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Okay here's the last part.  Hope you like it!

                    The ride back to Donna's was mostly  in silence. 
Except for the slight humming of Donna along with the radio. Josh
gave her a sideways glance.  The streetlights they passed were
causing a angelic glow around Donna.  "wow.", Josh thought to
himself.  "when did Donna become well.......did she always look like
that?"  Donna could sense Josh's eyes on her.  She smiled to herself.
                    They pulled up in front of Donna's apartment. 
Josh knew he should apologize for acting like a pompas jerk.  He
didn't but he knew he should and isn't it the thought that counts
anyway?  Donna climbed out and turned towards Josh one last time.
                    "Thanks for a fun and exciting evening Joshua. 
See if I ever do you a favor again.  It could have been fun until
you turned all jealous on me." With that Donna went inside.
                    "Jealous?", Josh said out loud.  "She thinks I
was jealous? Me? Jealous?  I was saving her from being groped by a
guy with a flashing antenae on his head! She should be thanking me!!"
Josh turned his car around and went back to Donna's.

                      Donna just finished taking off her dress and
putting on a pair of old sweat pants and a Harvard sweatshirt that
once belong to Josh.  She put the final touches on her pony tail when
she heard banging on her front door.  "Oh God." She said to the cat
that was purring at her feet.
                      "Donna! Donna! open the door!", Josh was
                       Donna flung open the door and found Josh
looking rather frantic.  His nice formal outfit was now a disheveled
mess.  His jacket was off.  His tie was missing.  He has his sleeves
rolled up and the top two buttons on his collar open.
                       "Can I help you?", Donna asked feigning wide
eyed innocense.
                        "I think you owe me an apology.", Josh looked
Donna right in the eye.
                        "An apology?" Donna could not believe what
she was hearing.
                        "Yes and apology." Josh moved further inside.
                        "For what?"
                        "For yelling at me for saving you from snail
man and for accusing me of being jealous."
                        "I will not."
                        "Thank- wait did you just say you will NOT?" 
Josh moved closer to Donna.
                        "You catch on quick.  Did you say you were a
Fulbright scholar?" There was barely two inches seperating them now. 
There was a definate heat brewing between them and they knew it.
                        "Donna I wasn't jealous.", Josh said meekly. 
Almost as if he didn't believe it himself.  He put his hands on her
shoulders looking her straight in the eye as if that was supposed to
make it more convncing.  Donna nearly jumped from his touch. 
                        "Then what was it Josh?  What was that whole
rant about my Tone of Desire?  Donna could feel Josh's hands moved
down towards her waist.  He was looking at her funny and she could
hardly make a coherent thought.
                        "Donna do you feel that?", Josh whispered. 
Amazed at what was happening.
                        "Feel what?", Donna tried to move back to
make some space between them.
                        "This Donna." He motioned to the space
between them.
                        "What.", She couldn't believe what was going
on.  Ofcourse she knew what he was talking about.  She was  crazy
about him.  She had been for ages but since the shooting it really
started to come to the forefront.  She had even confessed her
feelings at his bedside.  He was unconcious at the time so she knew
it didn't count.
                        "Heat.", Josh was looking down at her now. He
was so close she could feel his warm breath on her cheek.
                        "Yes Heat."
                        "I could open a window."
                        "Stop it Donnatella!  You know what I am
talking about. There is something going on here! I think." Donna
turned away from him.  But Josh grabbed her arm and pulled her back
towards him.  He could feel her body pressed up against his. His head
was screaming at him to act fast. To make a move. Finally after all
this back and forth crap to finally do something big. 
                        Donna looked up at Josh.  His eyes were
intense.  They were passionate.  Donna knew what was going to happen.
She was about to make a smart remark about his intelligence when her
words were muddled from Josh's mouth pressed against hers.  The kiss
was soft but only at first.  It deepened and got more passionate. It
was the buildup of years of arguments, of unspoken words.  Donna let
out a small sigh as Josh pulled away.  He smirked glad to know he
still had the appropriate affect on woman.
                        "Oh, that heat.", Donna looked up at Josh and
smiled. She was still floating from the intensity of the kiss.
                        "Donna is that my shirt?", Josh looked at
Donna's clothes.
                        "You went to Harvard?"   
                        "What? You can lie about not being jealous
but I can't lie about where I received higher education?"
                        "Donna, you drive me crazy.", Josh whispered
in her ear before he kissed her passionately again.




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