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                    "Donna be ready by 7, Oh and you might want to
put away the Cats.", Josh Lyman said to his assistant who was on the
phone arranging a meeting with Senator Calahan for next week.
                     She looked up and rolled her eyes, giving him a
wave and a nod of understanding. This was the last phone call of the
day and now she had to go find something to wear.  "What do you wear
to a Snail benefit?" By the time she hung up Josh had already gone
home to get dressed himself.  Donna grabbed her keys, her purse and
headed for the door. 

                     Josh Lyman ran around his apartment in a frantic
search for his black tie. "It's got to be here somewhere.", he
mumbled to himself.  Finally he threw open the closet door and found
all his ties arranged neaatly by color.  "Donna!" he screamed but
turned around sheepishly.  It was just habit.  She wasnt really
there. When Josh had gotten home from the hospital Donna had
practically moved in.  She would sit by his bed everyday.  Rambling
on about the happenings in the office.  When he needed to be alone
she would make herself busy by organizing his apartment like she did
his office.  It was obvious his ties had faced the rath of Donnatella
Moss.  These past few months had been a real adjustment for him.  It
was terrible to think that he JOSH LYMAN wasn't invincible. And now
he had to adjust to not having Donna around 24/7.  And he was just
starting to truly irritate her with his Theoretical Physic rants.  Oh
well there's always the office he thought to himself.
                    Finally the tie was tied and it was time to get
                    Donna was just fastening the back of her small
diamond earrings when the doorbell rang. 
                    "Coming." She called. "Actually Josh I think it's
                    Donna heard the door open and then a loud thud. 
                    "Damnit! Donna!!  Hey those are new shoes!!" 
                    Donna turned the corner into the living room.
Josh was sprawled out on the floor. "Josh leave the cats ALONE!"
                    "Donna I think you should get a.....", Josh tried
to untangle himself and stand up when he saw Donna standing there. 
His breath actually caught in his chest and his heart began to beat
wildly.  Donna was standing there wearing a very simple, formfitting
black dress.  Her long blond hair fell around her shoulders.  But
ofcourse she had  her typical "Josh your and idiot face " on.  And
Josh was kicking himself for letting her have such a physcial effect
on him.  What the hell was happening to him?  He was losing his
mind.  That is the only explanation. 
                     "Donna you look...uh nice." Damnit thatdidn't
come out right Josh thought to himself.
                     "Gee thanks Josh.  Josh can you do me a favor
and leave the cats alone before my roomate comes home and finds you
yelling at her babies."
                  " I think she should get a hobby."
                      Donna had to keep berating Josh.  She had to
act unaffected by his presence.  She saw the look that passed through
Josh's face when he saw her but then it vanished as quickly as it
came. If she just kept moving and talking then she wouldn't have to
think about the way Josh looked in his tuxedo.  "Oh my God I just
checked out his ass!", she screamed at herself.
                   "Like theoretical Physics?", she shot back.
                   "Banner headline Donna!"
                   "Let's just go"  Josh led her out of the door
keeping his hand at the small of her back as he opened the car door. 
Donna felt a tingle go through her whole body from his touch but like
a lot of things nowadays she chose to ignore it.




Snails In The Coffin - 4




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