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                    Donna and Josh entered the ballroom.  Josh still
had his hand on Donna's back.  She had not, up until this point,
noticed that fingers could be sexy.  Even though she couldn't see
Josh's she could feel them warm, strong and protecive against her
cool exposed back.  The thought barely had time to register it'self
when she took a good look around the room.  There were huge posters
of slimy green snails on every wall.  At the front of the room stood
a man who Donna could only assume was Richard Ricker, head of the
organization.  He was wearing fake antenaes and a large plastice
shell around his tux.  They would blink green lights as he moved.
                    "Are these people for real?", Josh whispered in
Donna's ear.
                    "Josh be nice.  Just because they believe
passionately in something that you don't feel passionate about
doesn't give you the right to belittle it."
                    " Gee Donna maybe you should get a membership
while we're here. You fit right in with the rest of these crackpots."
                    "Your just tossing out the compliments tonight
aren't you?"
                    "I could kill the President for doing this to
me.  But that would mean Hoynes would run the country."
                    "I know"
                    Just then Richard Ricker approached them. 
Flashing shell and all. "My Lyman!  It's great to have you here."
                    "I'm all for the cause." Josh said convincingly. 
Donna snickered beside him. 
                    "It's a pleasure to be here Mr. Ricker."Donna
said speaking up.
                    "And who is this lovely lady?", Richard Ricker
turned to Donna.
                    "I'm Donnatella Moss, Mr Lyman's assisstant"
                    "It's a Pleasure"
                    Josh did not like the way Snail Man was leering
at Donna. He thought about slugging him.
                    "Well Mr. Lyman I hope you don't mind if I steal
her away for a drink.......or a dance." Richard Ricker looked Donna
up and down.  Josh wanted to throw him across the room but he knew
Donna would have the good sense to decline.  Much to his amazement he
heard Donna say "I'd love to" and walked away without a second glance
to Josh.
                     Richard Ricker handed Donna glass of wine and
led her to a table.  He was chattering on senselessly about snails
and what drove him to create SNAIlS IN THE COFFIN.  "And then they
flushed it down the toilet..." was all she caught.  She was too busy
looking for Josh amongst the snail crowd.  That look on his face when
I walked away was priceless she thought to herself.  Then Richard
Ricker leaned down and his flashing antenae knocked over Donna's wine
glass.  "Oh I am so sorry Donna!" he said as he scrambled to find a
                     Josh could not believe Donna abandoned him. For
a guy with a shell!!  He could have come alone.  Josh saw Donna out
of the corner of his eye.  Richard Ricker was trying to clean up a
spill off Donna'a black dress.  The only thing Josh could see was his
hands on her and she didn't even look repulsed.  "That's It!" he
                     Josh made it over to Donna in five arrogant
strides.  Donna didn't even see him come up but she did feel his
strong grip on her arm as he tugged her away. 
                     "It's been fun Mr. Ricker but Donna and I have
to be going.  We have a Flamingo benefit at 9:00", Josh called over
his shoulder.
                      "Josh what the hell was that about", Donna said
turning towards Josh when the finally got outside.
                      "You abandoned me to flirt with a guy with a
                       "I did not flirt.  I had a drink."
                      "Oh you didn't flirt?  Well what about "I'm
Donnatella Moss"  Josh imitated in a seductive tone.
                       "Oh I don't know Josh....maybe because it's MY
NAME!" Donna shot back.
                       "It's not the words Donna it was the tone."
                       "The tone?" Donna questioned.
                       "The tone."
                       "And how was my Tone?"
                       "It was a tone of desire Donna!" Josh was
pacing back in forth in front of the car.
                       "A tone of desire?  Josh have you been
drinking? Is this some sort of post tramatic stress disorder?", Donna
thought maybe perhaps he had lost his mind.
                        "No I haven't been drinking.  I didn't need a
drink.  I have eyes and ears!!"  Josh opened the car door and
motioned for Donna to get in.
                        "But Josh I didn't even get to say goodnight
to Richard!", Donna knew that would tick him off.
                       "Maybe I should drive."
                       "Josh do we really have to attend a benefit
for Flamingos?", Donna smirked. This was fun she thought.
                       Josh looked at her long and hard.  He got the
feeling she was mocking him.  She was. Josh was not amused.  He
turned the wheel of the car sharply and pulled out onto the road.




Snails In The Coffin - 5




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