josh took a seat that had been placed at her beside and took her hand.

"Donnatella I don't know if you can hear me but I'm going to talk anyway (Pause) Is this what it was like for every one sat waiting for me to come around after the shooting?(pause) If it was half as bad as this I am so sorry for putting you through it and never actually saying thank you (pause) CJ just gave me a talk about some thing I am having a hard time admitting to myself let alone anyone else but I think that I will think about it some more before I tell anyone, if I do tell any one that is because it may come to be nothing especially if I am wrong and.... (pause) See you've got me rambling in true Donna fashion (pause) there is no way that I am letting you out of my sight when you wake up (pause) You have managed to stop the country being run all on your own." Josh brought Donnas hand to his lips and gently kissed it. The tears that had been threatening to fall had finally broken free as he looked up at her closed eyes.

"You could of phoned me you know before it got to the passing out stage (pause) I would of come around sooner....."

"You....would of....called... me....a girly." Donna managed to say with out opening her eyes. Josh looked up in shock.

"Donna you're back how do you feel?" The minute he said it he knew that I was one of the dumbest questions but he no longer cared. She was waking up and that's all that mattered.

"Like I've...been hit...with a.....base ball bat." After getting the line out she opened her eyes and looked over at Josh.

"I'm just going to get a nurse to check you over." Josh said getting up but not breaking eye contact with her all the way to the door.

Josh had been sat out in the waiting room for 15 minutes when the nurse gave him the all clear to go back in. So in he walked with a get well soon balloon on his arm. CJ had left after Sam had problems in the press room but vowed to return when she finished untangling the press.

He took a deep breath and opened the door not expecting to see the sight before him. Donna was propped upright with pillows and grinned the minute he walked in to the room.

"Hello again, I see you're feeling better." Josh said walking over and tying the balloon on her bed.

"I'm feeling more wake yes but I still feel like I've been beat up. Thank you by the way." Donna said looking straight in to Joshs eyes.

"For what?" Josh asked meeting them.

"For bringing me here, the doctor said you saved my life."

"The doctors saved you all I did was bring you in and try not to panic." Josh said getting bashful.

"You know all the time you where here I could hear you and you really shouldn't feel guilty for what happened while you were in hospital." Donna said reaching out her hand and placing it on top of Joshs.

"I never realized what it was like until today that's all."

"The main thing is that we're both here to tell the tale so lets just forget what could of happened." Donna said her eyes starting to shine.

"So are they letting you out of the ICU any time soon?"

"They said that there is no reason that I can't move to another ward later today."

"You scared me to death do you know that?" Josh said in a whisper as a single tear escaped. Donna wiped it away with her other hand that had no IV drips attached to it and gave him a fond grin as her hand lingered longer than she meant it too.

"So what did CJ give you a talk about that you couldn't tell any one?" Donna said trying to lift the mood a little.


"Josh I know that there is some thing that you are hiding and I will get it out of you." The glint that was normally in her eye when teasing Josh had returned after a brief absence.

"It was just ramblings that I picked up off you over the years." Josh looked down at the Entwined hands and his mind started to wonder if CJ had really hit the spot by saying that him and Donna should give it a try. Maybe there was some thing to them more than they are letting them selves believe.

"Josh, earth to Josh" Donnas voice brought his mind back from drifting.

"Sorry what where you saying?"

"I was just wondering what the sudden fascination in our hands was that's all." Before Josh could answer his phone started to ring and he had to let go of Donnas hand for the first time since he arrived.

"Josh Lyman"

"Hi Josh it's Sam, look I really hate to do this but you're needed back here. It should only take half an hour and believe me if I tried to sort this out you would be here must longer trying to sort out the mess I will make." Sams voice sounded pleading and he know that Josh would not come back for just any reason.

"Is there no way it can wait. She has just come around I don't want to leave her."

"CJ is on her way in and you can go back the minute we have this sorted."

"OK I'll leave the minute CJ takes over from me." With that Josh finished the call and took Donnas hand gently in his once more.

"That was Sam he needs me back at work but CJ is going to sit with you until I get back."

"Josh I am a big girl, I will be fine on my own you know."

"I really don't want to go but Sam will only make me more work if I don't."

"Look I am not going any where in the near future so I will still be here if you get back later."

At that point CJ tapped on the door and walked in. Josh stood and kissed Donna on the fore head before saying good bye to CJ and vowing that he would return ASAP.




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