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I love the holidays. I love everything about them. The decorations. The carols. The christmas specials. When it comes to this time of year I become one gigantic sap who cries when clarence gets his wings in It's a Wonderful life. I even catch my self staring longingly at the little kids sitting on Santa's lap, wishing for a second I was that young and innocent still. Ofcourse this year all my good holiday cheer is being stifled by my boss Ebeneezer Scrooge. The phone rings before I finish my thought.

"Josh Lyman's office..........Okay.........I'll tell him."

I sigh and march towards his door. I hung up a few lights outside of it, trying to make it festive. I even hung a cardboard window decoration of a monorah to incorporate his own holiday. It didn't help.

"Josh.?" He has his head down intently reading some papers. "yeah?" He doesn't look up.

"The President would like to see us in his office.", I walk all the way up to his desk.

"uh huh." I can tell he really didn't hear me.

"Josh!" I say louder.

"What?" Now he looks up.

"The President, Oval office, Now.", I nod my head towards the door. Josh looks at me finally as if what I say is registering. He gets a disgusted look on his face.

"What are you wearing?" He points at my head.

"A hat."

" I know it's a hat, but what kind of a hat?"

"A Santa hat."

"It has ears." He smirks. It's good to see him smirk. Because it's almost a smile and he hasn't done that in awhile. I'll take what I can get.

"It's Santa Mickey. My friend Sarah sent it from Disney World."

"Why are you wearing a Santa Mickey hat to work?"

"I'm bringing good tidings."

"Kay", He looks at me like I have two heads but the conversation gets dropped.

I follow him out of the office all the way to the door of the Oval Office. When we approach the door he stops short and turns, I stumble a little. He smiles.

"Where are you going?"

"To see the President."


"Uh, he asked me to."

"Why?" I get the feeling Josh is feeling a little less important at the knowledge that I too am going to see the President. It's a good thing because every now and then Josh needs to feel less important.

"I don't know Josh, but the message said he needed to see "Us" not "you."


"If you open the door we can find out!" I honestly don't know what has gotten into him lately.

Josh finally opens the door. Toby, CJ, Sam, Charlie, Leo, Margaret and a few other White House staffers are all sitting quietly in front of the President. I wonder if I should take their silence as a bad sign.

The President smiles as we enter the room. I'm going to take that as another bad sign.

"Good, your here. Now we can get started." Josh leads me over to two empty chairs and we sit down.

"As you all know Friday is the annual White House Staff Holiday party." Everyone around the room nods as the President continues. "I was thinking how nice it would be if we all went Caroling before it. Around the Community, Maybe in front of some of the more famous monuments around town. I used to go Caroling every year when I was growing up. My children did too. I miss it. And so now I'm bringing back tradition and I want you all to be there."

"Shoot Me.", Josh whispers in my ear.

"I think it will be fun.", I whisper back.

"Sir, may I ask, what's with you and the singing lately?" CJ, bravely asks.

Before he answers Sam interjects "I have a good voice."

We all turn to look at him. "Well I do."





Here We Go A Caroling - 2




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