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Spoilers: The finale and the premiere.

                   "Josh." Toby said grimly as he walked into Josh's
                   Josh looked up.  "Why are you looking like that? 
Toby your scaring me."
                   "Josh we have a problem."
                   Suddenly it clicked in Josh's head.  "Oh NO! You
can not do this to me!  You can not make me go to Snails in the Grave
by myself!!", Josh yelled.
                   "In the Coffin." Toby stated.
                   "It's not called Snails in the Grave it's called
Snails in the Coffin.  You need to know that."
                   "Whatever, why are you doing this to me?" Josh
looked stricken.
                   "I have a meeting tonight about the upcoming trip
to Portland."
                   "And you can't reschedule?"
                   "Well what about CJ? Can't she go with me?", Josh
asked hopefully.
                   "CJ has a date." Toby said with his head down.
                   "with who?"
                   "Look Josh I'm sorry.  I have to go."
                   "I hate you."
                   "Good." Toby called back over his shoulder as he
left the room.

                    Josh sat at his desk with his head lieing on a
stack of paper work.  He was moaning softly.
                    Donna walked in and for a second she stood
frozen. She flashed back to that night of the shooting.  Josh looked
so helpless and her heart nearly broke with the emotions that surged
through her.  And here was Josh again looking rather helpless.  Until
she took a closer look and realized Josh was just being his usual
baby self. 
                   "What's the matter with you?" She asked as she
swatted him on the head.
                   "Ow Donna!", Josh yelped. "My life is over."
                   "Josh stop being so melodramtic." Donna sat down
in front of him.
                   "You don't understand Donna, Toby just screwed me."
                   Donna smiled. "Now I could make an off color joke
                   "Spare me Donna."
                   "Okay if you don't appreciate  my wit."
                   "Donna I..." Suddenly Josh got an idea.
                   "Josh are you okay because your grinning the the
Chesire Cat."
                   "Donna do you remember about three months ago in
the hospital.?"
                   "Yes."  Donna began to panic. She said alot of
things during that time that she hoped Josh wouldn't remember. 
Things she knew she should have kept to herself. 
                   "I had just gotten out of surgery.  Do you
remember what you said?"
                   "Could we be a little more specific?"
                   Josh smiled to himself of the memory.  Things were
such a blur to him but the one thing he did remember was Donna.  Not
words exactly but the way she looked.  He'd never seen her like that.
                   "Well you were sitting there sniffling over my
crippled body and I think between sobs I distinctly recall you
saying "Joshua, your the greatest guy in the whole world and I will
go to the SNAILS IN THE COFFIN benefit with you!"
                    Donna laughed outloud. Relieved he was kidding
about remember what she said in the hospital.
                    "What! Josh!  Now way are you dragging me to that
                    Josh was on his hands and knees now begging her.
                    "Come on Donna I am desperate!!"
                    "Donna I got shot!"
                    That was the clincher.  Donna had no choice but
to agree.  How could she not.  Plus the process of getting dressed up
and saving the snails for whatever reason with Josh actually sounded
like fun.
                    "Okay Okay I'll go."
                    Josh jumped up and gave Donna a big hug.  Donna
was acutely aware of Josh's strong arms around her waist and the
flush that seemed to rise through her body from her toes.  Josh
forced himself to pull away.  The smell of Donnas hair below his nose
was intoxicating and the feel of her in his arms was almost enought
to make him do something he would regret later. 
                    Josh looked down at Donna and smiled.  "Thank you
Donna.  I promise you won't reget it."
                    Donna tried not to look at Josh in the eye. 
Afraid her own eyes would give her away.  "I'm afraid I already do."




Snails In The Coffin - 3




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