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I'm so tired this morning. I guess that whole stapler/ hole puncher attempt at saving Sam's life took a lot out of me. Then after work I continued my holiday shopping. Is it just me or do the malls seem to get worse and worse every year? I almost got into two fist fights. One with a little grey haired old lady over a parking spot. I want to go on record as saying that I had my blinker on. The other was with a woman in the Gap over a blue sweater. It was perfect for my friend Curtis. I approached it exactly .37 seconds before her but that didn't stop her grubby little hands from trying to steal it. All it took was my yelling "Hey look there's Rob Lowe!" and a quick jab in the ribs and that sweater was mine.

Josh has been in his office all morning. Luckily didn't have any meetings because he hasn't even asked about his schedule. I've been here an hour already and their has not been one request for coffee and not one "DONNA!!" He's just sitting there staring at his computer. His mouth is moving. He's either having a lenght conversation with himself or he's humming. I didn't even see Toby come up to the desk.


"Oh hey Toby."

"Is Josh in yet?"



"Yes he's in."

"Good." He marched right passed me and barged into the office.


"Chestnuts Roasting on an open.........Toby!"

"Dear God, It's got you too!!!"

"What? Oh. Me? No."

"You were singing."

"I was just working on......" Toby walks around to look at my computer screen. I'm busted.

"That's a nice game of solitaire ya got going there."

"I was taking a break." He doesn't by it.

"Whatever. I came here for a reason. Things have got to stop." Toby waves his arms in the air frantically.


"The holiday things...the Caroling....The Singing Sam....the Singing Josh apparently and now...........", He holds up the object of disgust.

"Oh, Please tell me that isn't....", I don't want to look.


"Those are antlers."

"Your quick."


"Charlie brought them by. I have one for each of us. They're for the finale."

"Finale?" I am so afraid to find out the answer to this question.

"The big White House Caroling Extravaganza finale."

"I missed that one." I really can't believe the President it putting us through this. I wonder if this could be grounds for impeachment.

"Maybe it's becuase you spent half of yesterday rescueing sam with a stapler."

"I'd do the same for you."

"Your a Pal."

"So what are we going to do."

"Well I think it's obvious you should go back to roasting Chestnuts on an open fire."

"Toby! Wait! I wasn't!!" I call after him. He either doesn't hear me or he doesn't care.

I was singing. I admit it. I had a momentary lapse. It was the song that I woke up to on my alarm and you know how that first song of the day always stays with you. That's my excuse and I'm sticking too it.


Okay my morning has been Joshless long enough. Toby's interrupted him already, there's no reason I can't.

"Josh." He turns from his computer and he smiles when he sees me. I take that as a sign to go further.


"Toby dropped your antlers off. And your red nose." I just want to see if he's listening.

"Red blinking nose?"

"Yes, the red blinking nose you have to wear for the finale." His eyes grow wide. He looks sick. I'm laughing my ass off on the inside.

"Your kidding."

"Yeah I am." I like to torture him a little. It gets my day going.

"Your fired."

"You wish."

"How is it if any other boss told their assistant they were fired it would be taken seriously but you just take it as a joke?" He looks me in the eye. He's challenging me. I love it when we do this.

"Because Joshua, everyone knows, including you, that you would be lost without me. You can't fire me. The country could fall apart."

"Point taken."

"Well here's your antlers." I put them on his head. He looks like and idiot. It's impossibly adorable. I turn to leave.

"Hey Donna.." His tone has changed. He's got his serious voice on. I half expect him to assign me some job I will regret later.


"What do you want for Christmas this year? Ski's? I never did get those last year." I smile. My heart is pounding from the memory of the beautiful things Josh wrote to me in my gift last year.

"You know what Josh. You already gave me your present this year."

"I did?" He looks confused. He also still has the antlers on his head which luckily is keeping his conversation from turning too serious.

"You lived." And with that I leave.





Here We Go A Caroling - 4




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