- Title: Dancing in the Halls

- Category: CJ/Toby

- Rating: PG-13

- Short summary: Post-episode for "100,000 Airplanes" Toby gets
his requested dance from CJ.

- Author's name: Kimberly

- Feedback can be sent to: kimzeez@yahoo.com

"Dancing in the Halls"

Toby grabbed CJ as she emerged from her office and tangoed her
down the hallway. When he reached a more open area, the tango
turned into a combination swing and salsa type of dance full of
spins and fancy footwork. Suddenly he twirled her out and then
pulled her back in close to his body and began dancing to his
own slow rhythm and CJ did her best to keep up with the sudden
changes of music in Toby's head.

The slow dancing they were doing now gave CJ a chance to catch
her breath. She relaxed against Toby leaning her cheek on his
shoulder. As she took a deep breath, the scent of his cologne
invaded her senses and suddenly she was far from relaxed. In an
effort to regain some control, she moved a half step away from
Toby and teased, "So what's the thing with you and pie?"

Toby for his part was lost in the feeling of CJ in his arms, her
body pressed against him. He was still off in another world
when CJ asked her question and he simply looked at her with a
puzzled expression on his face.

"Pie, Toby. Pie. You have been walking around here muttering
about pie for the last two weeks," CJ explained. "What's with
the pie?"

"I don't know...it... it helps me think," Toby muttered.


"I don't know, it just does."

"Since when?"

"I don't know, since...I don't know... CJ, what the hell does it

"It doesn't I guess. I just wondered why you had developed such
a sudden obsession with pie."

"CJ, it's hardly an obsession."

"I don't know about that, you've been talking pie so much even
the President heard about it. I'd say that's pretty obsessive.
Do we need to find you some kind of Pie Lover's Anonymous group
to join?" CJ asked while trying valiantly to keep a straight
face, but she couldn't hide the smile that had been plastered
there since Joey Lucas started announcing the panel backs. "What
is it about pie? Is it fruit pies that do it for you Toby, or do
you go for cream pies, too? How about a tart?"

"Well, that depends on who the tart is." Toby quipped and
looked at CJ suggestively. CJ swatted his shoulder and he
continued, more seriously this time. "CJ, enough about pie. I've
eaten enough pie in the last two weeks to... to... well to make me
very sick of pie." CJ began to laugh as Toby continued, "I was
thinking that maybe we could..."

Just then Josh jumped up onto a desk next to Toby and CJ, "Okay,
I need everybody's attention."

CJ hesitated a moment gazing at Toby and wondering what he had
been about to say then she turned around to look at Josh. Toby,
not wanting to lose physical contact with her, kept his hand on
the small of her back. CJ looked over her shoulder and smiled
before leaning back against him.

Donna sat on the edge of the desk Josh was standing on; no one
else was paying any attention to him. Donna looked up at Josh
and shrugged, and then she whistled, loudly, very loudly. Every
one immediately stopped talking and turned in their direction.
"Jeez, Donna! You could warn a person when you're going to do
that," Josh whined as he rubbed his right ear and leaned toward
her. "Is my ear drum bleeding?"

"Come on you big baby, you've got our attention. What do you
want?" CJ taunted.

"I have a very special presentation to make. Sam, where's Sam?"

"I'm here," Sam answered walking out of his office to rejoin the

"Okay, everyone did a great job, but I think we all know that
there are two people who deserve special recognition. Okay,
Toby, Sam, I arranged..." Donna smacked his leg. "Well, Donna, on
my suggestion, arranged a little surprise for both of you. Okay,
Now!" Josh yelled and Bonnie and Ginger wheeled a cloth-draped
cart into the bullpen. Donna walked over to the cart and with a
Vanna White flourish, dramatically removed the covering to
reveal about two dozen pies. There were three tiers on the cart
covered with every pie imaginable, apple, cherry, peach, pecan,
lemon meringue, banana cream, coconut,...

"Ooh, cherry," was Sam's response as he picked up the cherry
pie, took a fork from Carol and sat down on a desk.

"Oh, God," Toby groaned as he began banging his head into CJ's

CJ's giddy laughter began again and she tried to stammer out "I...
I... don't think...he wants pie... right now."

Toby continued to pound his head on CJ's shoulder and CJ
continued to laugh until tears were running down her face.

"What's up with those two?" Josh asked Sam.

"Who knows," Sam got out in between bites of pie.


CJ was in her office straightening up her desk in order to go
home when she saw Toby walk by her door.

"Hey, Toby," she called out rounding her desk and perching on
the front edge.

"Yeah," he responded as he entered her office.

"Earlier..." she started and waited for him to understand what she
was talking about. When he didn't respond, she continued "you
know, earlier, before the pies, you were going to say

"Yeah, that... don't worry about it."

"No, I want to know what it was."

"CJ, it's late."


"It's late, and I haven't slept in... I don't know... like four



She stood up and took a couple of steps towards him and softly
said, "Toby, come on."

Toby looked down at the carpet then back up at CJ; "I was just
going to ask if you wanted to have dinner tomorrow."

"What's the big deal about that? Sure. We haven't had much time
to relax lately, that would be nice."

"Hopefully we can get out of here at a reasonable hour."

"Yeah," CJ agreed. "Toby, was that all?"

"That's all," Toby replied as he leaned forward and kisses her
gently on the cheek. He walked to the doorway then turned
around. "Do you know how sexy that laugh of yours is? I haven't
heard you laugh like that in a long time."

CJ smiled, "Well, we haven't had much reason to laugh lately. I
hope that's changing now."

"Yeah, me to. Goodnight," Toby said as he walked out the door.


CJ turned off her desk lamp and picked up her purse. When she
turned back she was startled to see Josh standing in her
doorway. "Josh!"

"So." Josh said with a grin.

"So?" CJ sat back down on the edge of her desk.

"What's with you and Toby? You seemed very...coupley tonight."


"Yeah. I didn't see anyone else slow dancing in the halls of the
White House did you?"

"Come on Josh," she stated flatly. "It's Toby!"

"Yeah, well, I've see the way you two have been looking at each
other lately and he couldn't seem to stop touching you tonight,"
Josh challenged.


"There's definitely sexual tension there, Claudia Jean."

"Sexual Tension? Josh, Toby and I have been friends for years."

"Men and women can't be just friends. Haven't you seen 'When
Harry Met Sally?'"

"Josh, you and I are friends," CJ retorted.

"No we're not. I think of you more like a sister."

"Josh," CJ softened a bit realizing what it meant for Josh to
say that to her. "What about Sam?" she argued. "Sam and I are

"That doesn't count. Sam has a crush on you," he countered.


"You don't know that?" Josh said surprised.

"No! I don't know that!"

"CJ, don't worry about it. He knows it's just a crush, besides,
he's too afraid of Toby to even consider doing anything about
it." Josh began to chuckle. "You should have seen his face when
he told me what you said earlier."

"Oh, no," she moaned as she covered her eyes with her hand.

"CJ, really it's nothing. It's a crush. Toby on the other hand
is definitely not a crush."

"Josh!" she looked back up at him and yelled.

"What? Can you honestly tell me you're not attracted to him?"

CJ merely stared daggers at him.

"Sexual tension," He gloated as he exited her office,
"Definitely sexual tension."

CJ sat on the edge of her desk and look at Gail contemplating
what Josh has said. Suddenly, "Oh, God. He's right," she
confessed to the goldfish swimming happily in her bowl oblivious
to her owner's inner turmoil.


CJ was sitting in her office after enduring what must have been
the most awkward staff meeting in her life. She hadn't been
able to look at Sam without thinking about his crush. She
couldn't look at Toby without hearing Josh's voice taunting
"sexual tension." Which left two options, trying to smile at Leo
as he cheerfully outlined how they would spend the day following
up on the State of the Union, and shooting death glares at Josh
since this was all his fault anyway. She even got confused once
and managed to give Leo the dirty look intended for Josh. That
was Josh's fault, too.

So here she sat in her office plotting all the different ways to
kill Josh when she should have been going over her notes for the
morning briefing. It was much easier than trying to figure out
how to avoid Sam for the rest of the day or what she was going
to do about Toby. She listed them in her mind: hanging,
drowning, strangling, eaten by sharks, freezing to death, being
pecked to death by birds.

"Hey," a voice called from her doorway.

"Ah, Joshua, just the man I'd like to kill."

"Who me?" he asked innocently.

"Yeah, you. Get in here."

Josh closed the door and sat down in one of her guest chairs.
"You don't really want to kill me."

"Yes." She nodded her head with conviction. "Yes I do."

"Come on CJ, what did I do?"

"Leo must think I'm nuts," she answered.

"Yeah, I saw that look you gave him in staff."

"That look was for you Josh, " she warned.

"I sort of got that, considering the 67 other dirty looks you
directed my way." He waved the whole matter off with his hand.
"Don't worry about it, Leo thought you were nuts long before


"CJ, the reason I came in her is, I have this thing tonight and
I need your help."

"You're kidding me, right?"

"No, there's this cocktail party tonight and..."

CJ laughed, a mocking abrasive laugh, "No way. I have plans
tonight anyway, and even if I didn't I'm certainly in no mood to
help you."

"CJ, please, some big donors are going to be there." he begged.


"Why not?" Josh teased. "Big date?"

"Nope." CJ's phone rang and she answered, "CJ Cregg.... Hey." Josh
could only hear her end of the conversation. "Yeah, Italian
sounds fine... Okay... Bye."

"You do..." Josh continued, "you have a date... a date with Toby."

"It's not a date, it's just dinner," she countered as someone
knocked on her door. "Come in," she called.

Carol opened the door and poked her head in, "Two minutes,

"Thanks Carol.

"You have a date with Toby," Josh repeated.

"Josh, I'm sure you have some work you should be doing." She
said as she picked up her leather notebook, strode out of her
office and headed to the briefing room.


It had been a hectic day filled with meetings and briefings and
strategy sessions. Everyone was trying to figure how to keep
the momentum from the State of the Union going into the
primaries. Somehow CJ and Toby had managed to get out of the
West Wing before eight o'clock. Toby followed CJ to her
apartment to drop off her car and now they were on their way to

"I thought we agreed on Italian?" CJ asked.

"We did." Toby said matter of factly.

"Isn't Mario's the other way?" CJ was still puzzled. They
always went to Mario's for Italian. Usually for take out, but
always Mario's.

"I made reservations at that new place that just opened."

"Tuscany?" CJ sounded surprised.

"Yeah, Tuscany."

"Toby, that place is incredibly expensive."

"It's supposed to be a really nice place, and we're still
celebrating aren't we?"

"I guess so." CJ turned and looked at Toby contemplating the
topic that had been foremost in her mind all day. She usually
considered herself a direct person and there was a very direct
way she could deal with this so she decided to just ask him,
"Toby, is this a date?"

"A date?" Toby asked innocently.

"Yeah, a date." CJ replied.

Toby slowed the car to a stop at a red light and turned to face
her. "If this were a date, would you still be here?"

"Yes," she said quietly.

Toby smiled, "then yes, this is a date."

"Okay," CJ smiled back at Toby and they sat there looking at
each other until a horn blared behind them and Toby noticed the
light had turned green. They were unusually quiet as they drove
down the street. A few minutes later, Toby reached over and
slipped his hand into CJ's and she gave his hand a squeeze while
she watched the cherry trees go by outside the car window.


CJ and Toby entered the swank DC eatery and were seated in a
quiet booth toward the back. CJ surveyed the elegantly clad
patrons in the restaurant, then glanced down at her own wrinkled
suit as she slipped off her jacket. At least the suit was black
and the red blouse she wore always made her feel powerful, but
she still felt a bit underdressed. "Toby, I wish I had known
earlier that this was a date."


"Well for one thing I would have definitely worn something

Toby made a point of looking her over, "CJ, you look fantastic.
You always do."

"I've had this suit on since six o'clock this morning," she


"Look around you," she waved her hand in a sweeping gesture, "do
you see any other women here in a crumpled business suit?"

"I don't give a damn what other women are wearing, CJ. You're
the woman I care about."

"Thanks," she said with a slight smile.

"So?" Toby leaned forward and playfully murmured, "What would
you have worn?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," she teased and picked up her menu.

"Come on tell me. What would you have worn?" he asked again.

CJ peered around her menu, "Believe me whatever it was would
have driven you wild, my friend."

"Everything you wear drives me wild. That doesn't help."

They were both a little surprised how easy it was to slip into
this new aspect of their relationship. The flirting they had
engaged in for years suddenly took on a whole new intensity.
Now it would actually lead to something, but for some reason it
seemed like the most natural thing in the world.


Their meals sat half finished in front of them, but they had
long since stopped eating and Toby was now gently tracing
patterns across CJ's palm with his fingertip.

CJ looked up from studying their hands on the table and asked,
"When exactly did this happen?"

"What?" Toby mumbled now concentrating his efforts on the inside
of her wrist.

"This" she gestured between them, "Us."

His eyes sought hers, "I don't know," He thought for a moment,
then continued, "in a way I think it's always been there."

"You think?"

"Don't you?"

"I don't know. I guess so," CJ looked back down at their hands
on the table, "I just never thought we'd do anything about it."

"CJ," he chuckled, "we haven't done anything yet."

"Yeah, but we're going to," she stated, then asked, "Aren't we?"
sounding a bit anxious.

"I certainly hope so," Toby responded with a raised eyebrow.

The electricity between them intensified as the stakes for the
evening had once again been raised. CJ looked back down at
Toby's fingers that were now doing very distracting things the
inside of her forearm. She took a deep breath and whispered,
"Toby, pay the bill."

"Hmm?" he muttered still concentrating on her arm.

"Pay the bill, Toby," she instructed again. "It's time to go."

He looked up at her suddenly understanding what she was getting
at, "Oh... Okay." He said enthusiastically and quickly signaled
the waiter.


Toby was standing in the living room of CJ's townhouse wondering
what he was supposed to do. CJ had disappeared into her bedroom
almost as soon as they got inside and now with nothing else to
occupy him, he began wandering around aimlessly trying to focus
his thoughts. He'd been here before, but he never really paid
that much attention. He was surprised by how much homier her
place was than his, and he wondered idly why women's houses
always seem so much homier than men's do. He glanced briefly
toward the hallway where CJ had headed then began examining the
contents of her bookshelves. Sure she had books, but half the
shelf space was taken up with photographs of family and friends,
candles, figurines, and other odds and ends that didn't fit into
any one category including a certain Egyptian cat filled with
potpourri that definitely looked like it had been glued.

Finally CJ appeared, barefoot and having removed her suit
jacket. She sat down on the couch and pulled her feet up next
to her. "Toby come here," she said patting the cushion next to
her. "Why didn't you take off your jacket?" she asked.

Toby just shrugged.

"I mean, you could at least have loosened your tie," she teased.

"I... ah... I didn't want to look too... uh... eager," this earned him
a laugh from CJ which made him smile. He took off his jacket
and draped it over the back of an armchair before sitting down
next to her on the couch.

"CJ, I want you to know that this isn't a casual thing to me. I...

"I know, Toby. It's not casual for me either."

"Good," he agreed sounding very businesslike.

CJ just leaned her elbow against the back of the sofa and
watched him.

"It's just that you're one of the best friends I've ever had,
probably the best as a matter, of fact and I just..."

"You know you really talk to much," she interrupted.

"CJ, I just..."

"Toby," she silenced him with her hand against his lips "stop

"Okay," he murmured against her fingertips as he leaned slowly
toward her. CJ lowered her hand and met his lips with her own.
Their kiss was tentative at first then it became more passionate
as that first kiss turned into a series of kisses each one
deeper and more fervent then the last. CJ's fingers tangled in
the curls at the base of Toby's neck while his arms held her to
him. Toby pulled back to look at her and his hand reached up to
brush a lock of hair off her face and tuck it behind her ear.
"CJ, you know, things will never be the same between us again. I
just want you to be sure this is what you want."

"When have you ever known me to do something I didn't want to
do?" she assured him.

"I know, CJ, I know, but...."

"Seriously, Toby you need to shut up." This time she silenced
him with her lips in a searing kiss that was hungrier and filled
with more fire than the ones they had shared before.

Toby gently slid his hand down her arm to her waist then across
her hip and down her leg, when he reached the hem of her skirt
and encountered bare skin, his kiss deepened as he pulled her
leg across his lap and leaned her back against the arm of the
couch. As his hand slid back up her thigh, he pushed her skirt
further up her leg and caressed the newly exposed flesh beneath
his palm. Then, his lips left hers and began a path of kisses
across her jaw.

"Smooth move, Zeigler, I'm impressed," CJ said, her voice low
and husky.

Toby leaned over her, "Oh, so I don't get to talk, but you do?"

"It would seem that way wouldn't it?" she replied playfully.

"You're impossible," he growled.

"I am, and you love it."

"Yes, I do." His mouth found hers again before beginning a
trail of kisses from her jaw to her ear and starting down the
side of her neck.

"Toby? I think the bedroom would be more comfortable don't you?"

"Definitely." Toby agreed and kissed her one more time then
stood up and helped her off the couch. CJ took his hand and led
him into the bedroom.


Toby was lying on his back, CJ curled against him resting her
head on his chest as her fingers played with the hair she found

"Well," Toby sighed contently.

"Well," CJ echoed him.

"That was..."

"Yeah, it was."

"You know you were wrong," he stated.

"About what?" she looked up at him curiously.

"You really aren't good in bed..." he stated flatly before
grinning, "you... are amazing."

"Good answer, Zeigler, and yes I am amazing." She paused then in
a softer tone continued. "We're amazing."

"Yeah, we are." Toby pulled her back down against his chest.

"Toby, earlier you said that this... us... that it's always been

"Uh Huh."

"Have we been fools all these years?" she questioned.

"No, I think we had to wait until the timing was right. Until we
were the right people for this to work," he reasoned while his
hand made long gentle strokes up and down her bare back.

"And now the timing's right?"

"CJ, our careers are where we want them, we're at the top of our
game." He pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her
head, "It doesn't get any better than this and I don't mean

CJ smiled and closed her eyes, "No it doesn't."