Hi this is my first fanfic ever.  I don't own these characters blah
blah blah.....  Plus I didn't have a proofreader so bare with me!!

Spoilers:  Not really any but I guess What Kind of Day has it Been
and In the Shadow of two Gunman

              "Donna!" Josh Lyman barked coming up behind his
assisstant. "Where's my pen?", he shouted again an inch away from her
               Donna didn't flinch shes just continued to walk
briskly down the hall ahead of him.
               "Donna!", he yelled again a stride behind her. "Did
you hear me?"
               "I heard you.", She stated simply not pausing her near
jog down the corrider.
                "Well do you plan on answering me?"
                "No." Donna tried to hide the amusement in her voice,
knowing full well she was irritating Josh to the fullest. 
                "This is getting old"
                "Sorry Donna it's just that I thought you said no"
                Donna stopped short and turned to face him.  Josh
stumbled a bit losing his balance. Donna gave a small smile as he
tried to regain his composure.  They had been through so much in the
past few months since the shooting.  She was just so relieved he was
here, alive and arguing with her.  It felt so good.  So natural.  She
turned her blue eyes up to meet his brown ones.  She saw laughter in
them even though he was trying desperately to look angry.
                 "Perhaps Joshua, you thought I said NO because I DID
say NO.  You asked me for a pen! A PEN!! A writing utensil commonly
found in office bulidings, which if I am not mistaken is where we 
ARE! And not just any office building we are in the White House.
                 "Donna I.............." Josh tried to interject as
Donna kept going.
                 "So I think that you, Joshua Lyman, Deputy Chief of
Staff of the United States of America,  can find a pen all by
                 "Are you done?"
                 Donna thought it over for a moment.  "Yes." And with
a swing of her long blond hair she turned to walk away.
                 Josh stood in the middle of the hallway and laughed
out loud.  "Thank God for Donna", He thought to himself.  He'd been
back at work for a week now end everyone had been trying to go easy
on him.  Everyone but Donna.  She didn't coddle him or treat him
differently.  And she certainly could have.  She was there every step
of the way with him.  Seeing him in ways he probally would rather her
not have.  She always knew what he needed whether he agreed with her
or not. 
                  He was still smirking over his encounter with Donna
when Toby came up behind him.
                  "Yes.", Josh turned to face him.
                  "You and I have to attend a benefit for snails
                  Josh looked at Toby for a second to see if he was
kidding.  Josh was horrified to see he was not.
                  "Snails?", He questioned.
                  "Why are we attending a benefit for snails and Why
am I just finding out about this now?", Josh couldn't believe he was
having this conversation.
                   "Because of the Presiden.", Toby stated dryly.
                  "The President has become a snail activist?  I 
know I was gone awhile but........."
                  "No Josh the president had to go to the bathroom."
                  "Why am I not making a conection here?"
                  "Richard Ricker of SNAILS IN THE COFFIN appraoched
the President about attending a benefit to save the snails. 
Apparently people are treating hm poorly, squishing them...removing
their shells..etc"
                   Josh couldn't believe Toby said all that with a
straight face.  "And the President......."
                "Had a very full bladder and made a hasty statement
regarding the nature of the White Houses involvement as he left the
room to releive himself."
                "And now we're being sent in his place"
                "Well that is hardly fair.  And Sam?
                "Sam, CJ and Leo all had viable excuses to not attend"
                "Those bastards."
                "Well I have to go talk to CJ about tomorrow's press
briefing.  I will see you tonight." Tobt left and Josh walked back to
his office.
                 Josh opened his office door expecting to see Donna
there.  He expected to see Donna everywhere now.  When he was home
recouperating she managed to pop up everywhere.  When he discovered
she wasn't there a wave of disappointment swept through him.  He'd
gotten so dependent on her lately.  Maybe too dependent he thought to
himself.  He was in the mood to banter and she was of doing work he
himself assigned her.  As the thought ran through his mind his office
door swung open.  Donna stormed in looking flustered trying to
balance a stack of files and two salads.  Josh's heart gave a little
cheer at the sight of her. "what was that all about" he wondered. 
                  "Oh good your back.", She said sarcasticly. "I hope
your pen searching edeavor went smoothly." Donna said placing one of
the salads in front of Josh.
                   Josh smirked holding up a blue
pen.  "Salad.....yum", he said forlornly at his food.
                  "Don't complain! You really shouldn't eat all that
greesy food while your still recouperating."
                  "Thank you nurse Donnatella Moss"
                  "You mock me now Josh but you'll thank me later."
                  Josh rolled his eyes.
                   "I saw that"
                   "Gee, Donna with you sitting a foot away from me I
can't imagine how you could have misse it"
                   Donna stuck her tongue out at him and smiled. "Eat
you Salad"
                    A comfortable silence fell between them.  After
awhile Josh asked Donna while crunching on lettuce, "What do you know
about snails?"
                    Donna looked up with her fork  in her
mouth. "Snails?"
                    "Yes, Snails"
                    "Well Joshua, since you asked, snails are one of
Americas's hidden treasures and one of our most untapped resources."
                    Josh looked at Donna in amazement.
                    "Your Kidding", he said
                    "Yes I am."

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Snails In The Coffin - 2




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