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"Here's a sweatshirt, it's red, it's fine, let's go." I thrust it at his chest. I'm annoyed. He's been loud and hostile for days now and I'm sick of taking the brunt of it.

"Ow Donna. Let's not get violent." He smirks. He's trying to be cute. This is where I'm supposed to smile and make a smart remark and everything goes back to normal. Not going to happen.

"Look we got what we came for, red and green sweatshirts. You wanted to go so badly. Now we can go."

"Donna, look, I.."

He looks down at me. Something passes through his eyes. It looks like a silent apology and something else. My heart aches. He's sorry. I know he didn't mean it. When it comes to Josh I'm weak.

"Fine. Let's just get out of here." I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing he's won me over again.

The drive home begins mostly in silence. It's not that awful uncomfortable silence but a silence between two people who have a lot on their minds. Finally he breaks the silence.

"So what do you think Sam's going to sing tomorrow?" He turns his head to the side to see my answer.

"Watch the road." I say automatically.

"Yes mother."

"I don't know. This is Sam so who knows."

"Maybe we can drink alot of eggnog and get really drunk so we will think it's great no matter what!" I smile. That's a pretty good suggestion though I don't think the president will see it quite that way.

"Alot of eggnog? You, Josh, only need one glass."

He smiles. I can see the corners of his mouth turn up.

"I resent that."

We pull up in front of my apartment.

"Well here we are." I open the car door.

I can feel his eyes on me.



"Merry Christmas." he says is so simply and so sweetly that those two words have never held more meaning to me.

"Ill see you tomorrow Joshua. And don't forget your antlers!" He rolls his eyes.

"How could I forget."



"Beep. Beep. Beep." My alarm clock is going off. I'm not ready to get up. I'm not ready to face the world. Tonights the big night. The big White House Holiday Caroling/Office party Extravaganza. Which means work today will have nothing to do with running a country. It's probally a good thing the rest of the world doesn't know that.

"Ring. Ring. Ring." Dear God it's the phone. Who on earth is calling me at this hour? Oh. I'm going to kill her.


"No, Good Morning Donna? No, So nice to hear your voice Donna?"

"I can't lie this close to Christmas. Something about getting coal, Remember?" I like useing her words against her.

"I hope you get a visit from the Ghost of Christmas past."

"What was that Donna?"

"I said I hope you slept well."

"Is there a point to this call?" I don't really mind her call, I'm glad in fact, but I figure she has an ulterior motive.

"Well I'm calling to remind you to remember to bring your clothes for tonight and to tell you that yesterday might have forgotten to mention that you have a meeting with the President this morning." She says this all really fast and it takes me a secong to process it all.

"I have a meeting with the President?"


"Donna what time is this meeting?"


"And what time is it now?"



"You better get to work Josh. Bye. Click"

She hung up. I guess I better get up.


"Fa, La, La, La, La", I can hear the music streaming through the halls. I'm can't help but sing along. "Hark the Herald Angels SIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG!!" Screeches through the hall. Dear God the music is coming from Sam's office. Josh is going to be back from his meeting in two minutes. He's already going to be in a bad mood after I convieniantly forgot to tell him about the meeting this morning. All I can say is that maybe he'll think twice next time about ruining my holiday cheer.

"We Wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry..." Hold on. I know that voice that's singing now. It's certainly not Sam. It's getting closer. It's Josh.

"Well what brings about this sudden change in attitude?" He looks surprisingly chipper and not the least bit upset with me.

"Whatever do you mean Donnatella?" Donnatella? He's Singing and now he's calling me Donnatella.

"Did you dip into the eggnog early?" It's not such and offbase question considering his new found resemblence one of those tacky yellow smiley faces.


"Then what is it."

"I'm making an effort." He says this seriously like I am supposed to understand what he's talking about.

"An effort?" He sees my obvious confusion and explains.

"Donna I know I haven't exactly been a picnic this past week."

"This week?"

"Okay this year."

"This year?"

"Okay this whole term!!"

"That's better."

"And so now I've decided to make an effort to be better."

"And what brought this new attitude? You weren't visited by 3 ghosts last night were you? I mean I was only joking when I called you Scrooge."

"Ha Ha. No nothing like that."

"Then what."

"It was you Donna. It was something you said."

Well this is intereting.

"Be a little more specific Josh. I say alot of things."


"SAM!!!" We both yell at the same time.





Here We Go A Caroling - 7




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