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How could she just leave my office after a comment like that? "You lived." Those words keep playing over and over in my head. I feel as if a line is being crossed. I did live. I'm lucky. I'm just fixated on the possiblity that I almost didn't live. That it could have all been over just like that. In an instant. You always put things off, important things, things that have a real relevence, thinking you'll have time. You waste all your time and energy on the things that don't really matter at all. I'm guilty of that. I was even given a second chance at life and I still do that. I need to change that. I need to stop putting things off. Starting.........well starting when I feel like it.

"Josh." I didn't hear the door open. Donna could have a second career as a Cat burgler.

"Donna. Don't you ever knock?"

"No." She's all business right now. 10 minutes ago she was sweet Donna whose Christmas wish was that I wouldn't die and now she's miss efficiant assistant of the year. It's amazing she has the ability to make you want to take her in your arms and kiss her one minute and the next minute...........wait a second did I use the words "take her in your arms and kiss her" in reference to Donna? But I did. That's how I felt in that moment. Odd.

"Josh we have problems." I forgot she was standing there for a second. But I certainly can't forget now. She's holding what appears to be a list. A list of problems.

" I have a list of Problems." Do I know her or what?

"What kind of problems? or do I not want to know?" She sits down and takes out the pencil that was tucked safely behind her ear.

"I think these definately fall into the "rather have no knowledge of category."

"well that's settled. Don't tell me what they are and I won't be compelled to fix them."

"Sorry Joshua, it doesn't work that way."

"Fine. Go ahead."

"Well I wrote them down in the order of importance. Number one on the list being that Sam has somehow convinced the President to give him a solo number."

I nearly fall out of my chair.

"He didn't?"

"Your right. Except for the fact that he did." There is the Donna we know and love.

"Well how exactly are we going to fix this problem?"

"Distribute earplugs?"

"Do we know what number he's performing?"

"No at this moment but I have Cathy working on it."

"Okay what else do you have?" She follows her pencil down the list.

"That's it."

"That's it? That's your whole list of problems in order of importance?" I'm amazed.

"Josh you heard Sam sing. That is numbers 1 through 10 on my list of problems."

"Well sadly I fear there is nothing I can do about that one at this time. There's no convincing him that he sounds like...well there really is no word to describe it." Her face scrunches in disgust at the memory. I feel mine do the same. It's as if the sound is still penetrating our skulls.

The moment fades and we just sit there. Neither one of us says anything. She gets up to leave and out of nowhere my mouth opens and sound comes out.

"Donna I need to stop putting off the important things." Where the hell did that sentence come from? Have my brain and my mouth suddenly become disconnected? Donna stands there at the doorway looking at me. She has a very puzzled expression on.

"Okay. Glad you felf the need to share." She answers in her "tell it to someone who cares, Tobylike voice"

I respond with the very articulate.

"Kay, See you later."

She looks at me strangely like I am not making any sense. Which a change considering that is how I usually look at her. But she turns back towards the door to leave.

"Oh Josh! I forgot!," She twirls back around again. We can now add ballarina, along with Cat burgler to the list of second careers.

"Forgot what?"

"The memo."

"Yes the memo!"

"We've established that it's a memo. What did the memo say?"

She frowns. Not a good sign.

"Oh your not going to like this." I just love it when woman start conversations like this. Don't you?

"Let's not keep me in suspense."

"Well for our little Caroling excursion we have to wear red and green solid color sweatshirts. You've been assigned red. I've been assigned green."

"Well isn't that cute."

"Which actually brings me to a problem I forgot to write down. I don't have a solid green sweatshirt. Do you have a red?"

I think about it for a second. The only red sweatshirt I have is a Washington Redskins one from 1987. It's faded. It's not solid Red. I'm screwed.

"Donna it won't surprise you to know that I do not."

She frowns yet again. But then she smiles.

"Guess what you and I our doing tonight Joshua?"

Does she really want me to guess? Because I just thought of something dirty.

"We're going shopping for sweatshirts", She says gleefully.

Well that wasn't what I was thinking.

"oh joy."


"Get ready boys and girls!! I'm going sweatshirt shopping! Gee Donna I'm so excited. I don't know how'll I'll make it through the rest of the day."

"Did someone ever tell you that you were funny? Because they lied."





Here We Go A Caroling - 5




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