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If I Needed You - Part Five

CJ and Donna managed to talk for the whole hour Josh was away about anything and every thing. Only once did they get on the subject about the wonder that is Joshua Lyman and Donna seemed reluctant to dwell on that too long.

"So how are you feeling now?" CJ asked when there was a lull in the conversation.

"Pretty much like I have been smacked with a base ball bat but I have to say these drugs are doing there job fine." Donna said trying to adjust how she was propped up with out moving too much.

"Do you need some help there?"

"No I'm fine really." Donna finally found a position she was happy with and relaxed.

"So Josh mentioned that you have him as your contact person." CJ said as casually as possible.

"Yeah with my family being so far away and I know that Josh would want to know if anything happened to me. Or at least I think he would want to know, Was he angry that I put him down with out asking?" Donna was now questioning everything.

"Donna calm down, Josh was in such a state when I got here I know that being angry with you never even crossed him mind." CJ said in a soothing voice.

"He's fine now thought right?"

"Yes but I think that you're going to have a permanent visitor for your whole stay here." A grin had spread across CJ face at this point.

"CJ he is the White House Deputy Chief of Staff I am sure that he wont be wasting all his time at the hospital watching his assistant recover." Donna was now staring down at her hands avoiding CJs look.

"Am I really going to have to get you two and bang your heads together, to make you see sense?. Donna do you remember the conversation we had in the observation room of the hospital? If I remember rightly you finally admitted that you have felt more than friendship for him for a while and you were going to say some thing. So what happened?."

"The only sense to see is that Josh is my boss so what ever feelings I maybe harbouring for him should not be allowed to surface because of that fact. The only reason I admitted it in the first place was because I was stood there thinking that if I didn't get my chance to say it then and there out loud I may never of got that chance again." Donnas eyes where now getting misty. CJ saw Donnas face and decided that one more push and she would leave them to it.

"OK answer me two questions and I will leave you alone and carry on talking about the new reporter that just joined the press corps, deal?" A smile appeared on CJs lips and their eyes met.

"OK ask away." Donna said smiling and wiping her face.

"Who was the first person Josh asked for when he came out of his operation?"

"The President." Donna said not getting the meaning of CJs question.

"No he asked for you the President was just in the room at the time." CJ rolled her eyes thinking that Donna was playing games.

"I didn't know that." Donnas head snapped up from her hands and looked straight at CJ.

"When he came around the president was in talking to his doctor and that was when he woke but seconds later he asked for you and that's when Leo came out and got you."

"OK and all that means that he wanted to make sure that I was not in typical Donna panic mode."

"OK seeing as you didn't make that easy lets try question two." CJ said trying to word her question in a way to show Donna how much her and Josh cared for each other.


"Who was in the waiting room at his wits end waiting for news on some one he refers to as 'my Donna'." The glint that had disappeared in CJs eye made a return visit.

"He called me 'my Donna'?" Donnas eyes where now doing the deer in the headlights trick that CJs normally did.

"Yep that is was he called you. Now is instead of saying 'Donna tell him how you feel because he feels the same way' I am just going to tell you about Jon our new press corps guy with the designer suits." CJ then when on to talk for the rest of her stay about how nice this guy was and how she thinks that he has a crush on her assistant Carole. All the time she was talking what CJ said about her and Josh was hitting home more and more.

Josh returned later that day with a large blue teddy bear, a bag full of cloths and personal stuff that Sams assistant had called around and picked up earlier and a bunch of yellow roses to brighten her room up.








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